Bob Caudle: "Wrestling fans Welcome to our show!
Today we got a big announcement.
We are going to see who will face The Corn for the Legends Only League championship!"

Dusty: "Ricky is guna b da champ!
den itz guna b on lyke donkey Kong ya unerstand!"

Dusty: "Nao Ricky do da dance da common man boogie for Lil bobbah watchen!"

Dusty: "Show dat Lil beanie baby who ya are!"

Ricky Rhodes: "Beanie Baby you don't know what da bizness is I bled I sweat!"

Chops to the beanie baby

Figure 4 to the beanie baby

Dusty: "Yew see Dat corn? Yeah ya guna b jiffy pop when ya faze Ricky!"


DDP: "Then get DDPY. It's yoga for regular guys!"


David Crockett: "Conrad, we know you've been thru a lot cmon on out here."

Conrad Thompson: "I am here to say that I was wrong about Roddy Piper.
Roddy was right all along about John Cena."

Conrad: "If Roddy could come on out I want to apologize."

Roddy Piper's theme hits

Roddy Piper: "Listen up, Conrad Thompson.
You think you can just apologize to me and everything will be okay?
Well, you're wrong. I don't care how fat you are, or how sorry you say you are.
You're still a punk, and you're still a mark."

Piper: "Told yah dat he was trouble, didn't I?
I told ya Johnny Cena was a ticking time bomb, and now look at him.
He's in prison, where he belongs!"

Piper: "Johnny is in prison, where he belongs.
He's surrounded by people just as angry and just as violent as he is.
And they're all going to take their anger out on him.

Piper: "Johnny, I hope you're enjoying your new home.
I hope you're enjoying the showers!
And Hot Rod has advice for ya watch the soap, Johnny."

Mr. T: "John is my friend ya idiot!"
Piper: "Aw did I hurt ya feelings ya damn snowflake!"

T: "Pipuh yo guna gut a whipping!"
Piper: "Try me!"

Piper: "haha Tea ya think ya smarten dan us?"

Piper: "This is a message to Lil Johnny Cena!"

Piper: "Home run!"
Paul Orndorff: "It's outta here!"

Piper: "Get it trending hash tag Piper wuz rite!"