David Crockett: "Welcome to holding out for a hero!"
Bob Caudle: "It will be a great wrestling show and...."

Bob: "John Cena the wrestling fans wanna hear from you!"
John Cena: "Whomever is stalking or prowling Nikki needs to stop!"

Cena: "Piper I still think it's you Sting told me nothing!"

Cena: "What does Sting know? I know I HATE Roddy I know hate is a strong word!"

Cena: "Lets not forget Piper bullied someone to death so he has it in him to be a prowler!"

Sting: "John listen to me I'm the vigilante I know it is NOT Piper!"

Sting: "It is........"

Piper hits Sting with the bat

Piper punches Sting

Cena: "He was going to tell me!"

Cena: "Go ahead run away you chicken shit!"

Bob Caudle: "Lets bring em out the American dream Dusty Rhodes!"

Dusty Rhodes: "Where have all da good me gone bob? Well I'm hera Itz guna b butt kicken tyme Bob and da whole family is guna b herea!"
Bob: "What do you mean by that big dust?"

Dusty: "Besides me we need a guy dats larger dan lyfe and Ya see when da whole world sees it bob!"

Dusty: "I gawda kick sum hiney!"

Dusty: "Coad dee get out herea!"

Stardust memories by Willie Nelson plays

Dusty punches Stardust
Dusty: "Ya don't steal Willah from me nuh huh!"

punches to Stardust

Dusty low blows Stardust

Dusty: "Ay Dayved I'm given him da Rhodes shuffle!"

Springboard stunner to Dusty

Cross Rhodes to Dusty



Dusty: "Everyone dis is mah youngah brotha Ramblin' Ricky Rhodes!"

Rambling Ricky Rhodes: "We b down to serious bizness Coad dee I'm left ya laying wit a excedrin headache!"

Dusty: "And da world jas jus begun to find out what it's all about to tangle wit..."
Ricky: "Da Rhodes brothers WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!"