Bob Caudle: "Welcome to the Legends Only League! Wrestling fans last week we saw our first champion crowned we gotta congratulate the corn!"
David Crockett: "Yes we do, Bob but we have some breaking news that is about the backstage attacker who jumped Ricky Rhodes last week."

Bob Caudle: "OK, Wrestling fans, we have you the footage of the attack on Rick Rhodes from last week, and we have it right here."
David Crockett: "That's right, Bob. This footage we obtained from the Wilmington North Carolina security cameras, and we have identified the attacker."

Bob: "And who is it, David?"
Crockett: "Take a look for yourself, Bob."

Ricky Rhodes' theme hits

Ricky Rhodes: "Dat's...Dat's John Cena! What the fuck is he doing attacking me?"
Bob: "We don't know, Ricky but we've tried to tweet and text Cena on the matter. But he hasn't said anything!"

Crockett: "This is a serious offense, Ricky. Attacking a fellow wrestler is unacceptable."
Ricky: "You're damn right it is. Cena, you better watch your back because I'm coming for you, daddy."

Bob: "There you have it, folks. Ricky is on the hunt for John Cena an-"

John Cena's theme hits

John Cena: "Ricky, I'm sorry. I had no choice. The Mohawk Valley Prowler has Nikki and I couldn't let him hurt the rest of my family.
I'm not proud of what I did, but it was the only way to keep everyone safe."
Ricky: "What the fuck are you talking about, Cena?
You attacked me backstage! You injured me so badly i lost to the fucking corn!"

Cena: "I know, Ricky. I know. But you have to understand. The Prowler is dangerous. He's threatened to hurt the rest of my family if I don't do what he says.
Hell right now he's got Nikki and I can't take any chances."
Ricky: "Well, you're damn right you can't take any chances.
You put your hands on me and that means you're gonna pay.
You think you can just come out here and make excuses? You're gonna pay the price, Cena."

Cena: "I know, Ricky, I'm ready to face the consequences of my actions.
But we have to work together to stop the Prowler. He's the real threat here."
Ricky: "You're damn right he's a threat. And we're gonna take him down, Cena.
But first, you and I have some unfinished business.
You and me, in the ring, one on one next week in Rhodes country Winston-Salem!"
Cena: "You got it!"

Dusty Rhodes: "I challenge anyone to face me one on one next week in Winston-Salem, North Carolina!"

Dusty: "I took care of mah sun last week and well I want a new opponent!"

The Corn: "Listen up, wrestling world! It's time to face the undeniable truth.
The Corn is here, and I'm not just a tasty treat.
I am a force to be reckoned with. I am the embodiment of strength, resilience, and pure corny power!"

Corn: "Wrestling world, be warned! I will shuck and jive my way to victory.
I will husk my opponents with precision.
And when the dust settles, the wrestling world will bow down to the might of the Corn!"

Corn: "So to the roster, be ready to be buttered up by the corniest competitor you've ever faced. This cob is not to be taken lightly
. The LOL title is in corn-firmly in my grasp, and I will show the world what true corn power looks like!"

Roddy Piper: "Well, well, well, Mr. T. The man who thinks he's so tough, so unstoppable.
Let me tell you something, T. I've had a long, long time to stew over my disdain for you. And today, right here, right now, I'm gonna let it all out."

Piper: "You strut around with your gold chains and your tough-guy persona, but I see right through you.
You're all show, no substance.
And tonight, I'm going to expose you for the fraud that you are."

The A team theme hits

Mr. T: "You've been running yoa mouth about me for years, Piper.
But tonight, the talking ends and the fighting begins.
You're gonna feel the power of Mr. T, and there ain't no one who can stop me."
Piper: "HA ha Suuuure!"

Mr. T: "I've trained hard, I've fought hard, and I've faced challenges that would make your head spin.
But you, Piper, you're just another obstacle in my path to greatness. And I'm gonna bulldoze right through you."
Piper: "HA trained hard you eat your Mr. T cereal?"

Mr. T: "So get ready, Piper. Get ready for a battle unlike anything you've ever experienced.
Get ready to be humbled, to be defeated by the one and only Mr. T.
Because when I step into that ring, there's only one outcome: I pity the fool who stands against me!"

Mr. T goes for a punch to Piper
Piper moves out of the way

Paul Orndorff spears Mr. T

Orndorff chokes T
Piper: "Can't wait to finally rid you from our world!"