David Crockett: "Welcome to our show and thought go out to our owner Conrad Thompson."
Bob Caudle: "Yes, David last week we went off the air will the ooze on Conrad so we wish Conrad a speed recovery!"

Bob: "Wrestling fans lets bring em out the American dream Dusty Rhodes!"

Dusty Rhides: "You see wut dat dutch man sed bout mah family!"

Dusty: "Yah look at dis story Dutch is tryin to put hard times on my family!"

Dusty: "C'mon on out Ramblin Ricky!"

Dusty: "Ricky waddu zay to dutch?"
Ricky Rhodes: "Same old bills on the dresser same old sheets on the bed Same old pans in the kitchen the same old day old bread!"

Ricky Rhodes: "Same ol Fox News on my same old TV set dey Talkin about our big depression but I ain't worried yet bout hard times hard times!"

Ricky Rhodes: "Yah dats hard times and Coad-Dee ya uncle is gona put hard times on ya!"

Flair: "And Dutch I ain't forgot bout ya ya old man!"

Dusty: "Yah Dutch is jus so old! Lyke he b in da fords the-ate-er when abe was shot!"

Dusty: "Yah and Coad-Dee listen we gonna teach yew a lesson!"

Cody Rhodes: "Sumone say sumen bout 2023?"

Dusty: "Yah ya uncle herea challenges you to a match!"
Ricky Rhodes: "Ya guna get da rhodes shuffle!"

Cody: "Uncle Ricky when I'm done with ya ya guna have Stardust Memories!"


DDP: "Then get DDPY. It's yoga for regular guys!"


Bob: "Lets bring em out wrestling fans... John Cena!"

Bob: "John the wrestling fans wanna know do you know who the Mohawk Valley Prowler is?"
John Cena: "I'm pretty sure it's Roddy and his turtles or Paul Orndorff!"

Cena: "I will catch whomever is doing this!"

Cena: "I will make you pay and whip you so bad tha-"

Paul Orndorff and Roddy Piper beatdown Cena

Roddy Piper: "AYYY you wanna get shell shocked?"

Piper: "Oh shit lets get outta here!"

Sting: "Go ahead run next week it's me and John versus you two!"