Bob Caudle: "Welcome to the Legends Only League!
We will hear from the newest team in wrestling!
That's right, DusT and Roddy Piper and Shredder"

Dusty Rhodes' theme hits

Caudle: "Dusty, T the Wrestling fans wanna hear from ya!"
Mr. T: "Yah dats rite. Dats rite!"
Dusty Rhodes: "We guna take care of dis biznez dis uh tortoise biznez!"

Caudle: "Really big Dust?"
Dusty: "Well, let me tell ya somethin', bob, da merican Dream
and Mr. T, we've come together lyke two fachez of natuah daddy!
Dey call us 'DusT,' and we're here to clean house!"
Mr. T: "Dats Rite! We pity da foos like Roddy Pipuh and da Shreddeuh guy!
Ya kno Bob dey think dat dey can stand in
our way. Nawl We bringing da pain, and dere's no stoppin' 'DusT'!"

Dusty Rhodes: "You see, Pipuh and Shredduh you can't outrun da powuh of unity!
and da merican Dream!
'DusT' is gonna roll all over ya, and there ain't nothin' you can do about it!"
Mr. T: "So, get ready, suckas! 'DusT' is comin' for ya!
And we're gonna give beatens like you've neveuh seen before.
It's gonna be a bumpy ride!"

Roddy Piper: "Listen up, folks! Tha times, they are a-changin',
And we're right at the forefront of it all.
The turtles, those heroes in a half-shell,
they've seen the light, and they're with the Foot Clan now!"
Shredder: "Indeed! It's a new era, a new alliance,
and we've got the power of the Foot Clan backing us up.
Dusty Rhodes, Mr. T, you two are in for a world of hurt!"

Roddy Piper: "You see, 'DusT,' you may think you're a force to be reckoned with,
but you're no match for the diabolical genius of Shredder
and the madness of Hot Rod! We're gonna show you what true chaos looks like!"
Shredder: "Prepare yourselves, because when you step into the ring with us,
there's no turning back. 'DusT,'
you're gonna crumble under the might of the Foot Clan
and the malevolence of Shredder and Piper!"