Eric Bischoff: "Conrad, I need to talk to you about this John Cena obsession. It's getting out of hand."
Conrad Thompspn: "Eric, Cena is the GOAT. There's no denying it. And he's being framed!"

Eric: "I'm tired of talking about Cena. Cena disappointed you!"
Conrad: "I'm not disappointed. I know he didn't do it!
But ok We'll stop talking about lets talk about who will become the next John Cena."

Eric: "That wrestler is going to be ten times better than Cena."
Conrad: "Ten times better? That's a bold statement."

Eric: "I'm not kidding around. This wrestler is going to change the game."
Conrad: "Who is this wrestler?"

Eric: "I can't tell you that yet. It's a secret.
But trust me, you're going to be blown away when you see him."
Conrad: "I'm intrigued. But I'm still not convinced that anyone can be better than Cena."

Bob Caudle: "Ok wrestling fans today we have a very important announcement.
Its is from the American Dream Dusty Rhodes!
So Dusty C'mon on out the wrestling fans want to hear from ya!"

Dusty Rhodes' theme hits

Dusty: "Two very important issues today for Dusty Rhodes.
Dat one is my closet friend in life Magnum TA
In hiz come back tew rasslin and he suffered another accident.
Zo da las two weeks have been difficult for da merican Dream Dusty Rhodes."

Dusty: "Mah aohnly son coadee was alzo hurt taken out if ya wheel.
And after it happened i wuz down.
Den Nikolai Volkoff texted me and we texted fo hours.
Nao i dont believe in a lot of dings Nikolai believes in he doesn't believe in dings i do."

Dusty: "But Dats fine!
Cuz living in dis kuntree gives you dat rite to b free and we can do yah own lifestyle."
An me nevah bein da one to go by da rules of da book.
I got a lot of bad feelings about a lot of bad dings and dings un done.
Roddy Piper and da turtles undone."

Dusty: "Whether ya like mah choice ur not it dont mattah.
But livin in Dis kuntree gives yew dat rite to be free.
And only in diz kuntree we bring dese two super powers together.
But we didn't always agree but we have a common bond."

Dusty: "I have a new partner and his name is Nikolai Volkoff.
And whether yah like mah partner or not it really doesn't matter to me.
I do know dat Nikolai is da greatest Russian athlete in da world today tell em Nikki."

Nikolai Volkoff: "Spasibo Dusty I am proud Russian and I am superior athlete.
Las week I go to Japan.
An las week I zaw on sozel media dat Mag-um TA Wuz attack.
And Dustys son was attack by turtles."

Nikolai: "I Den text Dusty and say I know
Mag-um and I rezpexk hemĀ And sane wit his son
Well i know Nikolai has say many time dere is no law.
But nobody tell Nikolai wut to do.
Not Fred Blassie not Sheik.
Cuz I am greatest Russian athlete to walk Dusty earth!"

Roddy Piper: "Oh mah God you heard dem?
oh its lyke An episode of lyke Oprah wit all dat cryen!"
Shredder: "It is indeed nauseating!"

Piper: "We guna whip em so bad dey guna wish dey be in Ukraine!"