Conrad Thompson: "John Cena's trial and sentencing. What the fuck?
He's being framed he didn't kill my sweet love.
Think about it he was tried and sentenced within a month!
What the fuck? They can't just go out and arrest someone and sentence them to prison let alone the death penalty within a like two months.
I bet that Prowler blackmailer blackmailed the judge and Governor of Alabama."
Eric Bischoff: "Oh, come on, Conrad. You're reaching now. Blackmailed the judge? C'mon... Please."

Conrad: "Am I? AM I fucking reaching? Or am I just being realistic?"
Eric: "I'm not a lawyer. But I do know that things like this happen all the time It's called expedited justice.
It's typically reserved for high-profile cases, or cases where the defendant is a flight risk."

Conrad: "But there's no way the prosecution could have prepared their case in like a fucking month, Eric C'mon."
Bischoff: "Maybe not. But when the government wants to make an example of someone, they can do it pretty quickly."

Conrad: "But this is John Cena we're talking about.
He's one of the most popular celebrities in the world.
The government wouldn't risk a mistrial just to convict him quickly."
Bischoff: "Maybe they would, Conrad. Maybe they have something on him."
Conrad: "Like what?"

Bischoff: "I don't know. Maybe he was involved in some kind of illegal activity.
You talk about the Mohawk Valley Prowler maybe that was him, Conrad."
Conrad: "There's no evidence to support that. C'mon Eric....
Why would Cena kidnap Nikki? And where in the fuck is Nikki?"

Bischoff: "Well, let's move on to a different topic.
Lets talk how the sugar companies pay off the government to get kids hooked on sugar."
Conrad: "Here we go again with this sugar, crap."

Bischoff: "We need to educate people about the dangers of sugar.
We need to let them know what these companies are doing. And we need to hold them accountable."
Conrad: "Let's go to a commercial."

Conrad Thompson: "Legends Only League is sponsored by AG1 spinach juice.
It's the most powerful spinach juice on the market, and it's made with real, farm-fresh spinach.
AG1 spinach juice is so powerful, it's like a Dusty Rhodes' elbow.
It'll knock you off your feet. And after you drink it, you'll be doing the Rhodes shuffle.
I'm not kidding. This stuff is amazing. It's packed with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.
It's good for your heart, your brain, and your overall health."

John Cena: "Alright Body and Soul is on!"

Billy Jack Haynes: "Hello John Zchena its me Billy Jack Haynes and I have a message for you here today.
You have been blackmailed by the prowler. I know that from personal experience."

Haynes: "In 1991, I was forced to leave Oregon over the Michael Francke trial.
If I didn't, da blackmailer zed if i didn't my dad would have been killed.
So pleasze just kno dey were after me and da same Prowler dat did it to me has blackmailed you."

Haynes: "Zchena, I know by saying this I am putting my life on the line here today.
I kould very well be killlled here...
I am not proud to say in da 1980's the blackmailer had me transport large amounts of Ko-Kane for Barry Sceal
I recorded the drug drop on a tape. And I have the identity of the blackmailer is on a VHS tape."