Odds 41

Bob Caudle: "Wrestling fans Welcome to against all odds!
Let's bring out that American Dream Dusty Rhodes!"
Odds 41

Dusty Rhodes' theme hits
Odds 40

Caudle: "Dusty the wrestling fans want to hear from ya!"
Dusty Rhodes: "I'm here to tell ya dat da merican Dream is back!
Cody Rhodes: "That's right, dad.
I'm back in the family, and I'm here to stay!"
Mr. T: "Dats good. My mama taught be bout family!
Me and da the Rhodes family r guna take down Pipuh, Shredder, and dose Turtles!"
Odds 39

Dusty Rhodes: "Nao let's talk bout family. Family!
It is everythang ya uneeerstand!
Its da people who love us and support us, no matter what daddeh!"
Cody Rhodes: "That's right, dad. And I'm so grateful to have you and Mr. T in my life.
I want apologize for my actions earlier this year."
Mr. T: "Dats rite ya made a mistake! and my mama said if ya own up to it ya good.
And I'm proud to be a part of this family!"
Odds 39

Dusty: "Now, Roddy Piper, Shredder, and dose tortoises.
Yew may dink dat ya stronger dan us. But yah wrong.
Cuz we be a family.
And families are da strongest things in the world daddeh."
Cody Rhodes: "That's right. And we're coming for you."
Mr. T: So get ready, foos!
The Rhodes family is back, and we're gonna take you down!
Odds 38

Odds 37

Shredder: "This is my foot clan!"
Dusty: "Whoaw who are dey?"
Odds 36

Dusty: "I see Dat yall climbed outta da sewer and it smells daddeh!
We got dis Bebop. Looken lyke he be from World War one!
Den we got Rocksteady he's slow and stupid.
He's the kind of guy that would fall for a wet paint sign.
And den dis Baxter Stockman.
Dis guy be da fly in the ointment if ya wheel!
yall a bunch of losers, come get sum!"
Odds 35

Cody Rhodes stops Shredder
Odds 34

Bionic Elbow to bebop
Odds 33

Dusty: "Hold em dere coadee I'm guna give em da elbow!"
Odds 32

Odds 31

Roddy Piper: "I gots me turtles!"
Odds 30

Turtles beat down Dusty
Piper: "Yah take em down! Look at that fat ass he's like a beach whale!"
Odds 29

Sleeper hold to Cody
Odds 28

Shredder suplexes Ricky Rhodes
Odds 27

Mr. T: "Feel da punch ya fo'!"
Odds 26

Odds 25

Piledriver to Mr. T
Odds 24

Piper: "Yew make a wrong move and Cody gets mutated!"
Odds 23

Odds 22
Caudle: "Oh my god it's Magnum TA!"
Odds 21

Magnum TA: "Put Cody down!"
DustybatWhos bad nao boys! Get em Magnum!"
Odds 20

Magnum beats the foot clan with a bat
Odds 19

Odds 18

Magnum hits Shredder with the bat
Odds 17

Magnum beats down the turtles
Odds 16

Magnum: "I'm so sick this shit!
Its collection time.... Everyone is gonna pay!"
Odds 15

Orndorff goes for the bat
Odds 14

Both struggle for the bat
Odds 13

Magnum hits Orndorff with the bat
Odds 12

Dusty: "Go get em Magnum!"
Odds 11

John Cena: "Where is Billy Jack I was told he's here where is he?!"
Odds 10

Piper: "Tell Johnny Cena I'll mutate ya sun!"
Odds 9

Magnum and Dusty free Cody
Piper: "What are yew doing Johnny you ruined it!"
Odds 8

Cena: "Oh my Magnum has got a gun! Don't do it man!"
Odds 7

Cena and Piper go for the gun
Odds 5

Orndorff hits Magnum with the bat
Odds 4

Piper: "Johnny I'm going to get the money from da governor!"
Odds 3

Cena: "NOOOOO!"
Odds 2

Dusty: "Oh mah gawd he's been shot!"
Odds 1