Bob Caudle: "Welcome to sunny and windy Winston-Salem!"

David Crockett: ""Bob it is really windy here today. We are going to see Cena Rhodes and we will see fury like the wind, Bob!"

Dusty Rhodes' theme hits

Dusty Rhodes: "Well, well, well, look who's here, baby! The American Dream, Dusty Rhodes, back in da ring and ready for action!
Now, let me tell ya sumethang, Bob.
I've been in this business for a long, long time... Andayeeee
I've faced some of da toughest guyz dis world has evah seen. But today, I'm issuing an open challenge!"

Rhodes: "Yah see, I've faced legends, I've faced giants, and I've faced the best of the best.
But today, I'm looken for someone who has that fire in dey eyes, someone who believes in demselves, and someone who's ready to dake on da Dream.
So, lace up ya boots, tighten ya belts, and come on down to da ring cuz the Merican Dream is waiting for ya!"

Rhodes: "I don't care if ya big, small, or somewhere in 'tween, Bob...
I don't care if ya got all the fancy moves or if ya jus' starting out.
What matters is heart, determination, and da will to fight.
So, bring it on, my friends. The American Dream is ready for whatever you've got!"

Rhodes: "And I see Dat James Ellsworth has answered da call!

Rhodes: "Ked lemme show ya how it's dun!"

Rhodes' elbow to Ellsworth


RIcky Rhodes' theme hits

Ricky Rhodes: "Wooo! Ramblin Ricky Rhodes, is here to address a certain someone.
John Cena, I've got something to say to you, my friend. Two weeks ago, you made a big mistake, attacking me from behind like a coward.
But today, I'm not here to seek revenge.
No, no, no. I'm here to teach you a lesson in respect."

Rhodes: "Bob, Cena comes out cryen ok lemme del yah dont get married or engaged dats his fault!
Ya kno I've been in da biznez Fer a lawn tyme ok and I don't give a fuck da Prowler or whatevah I ain't scared of da prowler"

Rhodes: "Diz goes to da Prowler You may think ya tuff, prowling around with your sinister ways, but let me tell ya sumethen, Prowler.
I've faced the biggest, the baddest, and the most dangerous guyz in dis biznez ya just another name on my list."

John Cena's theme hits

John Cena: "Ladies and gentlemen, let me set the record straight.
Two weeks ago, I did the unthinkable. I attacked the legendary Ricky Rhodes...
And I know many of you were shocked by my actions. But I need you to understand, I had no choice."

Cena: "Ricky Rhodes, I apologize for the pain I've caused you.
You're a true legend, and you deserved better.
But mark my words, Prowler, you've awoken a fire within me. I will fight for justice, for honor, and for redemption."

Cena: "I'm sorry."
Rhodes: "I'm gonna beat ya!"

AA to Rhodes


Rhodes kicks out

Rhodes: "I'm outta here!"

Cena throws Rhodes off the top rope

Cena: "You Can't see me!"

5 knuckle shuffle to Rhodes


Mohawk Valley Prowler: "Noooo

Cena: "I'm sorry."

Rhodes chops Cena

Cena poses down
Rhodes: "Noooooo!"

AA to Rhodes

Rhodes: "I'm outta here!"

Rhodes gets thrown off the top rope

Mohawk Valley Prowler: "Bad, Cena... Let me remind you that I have Nikki! And if you ever want to see her again... I suggest you kill this old man!"

Cena gets a chair

Cena hits Rhodes with a chair

Cena hits Rhodes in the head with the chair

Bob: "John, cmon that's enough."

Mohawk Valley Prowler: "You can't see me AND if you ever want to see Nikki again you keep hitting that moron with the chair!"

Cena: "No I won't!"

Cena hits Rhodes with the chair

Rhodes: " Awwww shit!"

Cena: "I'm sorry."

Cena,: "Are you happy?

Mohawk Valley Prowler: "No....NOW pin the old man!"