Conrad Thompson: "Eric, I know you're upset about what happened to Magnum TA."
Eric Bischoff: "Upset? I'm furious. John Cena is a menace to society.
He escaped from prison, and now he's caused an innocent man to get shot."

Conrad: "I understand your anger, but we need to be careful about blaming Cena.
Roddy Piper was the one who pulled the trigger."

Bischoff: "Piper was only trying to protect himself. Cena is a dangerous man.
He's proven that time and time again."

Conrad: "He is not. That trial was a joke."
Bischoff: "Seriously? Cena is a murderer and deserves to be executed."

Conrad: "Cmon just think about this rationally, Eric."
Bischoff: "I don't care. I just want Cena dead."

Conrad: "C'mon."
Bischoff: "I'm keeping an eye on you, Cena.
If John tries to escape again, I'll be waiting for him."