Our Annual Halloween Episode!
We got Psychiatrist Dr. Richard Gallagher who has delt with exorcisms....
Hell, Dr. Gallagher is the world's foremost scientific expert on the subject of diabolic attacks.
AND "Satan" is BACK!

As the band "The Fixx" once sang "One thing leads to another"
Joe and Justin talk Chinese food... Joe gets hungry goes to Taco Bell.....
Then the cause of the Devil's possession is Taco Bell's diablo sauce?

It's our annual Halloween Episode.
We got Halloween tips for the kids.
Because on Halloween night there will be idiots driving cars.

It's our Halloween Episode!
I got Emily to watch and review the famous ECW Monster Mash Battle Royal.

It's the Joe's Variety Hour Halloween Special!

It's the Halloween edition of The Variety Club! Joe and Frank review a pretty good raw from 10-30-95

Happy Halloween from Joe's Variety Hour!
Joe And Joe review the November 2, 1985 Halloween Saturday Nights Main event!