Bull 5

David Crockett: "Welcome to the Legends Only League!
Next week we got the much anticipated Texas bullrope match!"
Bull 5

Crockett: "Let's bring out the man who made the bullrope match famous...
Dusty Rhodes!"
Bull 4

Dusty Rhodes: "Now listen here, dayved!
Let da Dream tell yah a story.
A story bout da good ol' fashioned American Dream!"
Bull 3

Dusty: "Back in the good ol' days, before all the bells and whistles.
Dere was just a man and his rope.
And who made that rope famous?
Who turned it into a fight for survival, a test of grit and gumption?
Da Dream!"
Bull 3

Dusty: "Dayved I took dat rope and I turned it into a spectacle!
Eye dragged opponents around rings.
Eye taught dem what it meant to face a real Texan!
And Ho fuk fukey you dink you can waltz in n beat da dream?"
Bull 3

Dusty: "You call yourself "Mr. Ho Lee Fuk"?
More like "Mr. Ho Lee You're About to Get Your Lights Knocked Out"!
Ya kno bout karate?
I'll give you a lesson in Texas karate sun.
Dis is da kind that leaves you sprawled on the mat, begging for mercy!"
Bull 3

Dusty: "Dis ain't just a match, son, this is a baptism by bullrope!
Dis is about respect, about honor, about the Merican Dream!
Cuz when dat bell rings, da Dream ain't dreamin'.
Da Dream is comin' for you, and it ain't gonna be pleasant!"
Bull 3

Roddy Piper: "Listen up, everybody!
Da Rowdy one, Roddy Piper, has a message fo Dusty Rhodes.
You see, Dusty.
Me knos da art of karate for a long time thanks to da turtles.
Bull 1

Piper: "I'm gonna unleash ho li fuk on you!
You heard me right.... HO LI FUK!
And when the dust settles, he be da one standing tall!
He's gonna defeat you, Dusty!"
Bull 1

Piper: "And prove to the world that hes not just a wrestler.
He's the most hardcore karate fighter in the world!
So, you better be ready, Dusty..
Cuz ya guna say HO LI FUK, BABY!"
Bull 1

Conrad Thompson: "Bruce.. You see sting has proff that.
Braun Strowman is actually the elusive Mohawk Valley Prowler!"
Bruce Prichard: "So what? Who cares?"

Conrad: "Are you kidding me?
This is huge!
The Mohawk Valley Prowler has been a mystery for a year.
And now we know it's Braun Strowman!"
Prichard: "Yeah.... okay.... Conrad.
That's cute.
But at the end of the day, what does it matter?"
Cena is dead....

Conrad: "But don't you see, Bruce?
This changes everything!
John Cena was innocent!
Braun's has Nikki Bella!
And who knows what else he's hiding?"
Prichard: "Look, Conrad...
I don't have time for your conspiracy theories.
I've got more important things to worry about than Braun.
If your going to waste my time with this Cena talk... I quit."