Bob Caudle: "Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to beautiful Wilmington, North Carolina, the home of the Legends Only League tournament!
And joining me now is the one and only, David Crockett. David, it's great to have you here with us today."
David Crockett: "Thanks, Bob. It's great to be here, and I have to say, I'm very excited about this tournament.
We have some of the greatest legends of all time competing for the Legends Only League title belt, and I can't wait to see who comes out on top."

Bob Caudle: "Absolutely, David. And speaking of the title belt, I see you have it with you right now. Can you tell us a little bit about it?"
David Crockett: "Sure thing, Bob. This is the Legends Only League title belt, and it's a thing of beauty, if I do say so myself.
It's made of the finest leather and metal, and it's adorned with the most magnificent jewels you've ever seen.
Whoever wins this tournament will be the new Legends Only League champion, and they'll get to wear this belt with pride."

Dusty Rhodes: "Go get em! It'z all for ya we set it all up!"

Rambling Ricky Rhodes' theme hits

Bob: "Coming out to the ring James Ellsworth!"

Ricky Rhodes chops Ellsworth

ricky does a belly to belly suplex to Ellsworth

The Rhodes elbow to Ellsworth


Bob Caudle: "Ladies and gentlemen, I'm here with Rambling Ricky Rhodes. Ricky, What are your thoughts your going into the finals of this tournament?"
Ricky Rhodes: "Bob, my doughts are simple. I'm da Rambler, da best wrestler of all time, and I'm here to win OK.
It duz ent matter who my opponent is, I will beat em, and I will become the Legends Only League champion. WHOOOOOO!"

Bob: "Some might say that your time has passed, and you're not the wrestler you used to be. What do you have to say about that?"
Ricky: "Bob, FUCK! fuck dose people dey don't know what dere talkin about.
I'm still the stylin', profilin', limousine ridin', jet flyin', kiss-stealing, wheelin' n' dealin' son of a gun."

Bob Caudle: "What's going on here, Ric? Why are you so angry?"
Ricky Rhodes: "Bob, I can't believe this! Look at this guy!
What the fuck a corn on the cob? This is wrestling, not a farmers' market! C'mon Give me a fucken break!"

Corn: "Hey, Ricky, I may be a corn, but I can still take you down! Remember I tagged with Sabu, he and I were unstoppable in Rome last summer!"
Ricky: "Unstoppable? More like unbelievable! You're nothing but a joke, pal!
And as for Sabu, he's not even here. Zo, yew better get out of my sight before I make you wish you never stepped into the ring!"

Bob: "It sounds like you're very confident winning this tournament."
Ricky: "Absolutely, Bob. I'm alwayz confident when it comez to wreztling. Look at this fucken corn.
FUCK And when it comez tew winning championships, I'm da beszt dere is. WHOOOOOO!"

Ricky: "Hay good luck beating Junkyard Dog He's gonna eat yew lyke he eats doze pills!"
Corn: "I'm gonna give it my all!"

Junkyard Dog's theme hits

Junkyard Dog's theme plays

The Corn: "Uhhhhhhhhhhh......."

Bob: "Uhhh David what do we do?"
David: "Corn faces Ricky in the finals!"

Cody Rhodes' theme hits

Cody Rhodes: "It's gonna get funnkay lyke a monay herra!"

Dusty Rhodes' theme hits

David: "Here it is Big Dust the bullrope!"

Bob: "Let me see yeah the rope is connected so let the match begin!"

Dusty hits Cody with an elbow

Dusty chokes Cody

Dusty Rhodes: "Loouk at hem he's a ked down ya unnerstand lyke dem keds payen doze student loams!"

Dusty stomps on Cody

Cody takes Dusty down with the rope

Cody chokes Dusty

Cody puts Dusty into the ring apron

Cody runs
Dusty falls forward

Cody: "You down? Ohhh what a shame!"

Cody drags Dusty

Cody goes in the ring

Cody touches corner 1

Cody touches corner 2

Cody touches corner 3

Dusty: "Fuck yew ya fucken dumb ked!"

Dusty stops cody's momentum
Dusty touches corner 1

Dusty touches corner 2

Dusty touches corner 3

Cody grabs the rope and Dusty falls forward

Cody kicks Dusty in the balls

Cody: "Im gonna show yew da rhodes shuffle!"

Cody touches corner 1

Cody touches corner 2

Cody touches corner 3

Dusty puts Cody in a sleeper hold

Dusty touches corner 1

Dusty touches corner 2

Dusty touches corner 3

Dusty gives Cody the Rhodes elbow

Dusty falls back and touches the 4th corner

Dusty: "Aw lawdy I need sum beer I'm outta gas!"

Bob: "Coming out to the ring from Nebraska........ The Corn!"

The Corn: "What an honor I'm facing a Rhodes family member after the father son blood bath!"

Ricky: "Awww shit, oh fuck! Oh god!"
Bob: "What happend oh my Ricky what is going on?"

Ricky: "Ring tha bell I gotta win dis!"

Ricky: "Ahh fuck! Someone jumped me in the back!"

Ricky: "My message to whomever hit me what da fuck yew kno who I am!"

The Corn rolls up Rhodes



Corn: "Oh my god I did it!"

Corn: "He's gonna need some help!"

David: "Corn we give yew da LOL title!"

Bob: "Give it up for the Corn!"
David: "Wow we sure pop for corn!"

David: "The boyhood dream has come true!"

Mohawk Valley Prowler: "Hiiiiii it's me again!"

Mohawk Valley Prowler: "Oh look the dog is out!"

Mohawk Valley Prowler: "Remember I am in control!"