Ken Patera prank calls a MARK!

THE FIRST EVER Shoot interview that is also a prank call!

First off an Army vs. Navy preview...
THEN the DEBUT of the Ed Orgeron prank call gauntlet:

First off I heard Roger Penske made a purchase?
THEN the DEBUT of Mike Tomlin prank calls!

It's a Jekyll and Hyde episode!
The first half talk about the #Ford400 weekend.
THEN the second half is CRAZY with one of the best prank calls in a while!

Due to popular demand here's another ALL prank call episode!

It's a Surprise grab bag episode!
It's just like you got at your local five and dime store.
It's a few prank calls thrown in and a preview of the AAA Texas 500:

You've heard of Jerry Lewis' Telethon?
Well it's our prank call phoneathon! 32 minutes of just prank calls!

What a wild episode! Tony Orlando's confession and a Billy Jack Haynes prank call?! WOW!

BRO It's a NEW Vince Russo prank call and a NEW Lio Rush prank call

BRO it's Vince Russo prank calls BRO

The B-Show

It is Tax season... And well Ken Patera attempted to get his Tax refund:

It's The 200th B-Show!
Listen towards the end it's the RETURN of NEW Scott Hall Prank phone calls:

It's the debut of a Scott Ferrall prank call AND an ANGRY Ken Patera prank call:

With all this racing talk Ken Patera attempts to get an Auto Warranty:

If you like crazy prank call episodes wellllll this is for you!

Did Ken Patera just win the Publishers Clearing House?

We are hitting the new year and decade with a PATERA HAMMER!

It's our New Years Eve (kinda) celebration Joe's Bar is OPEN? AND some prank calls:

First an ANGRY Ken Patera prank call THEN
in honor of Batista going into the #WWEHOF we ask how big is Batista's.......

It happened AGAIN!
It's shocking how over Ken Patera was back in the day!
I would say Ken was/is more over then most of the current day WWE roster!

Hmmmm either I have lost it or I actually I did a good job convincing this guy I'm Ken Patera!

Are the Indian telemarketers finally getting smart to my game?

It's the Michael Rapaport prank call gauntlet!

OMG did a telemarker really cross the line by saying praise the Taliban?

It's the Ken Patera prank call gauntlet!

IMO this prank call maybe the best call I have done in YEARS!
Enjoy or Ken will put the PATERA hammer on ya!

You want it? You got IT! ANOTHER Ken Patera prank call...
BUT this time Ken exposes a scammer!

The whole world wanted Ken Patera prank calls right?

A scammer is exposed in a brand NEW soon to be all time classic prank call:

A BRAND NEW Michael Rapaport prank call and an announcement is made:

Another prank call gone bad.. Have I lost my touch?

Maybe one of the best prank phone calls I have done in a LONG time:

It's a pretty crazy B-Show! It's TWO Lio Rush prank calls and Katie finds out about Robert Parker!