Party 24

Conrad Thompson: "Hey, Hey! It's Conrad Thompson, and welcome to my good vibes party!
I'm here on my patio, enjoying the beautiful weather.
I'm just waiting for a few more people to show up, including John Cena and my girlfriend Sunny."
Party 24

Conrad: "I've been hosting good vibes parties for a few years now.
These parties are all about bringing people together and spreading positive energy.
We listen to good music, eat good food, and just have a good time."
Party 24

Conrad: "John Cena and Sunny are supposed to be here, but they're running a little late.
But that's okay, because we're not going to let that ruin the party!
We'll just keep the good vibes flowing until they get here."
Bob Caudle: "Sounds good conrad we are gonna have some fun!"
Party 23

Bob: "Yes, wrestling fans we got a few things planned even if Cena and Sunny aren't here."
Party 22

Conrad: "Well we still will have a good time!"
Party 21

Bob: "Conrad we are uhhh.."
Conrad: "It's dance time let's do a dance off!"
Party 20

Mongo: "I'm doing your strut!"
Ricky: "Yeaah dats how yew do it!"
Party 19

Dusty: "Yeaaah we getting down!"
Party 18

Dusty: "Ok on dee we guna dew da common man boogie!"
Party 17

Ricky Rhodes: "Yeah I got dis roll of bologna right here!"
Conrad: "Oh my!"
Party 16

Bob: "Well uhh Ricky showed us who he is!"
Party 15

Dusty: "Who yah dis is da common man boogie!"
Party 14

Dusty: "We call dat move da Solie!"
Party 13

Piper: "Ok, kidd the adults are here!"
Party 12

Orndorff slaps Dusty
Party 11

Piper: "You fucken mark you! Aw look I'm Conrad im a fat schulb!
I wanna get drunk with the wrestlers you ain't shit you mark you!"
Conrad: "Aww cmon no.."
Party 10

Piper: "I think this whole party stinks!"
Party 9

Piper: "Ay T, I beat ya wut yu guna dew to me?"
Party 8

T punches Piper
Party 7

T uppercurs Orndorff
Party 6

Mr. T: "Wut u doen? Huh dere r keds watchen don't yew knoFoo? Yew 'foo?" Conrad: "Naw we are just naitching!"
Party 5

Mr. T: "Yeah wut u doen? All dis bad stuff?"
Conrad: "Dats a diet soda!"
Party 4

Mr. T: "Diet Soda? Ok I'll take it I don't wanna be fat!"
Party 3

Eric Bischoff: "Hey Bob, I got to tell Cinrad what just happened."
Bob: "Yeah he's right there."
Party 2

Bischoff: "Oh man hey Conrad oh wow... I just uhhh heard Cena yelling at Sunny down in your wine cellar. Uhhhh...
What are they doing down there?"
Conrad: "I don't know what's going on there, but we gotta go see.
Uhh Bob tell em were gonna go to commercial."
Bob: "We're gonna going to a commercial wrestling fans."
Party 2


DDP: "Then get DDPY. It's yoga for regular guys!"


Bischoff: "Yeah we will find out what are they doing down here."
Conrad: "I'm sure they got lost down here! I just have so much wine!"
Party 1

Conrad: "See Cena is naitching!"
Party 1

Conrad: "Oh my God! No!"

Party 1

Conrad: "Oh my oh no Sunny my sweet love she isn't breathing call 911"
Party 1

Bischoff: "Conrad, you got to see this. Cena killed her. He has a gun in his hand."
Party 1