"Ken Patera" tries to get medicare....
BTW listen for the swerve......

Wellllllll it's the 300th B-Show!
Ken Patera attempts to sell his home.

Drunken "Ken Patera" rambles on and on

Ken Patera calls Life Alert... AGAIN!

drunken "Ken Patera" rambles on and on

"Ken Patera"" calls Amazon PART 1

"Ken Patera" has even more computer problems.

"Ken Patera" attempts to get auto insurance:

"Ken Patera" calls for a roof!

This is the ONLY time we will EVER talk politics!
Why you ask? Well Ken Patera has to do a political survey!
AND at the end it's a NEW Mary call!

PART TWO of the computer problems lol
It's mostly WRESTLING TALK with a telemarketer:

Ken Patera has even more computer troubles....

Ken Patera has more computer problems.
Perhaps The Bob Orton Anti-Virus will help:

Did Ken Patera just win 36 million dollars?

Ya know when I do prank calls I always ask...
Why don't they just hang up on me? Welll this is one of those times:

Ken Patera attempted to make some fight reservations:
Maybe the best prank call of 2020 so far!

It is Tax season... And well Ken Patera attempted to get his Tax refund:

With all this racing talk Ken Patera attempts to get an Auto Warranty:

Did Ken Patera just win the Publishers Clearing House?

We are hitting the new year and decade with a PATERA HAMMER!

First an ANGRY Ken Patera prank call THEN
in honor of Batista going into the #WWEHOF we ask how big is Batista's.......

It happened AGAIN!
It's shocking how over Ken Patera was back in the day!
I would say Ken was/is more over then most of the current day WWE roster!

Hmmmm either I have lost it or I actually I did a good job convincing this guy I'm Ken Patera!

OMG did a telemarker really cross the line by saying praise the Taliban?

It's the Ken Patera prank call gauntlet!

IMO this prank call maybe the best call I have done in YEARS!
Enjoy or Ken will put the PATERA hammer on ya!

You want it? You got IT! ANOTHER Ken Patera prank call...
BUT this time Ken exposes a scammer!

The whole world wanted Ken Patera prank calls right?