Has Joe finally OD'd on Chinese food?

The taste of Korea PART TWO:

Joe tries a cucumber energy drink.

Joe RANTS on vending machines!
AND a throwback to when a neighbor put a vending machine in the backyard:

It's a Surpise grab bag episode!

Bruce Wawrzyniak joins me so I can tell him how Washington will beat Tompa Bay (I hope)

Naresh Vissa Founder & CEO of Krish Media & Marketing
AND krishmediamarketing.com is our guest to discuss the NBA playoffs!

ANOTHER Auto Warranty scam
AND a review of Skittles DARK:

Only on the B-Show where everything from Ducks to Reddit can be discussed:

Just in time for national cereal month.. It's Joe and Emily discussing cereal!

Only on the B-Show where I can try whatever a Chick-O-Stik is:

Joe tells Emily about the Star Wars Holiday Special

Everything from seeing Horror movies to Devour Pizza models is discussed:

How creepy can guys be online?

Joe pleads his case why he should be in the Monday Night Football announce booth:

It's the B-Show Grab Bag! It's all a surprise!

The Saint Louis Blues have FINALLY won the Stanley Cup Here's me and Katie's reactions:

Only on the B-Show Katie plays FMarryKill with wrestlers from The Long Horn state!

In honor of Double or Nothing Joe has Katie Play FmarryKill with the AEW roster

Cryin' for Zion :'( Joe shares his NBA Draft Lottery frustrations with Katie!

Only on the B-Show where Joe and Katie breakdown Joe's fake ex-wife

It's an ALL Brooklyn FmarryKill with Katie Cook!

Joe has Katie Cook play FMarryKill with past Royal Rumble winners:

On the B-show this week is Joe and Joe's 97.1 pilot episode

On The B-Show we send our best wishes to Roman Reigns!
AND Joe had a funny dream about @1andOnlyCupcake

Joe is ENRAGED by the WORST Song he has EVER heard in his life:

Welll it's the B-Show and it's The Best/worst Bloopers from the last few weeks

This B-show is just Joe and Katie Cook discussing stalking


Joe and NFL veteran Joe Bowden give you the run down of the two big Bowl Games!
ALSO Katie Cook returns!

Only on the B-Show...
It's Mike Francesca's Triver contest! Who will win? Who will lose? Listen to find out!

Well it's a B-Show nobody answered the damn phone so Joe called Frank to discuss a WDXD softball team!

Wellll it's the B-Show Joe and Joe discuss Jimmy Hart upping the morale of first family!

The B-Show this week is a YUUUGE TRAIN WRECK! And You can Download this RIGHT HERE *Crotch Chop*

It's Joe and Joe just messing around talking about the YRG workout!

Want an off the rails train wreck?
Well on this episode of the B-Show Joe and Joe discuss bad gimmicks, the USWA, Kowabunga and THE SNOWMAN!
Welllll It's the B-Show and well It's #LockerroomTalk with Joe And Joe!
And lets say they do NOT go to the YMCA if ya know what I mean...
And I think ya do. Joe and Joe discuss what to watch. More talk of the USWA!

Want an off the rails train wreck?
Well on this episode of the B-Show Joe and Joe discuss bad gimmicks, the USWA, Kowabunga and THE SNOWMAN!

Trainwreck of a podcast. Frank tries the TGIFridays chips.
Joe has Wise chips and of course Joe BURIES The Wolf Radio Station.

You want an off the rails episode? Well Frank gets Domino's and Joe BURIES Domino's.
Frank eats Big League chew? Joe BURIES Papa Johns.
Joe and Frank then discuss old boxing video games.

On this weeks Doorstop Revolution Why did Big D and Bubba leave?
Well Joe and the idiot found out. Plus Joe BURIES Richard Childress.
Oh and Joe talks about an exotic dancer he follows on Snapchat.

Joe goes to the "Melvin" Store.
What is a Melvin? Also Joe and the idiot discuss the newest Archie comics.
Why do people love Harley Quinn? And Frank reveals his favorite newspaper comic.

Joe and Joe discuss Mickey Mouse comics.
Oh and the recent happenings in Archie Comics and what to read in the bathroom.

Welll it's the B-Show Joe and Joe review the episode of NWA Worldwide from 2-1-86

It's Watermelon month so Joe and Joe discuss Watermelon!
AND how Ross Chastain Racing @RossChastain is our favorite driver now!
Best of luck in the Johnsonville 180 Ross!