Corn Image 31

Bob Caudle: "Welcome to the show wrestling fans.
We got a title match here today we got Ricky Rhodes challenging The Corn the the LOL title!"
Corn Image 31

Dusty Rhodes' theme hits
Corn Image 31

Caudle: "Wrestling fans, I'm here with two of the all-time greats in professional wrestling,
the American Dream Dusty Rhodes and Rambling Ricky Rhodes!
Tonight, we're talking about Ricky going for the LOL title. Tell us about it, Ricky."
Ricky Rhodes: "Woo! That's right, Bob!
I'm about to wrestle a Corn on the Cobb he thinks he can take on the rambler?
Ha ha can you believe it?
But let me tell you something, baby.
I've faced the toughest and roughest in this business, and I've come out on top every time.
This corny fella is just another obstacle in my way to greatness."
Dusty Rhodes: "You tell 'em, Ricky!
This Corn on the Cob may be dressed up fancy,
but dat corn ain't got da heart, da soul, or da skillz that you possess, my brother.
Ya the true champion, and ain't nobody gonna take that away from you, not even a vegetable in disguise!"
Corn Image 30

Ricky Rhodes: "Ya damn right, Dusty!
This isn't some backyard barbecue;
dis is professional wrestling, and I wrezled Harley and Jack Briscoe and im da man to beat.
So, Corn on the Cob, you better lace up doze husks tight
cuz yer zteppin into da ring with the rambler, and you're going down!"
Dusty Rhodes: "Whoo! I can feel da energy, baby!
It is gonna be something special, folks.
Ricky Rhodes taking on a Corn on the Cob for the title.
You can't make dis stuff up!
But dats what wrestling is all about, the unexpected, the drama, and the excitement."
Corn Image 29

David Crockett: "Corn you are about to face Ricky Rhodes any words?"
Corn: "Just like a corn stalk stands tall and strong in the face of the wind!
I will stand tall and strong against the legend, Ricky Rhodes. Whoooooo!"
Corn Image 28

Corn: "Rambler, prepare yourself for a challenge you never saw coming.
Get ready to tango with the Corn,
because, the corn will pop, and the internet will roar as they witness the unexpected become the undeniable!"
Corn Image 27

Corn: "To all my fellow corn fans out there,
we will stand tall and show the world that no matter who you are,
where you come from, or what butter you have on, anything is possible!"
Corn Image 26

Ricky Rhodes: "Noooooobody says whooo but me and i-"
Corn Image 25

Corn Image 24

Corn: "What is this truck and this giant VHS tape?"
Corn Image 23

ALF: "Hey, hey, hey, humanoids!
You're not dreaming, it's really me, ALF,
the lovable furball from Melmac,
and I've come to crash this wrestling party! Wooo!"
Corn Image 22

Dusty: "What are yew doing here?"
ALF: "I couldn't resist the opportunity to step into this ring and take on not one but
TWO legendary wrestlers! Ricky Rhodes, and the Corn on the Cobb,
you better believe I'm here to challenge both of you for that title!"
Corn Image 21

Corn: "You want a shot you got it."
Ricky Rhodes: "Who are you furball?"
ALF: "Ricky, you might be the limousine-ridin', jet-flyin' kind of guy,
and Corn on the Cobb, you might be the cream of the crop,
but you're both about to learn that ALF's got the moves that'll leave you starstruck!"
Corn Image 20

Dusty: "Ring the bell!"
Crockett: "Ok it's official this is now a triple threat match!"
Corn Image 19

Ricky Rhodes chops ALF
Corn Image 18

ALF chops Ricky
Corn Image 17

ALF picks up Corn
Corn Image 16

ALF slams Corn to the ground
Corn Image 15

Ricky breaks the count
Corn Image 14

ALF suplexs Ricky
Corn Image 13

ALF: "I already did more wrestling than you ever have!"
Dusty: "Ya dont kno da bizness!"
Corn Image 12

ALF: "Dusty, get ready, because this alien is about to make history!"
Dusty: "No way."
Corn Image 11

Ricky Rhodes hits Corn with the title
Corn Image 10

ALF: "Noooo waaay!"
Corn Image 9

Dusty tackles ALF
Both break the count
Corn Image 8

ALF kicks Dusty in the balls
Corn Image 6

ALF puts Ricky in a cross face
Corn Image 5

Crockett: "Wadda say Ricky?"
Ricky Rhodes: "Aaaahhh shiiit!"
Corn Image 4

Ricky Rhodes taps
Corn Image 3

ALF: "I wanna thank all my fellow Melmacians watching from back home,
of course, my newfound human fans for supporting me on this journey! Whoooo!"
Corn Image 2

ALF: "And to all my opponents out there,
just remember, when you fight with ALF, you're not just facing a wrestler,
you're facing a cosmic force of nature! Whoo!"
Corn Image 1