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Bob Caudle: "Welcome to the Legends Only League wrestling fans.
I have some breaking news regarding the upcoming match Mr. T against Roddy Piper.
That match has now been turned into a last man standing match!
How do you feel about that, Mr. T?"
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Mr. T: "Well, let me tell you sumthen, Bob. It don't matter!
if it's a last man standing match or a pillow fight!
I'm ready for anything, anytime, anywhere!
I've been training hard, lifting weights!
Yah I be getting myself mentally prepared to give Piper da whooping he deserves!
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Bob Caudle: "That's some determination, Mr. T!
But facing Roddy Piper in a last man standing match is no easy feat.
He's known for his unorthodox tactics and his willingness to do whatever it takes to win.
Are you confident you can withstand the punishment and come out on top?"
Mr. T: "Confidence, Bob, dats what I got!
Pipuh can bring all da tricks he wants!
Yah he gunna find out that he's messing with the wrong man."
Image 19

Bob: "I see your training!"
Mr. T: "Yah I be lifting dose weights, and putting in da work to make sure I'm in the best shape possible.
I pity da fool who thinks they can keep me down.
Pipuh you better be ready,
'cuz I be bringin da pain and da power, and I won't stop until I'm da last man standing!"
Image 18

Roddy Piper hits Mr. T with a chair
Image 17

Piper: "Aaay work dis out ya damn relic!"
Image 16

Caudle: "1...2.....3...4....."
Mr. T: " NOO!"
Image 15

Bob: "....5...6...."
Piper: "T yew made me dew dis!
Yah I'm guna rid ya from da world!"
Image 14

Piper: "Dis 80s relic will die lyke radio shack!"
Bob: "7......8..."
Image 13

Piper: "He's down and he ain't gettin up!"
Bob: "......9....."
Image 12

Mr. T: "Hey yo fo' I ain't dead yet!"
Image 11

Mr. T chokes Piper with the barbell
Image 10

Bob: "1....2...3...4...5......"
Image 9

Piper chokes T
Bob: "1....2...3.....4...5...
Image 8

Piper puts T into the sleeper hold
Bob: "...6...7.....8...."
Image 7

Mr. T: "I'm up stop da count you fo'!"
Image 6

Piper: "Beeebop hit em!"
Image 5

Piper: "Take em out boys!"
Image 4

Piper: "Count it!"
Bob: "Uhhh ok 1....2....3.....4...5.."
Image 3

Bob: "....6...7.....8...."
Image 2

Bob: "....9......10... WINNER Roddy Piper!"
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