Bob Caudle: "Wrestling fans Welcome to our show and we got something special for you today right, David?"
David Crockett: "That's right Bob, we got an exhibition bout for Mr. T. As we know Mr. Tis getting ready for his match against Roddy Piper."

Bob: "And wrestling fans later on we will hear from John Cena but let's bring out Mr. T!"

The A team theme song hits

Bob: "Mr. T what are wrestling fans gonna see in this exhibition?"
Mr. T: "I'm getting ready fa pipuh yah dis is guna be a showcase of my wrestling you get it?

Mr. T: "I'm guna have dis exhibition ginst mah trainer Steve mongo McMichael!
yah he taught me everything I needs to know ya get that?"

Steve Mongo McMichael: "Cmon T I'm gonna go after you and you stop me!"
Mr. T: "Aight let's do it cmon!"

Mongo: "This is a three point stance and T I want you to stop me!"

T throws Mongo down

Mongo: "Good job!"

T punches Mongo

T stomps on Mongo
Mongo: "Ok great job! I taught you well!"

Arm bar to Mongo


Mongo: "Your gonna finally shut up Piper!"
Mr. T: "Yah I am and Mongo hr showed me how to wrestle!
Yah he's from Chicago lyke me and Piper ya dead meat!"

Roddy Piper: "Aaaay T Yah meat yah guna git mutated!'

Mr. T: "Let me tell you something, Piper. You may think you're tough, but you're nothing compared to me.
I pity the fool who tries to step in my way! I've fought giants, I've taken on the best of the best, and I always come out on top!"

Piper: "AY, T! Ya think yah invincible? You think you're so tuff? Well, let me tell you somethen, you big oaf.
I've got somethen special planned for you.
Hot Rod is guna pour dat ooze all over you, and you're gona mutate into something you never imagined!"

Mr. T: "You want to pour ooze on me, Piper?
You think that's going to stop me? Well, let me tell you something, fool. You can throw whatever you want at me, but I'll never back down.
I'll never give up. I'll fight with everything I've got, and I'll show you what a real man looks like NOT a turtle you Fo'!"

Mr. T uppercuts Piper

John Cena: "Mohawk Valley Prowler, you think you can manipulate me?
You think you can control me with your sick games? Well, I've had enough!

Cena: "For far too long, I've been held hostage by your twisted agenda.
Blackmailed into doing your bidding, forced to carry out your sick desires.
But let me make one thing clear: I am not your puppet!"

Cena: "I've stood for hustle, loyalty, and respect throughout my entire career.
I've fought for what's right, for the fans, for this industry. And I will not let you tarnish that.
I will not let you manipulate me any longer!"

Cena: "Mohawk Valley Prowler, prepare to face the consequences of your actions.
Your time is up, and justice will be served. You will no longer hold me hostage.
The Cenation stands with me, and together, we will put an end to this nightmare!"