Bob Caudle: "As you can see wrestling fans that Observer article.
That the Nikolai Volkoff Dusty Rhodes pairing is controversial.
So wrestling fans....
Let's bring out Rowdy Roddy Piper!"

Roddy Piper's theme hits

Roddy Piper: "Dusty Rhodes says he's all bout merica.
merica dis merica dat.
but hiz actions speak louder dan his words.
Yew sea wut Russia has been doin in da Ukraine?
Yah lives been lost.
Dusty r wif da very guys dat are causin dis devastation.
And dey say we da bad guys?"

Shredder: "Dusty's hypocrisy is as clear as day.
He pretends to be a champion of the people,
but he's turning his back on merica.
And he's supporting the enemies of freedom.
His actions are a betrayal to everything he claims to stand for."

Piper: "Dusty's blind loyalty to Russia is not only un-merican,
but it be dangerous.
He be wif a country dat has no regard for human lyfe!"

Shredder: "Dusty's actions are reprehensible.
He's empowering Russia to continue its aggression.
His support for Russia is a stain on his legacy."

Piper: "Merica deserves better dan fat Dusty Rhodes.
Shredder: "Yes indeed we-"

Dusty Rhodes' theme hits

Dusty Rhodes: "Now, now, hold on dere. I kno wut yah dinking.
Yah dinking, 'Dusty, how can you b
standing dere with dat Nikolai Volkoff?'
Well, let me tell yah sumething.
Merica was built on the principle of tolerance.
Ya sea We b a melting pot of cultures,
and we celebrate diversity ya unnastand?
And dat includes mah parternship wit Nikki."
Nikolai Volkoff: "America is a great country.
And I am proud to be a part of it."

Dusty Rhodes: "See dat folks?
Nikolai unnerstands merica.
He unnerrstands dat we not perfect,
but we allllways tryin to be bettah.
And dat's wut Thanksgiving is all bout.
It's about giving danks for our family.
And working together to make the world a better place."
Volkoff: "Spasibo Dusty. I love America!"

Dusty Rhodes: "And dose r da same values dat make merica da best countree.
So let's give thanks for ah blessings,
Let's be tolerant of ah differencesez,
and let's come together!
To make the world a better place. Tell em Nikki-"

Piper punches Dusty

Nikolai punches Shredder

Rocksteady hits Dusty with a chair

Michelangelo takes out Nikolai's knee

Piper puts Dusty in the sleeper hold