"Father of 3, I need the gold." - Calls for a house

"Oh man thats some funny shit." - Calls for a house

"Old car man huh?" - Calls for a house

"It's a complicated question." - Calls for a house

"Yo I'll buy it as is, chico." - Scott Hall

"If you want to buy it in gold, you can buy it in gold." - Calls for a house

"23 years i've had it i'm done" - Calls for a house

"What the Kliq do specailize in the babes no doubt." - Calls for a house

"I belivie it's called drinking" - Kyle

"Cool." - Kyle

"No I'll be too tired, bro after my shift I'm going to sleep." - Kyle

"The little boy is scard of Big Kev." - Scott Hall

"Nobody cuts me off." - Scott Hall

"One Will be enough." - Hogan operator

"I'm Mexician." - Mexican resturant

"We have refried beans." Mexican Resturant

"Do you know what refried beans are?" - Mexican Resturant

"He looks kinda sneaky." Annete

"Why do you want to read the book?" - Annete

"Oh, sorry ,Sweet." - Annete

"Your disturbing me with this hey you my name is Millie." - Millie

"Why would be have 1973 models in our fleet?" - Millie

"We don't have any 1978 models period." - Millie

"Why would we have a 1978 model in 2006?" Millie

"You were using explosives to remove a tree?" 1-800-Dig Rite

"I'm not familar with Big Kev." - 1-800-Dig Rite

"We close at 6 O Cock." - Wang Computers

"Yeah!" - Wang Computers

"280 dolla" - Wang Computers

"You are here, ok come in." - Wang Computers

"We are  next to the Pizza-ah-Hut." - Wang computers

"Swagerrig Cuban?" - Alton Davis

"Whats up with this talk?" - Alton Davis

The American Red Cross

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The Very Best of Scott Hall Calls.....

Heeeeeeeeeeeeeey, Folks some people told me to create a page dedicated to Pranks so I'm doing it..... The people get what they want.......

Here's some history about The Scott Hall pranks........
 I started doing these pranks by mistake, I was handed a phone by a friend of mine they said "prank my dad" I said OK...
I started the prank with a "Heyyo" and i thought well I'm going to start doing more Scott hall stuff in this prank, the prank was solid and I now have a good idea, then more and more people said call this person call this person, then i started ripping pages out of the phone book....
This class was the greatest I've ever had in school. I called it Prank Phone Call Class thats all we did. The teacher was hardly ever there, and the sub whomever we had just said walk the track since it was "Walking Class" I turned it into a prank phone call class......
Thats the story behind the Scott Hall pranks..........

Let's start off with the best prank phone I've ever done "Scott Hall Calls for a House"

Notes about this Call: "This call was one of the best ever, I remember my lip quivering during the end, I knew this was the best I've ever done. Also after this call was done the guy called back and asked for more info about Scott. I was in the car so therefore i could not record it."
Best Line of the Call: "Father of 3, I need the gold, there always curves, the curves can wait."

Scott Hall Calls 24 Hour Fitness....
Notes about this call: "That night I did the call was a bad night, I attempt about 8 calls that night, all of them were either busy or closed and my last phone number on the list was 24 hour fitness, I was tired it was around 1AM so the voice is kinda off I didn't really like this call at first, but now I think it's OK. People mostly non-wrestling fans tell me that this one is the best!"
Best Line of the Call: "I belivie it's called drinking."

Scott Hall Calls Embassy Suites...
Notes about this call: "That night was hot, I did 2 really good pranks, I knew mentioning Embassy in a earlier call, so i figure calling 1-800-embassy would work i had no idea that was there phone number...I Really enjoyed acting like Scott was stupid in this call....."
Best line of the Call: Scott: "You think Jeff Jarret should go?"  Lady:" No."

Scott Hall Calls Hogan Trucking....
Notes about the call: "I called Hogan Trucking back in December 05, I lost the call. I figure to call them again, I really enjoyed saying Heyyo Hogan, I tried to use it as much as possible.....It was a OK call"
Best line of the Call: "Can you write down Big Kev's Name?"

Scott Hall Calls 1-888-BETS-OFF
Notes about the Call: "This prank was recorded on "The Doorstop Nation Radio" I then cut it and put it on the prank list...... This prank was pretty solid overal. I also enjoyed the end where Scott and Big Kev are going to the Roulette table."

Best Line of the Call: "The little boy is scared of Big Kev."

Scott Hall calls Pregnancy Center
Notes about the call: "This call is one of the best I've ever done, I really enjoyed mentioning Jen Bettale's name.....I also enjoyed making Scott the stupidist person....I also enjoyed mentioning the Burning Tree because I got a ticket a day eariler for Failure to comply because there was a burning tree on highway 94. Jen Bettale says this about this call "I don't know if I feel honored to be in this or not."

Best line of the call: "I deleted him from my Myspace"

Scott Hall Calls Wang Computers
Notes about the Call: "This is my favorite Call bar none! I listen to this call once a week! I love this call, the ladies voice was priceless, I almost broke charactor when she was for the Jen Bettale Discount!"
Best Line of the Call: Scott "If I bring in Jen Bettale would i get a discount?"  Lady: "Yeah!"

Scott Hall Calls 1-800-DIG RITE
Notes about this call: "I like this call it sounded like it was real! I'll admit that this call wasn't  the top pranks but I can't  be perfect!"
Best Line of the Call: "Your  going to be using explosives to remove a tree?"

Scott Hall Calls a Mexican Resturant
Notes about this call: "I like how the guy kept saying "We, Have Refried beans" ALSO I liked it how the guy didn't know what sopa was. That guy gets so pissed off at the end! This one ranks up there with best of all time!"
Best Line of the call: "I'm Mexican!"

Scott Hall Calls For a Book
Notes about this call:"I think this is one of the best call I've ever done, the lady had no damn clue! I recently called this place back (late May 2007) and she picked up expect more with Annette!"
Best line of the Call: "He looks kinda sneaky!"

Scott Hall Calls 24 Hour Fitness II
Notes about this call: "Another good prank, this was pretty  good one I was pissed off that 'Kyle' didn't pick up, I enjoyed how I kept mentioning Kyle. Wow this lady was soooo stupid. Does she work there? What does she do? Is she just chilling?"
Best Line of the Call:"Send my condolences to Kyle."

Scott Hall Calls for a Rental Car
Notes about this call: "The Prank started off a little slow, but it picked up big time! I thought my line "Only punk little gays drive new cars" That lady "Millie" gets pretty pissed off oh good stuff! BTW AMC 4 Life!"........
Best Line of the Call: "Your disturbing me with this heyyou, my name is Millie."

Scott Hall Calls for a Bail Bond
Notes about this call: "I liked this prank on how stupid the charges were, DUI, Littering Loitering. The way the lady says yeah when I asked her if she knew Ted Turner."
Best Line of the Call: "Does Big Kev work for General Motors?"

Scott Hall Calls for a guitar
Notes about the call: "I enjoyed the guy this guy's voice and his 'Yeaaah' wow this guy gets pissed off! He also says he knows Eric Bischoff! The says he doesn't!"
Best Line of the call: "This isn't a conversation."

Scott Hall Calls IHOP
Notes about the call: "I enjoyed this call and with all due respect to Scott Hall this call could happen in real life....."
Best line of the call: "Screw Hogan leave his ass at home."

Scott Hall Calls QVC
Notes about this Call: "I enjoyed it, I also enjoyed how this woman was such a bitch LOL!!! BTW Jen HATES the movie Half Baked!"
Best Line of the Call:"Tell Jen Bettale it doesn't come in pink!"

Any ideas or people I should call email

Lex Luger Calls Suicide Hotline
Notes about this call: "I was actually afraid I was going to get in trouble over this call, so far I have not...... This call was great..... I almost laughed when she asked who's Billy? 

Best Line of the Call: "Who's Billy?"


This maybe the best Prank phone call I have ever done, I'm really proud of what I did on this one, I have another Lex Prank on my friends computer....UPDATE - Click here to listen 'Luger-Prank-Call II'


"I would be happy to talk to you, at first I have to know if your having  any thoughts of suicide

Lex: What kind of dispic- dispicable disgustiing, disgusting lack of respect does that Billy Whats-his-name show booking a match with the total package Lex Luger at Super Brawl? Super Saturday? what is it called? Whats it called?

Kate: Excuse me?

Lex: Whats it called?

Kate: Are you having any thoughts of suicide?

Lex: Yeah.

Kate: so you are having thoughts of suicide.

Lex: Yeah, thanks to Billy-his-name.

Kate: My name is Kate what's your name?

Lex: My name is the total package Lex Luger!

Kate: What, whats? who? plan?

Lex: Billy whats-his-name books a match with me The Total Package Lex Luger at Super Brawl? Super Saturday? What is it called? I DON'T KNOW!

Kate: Sir, My name is Kate Whats your name?


Kate: You don't know your name.

Lex: The Total Package.  Lex Luger. I'm going to rip apart Ron Killings I DON'T KNOW!

Kate: Sir do you have a plan?

Lex: I know i'm going to go against Ron Killings I'm going to rip apart! I'M PISSED NOW!

Kate: Have you done anything to hurt yourself?

Lex: I'm going to hurt Ron Killings thats who I'm going to hurt!

Kate: Who?

Lex: Ron Killings!

Kate: Ryan Chillings?

Lex: Ron Killings!

Kate: Billings?

Lex: I'm a total package I'm going to rip apart!

Kate: What can I do to help you?

Lex: Why don't you tell Billy What-His-Name Does he have enough money to pay me?  I DON'T KNOW

Kate: Who doesn't have enough money to pay you?

Lex: Billy? Billy-Whats-his-Name? Billy? 

Kate: Billy?

Lex: Billy.

Kate: Who's Billy?


Kate: Sir, are you um uh have you done anything to hurt yourself?


Kate: You said you were suicidal.

Lex: Billy Whats-his-name books a match with the total package against Ron Killings I'm one of the biggest legends and stars ever in this gah, and your t shirts are to tight to billy! Look at me I'm a total package! I'm going to rip him apart! I'M PISSED NOW!

Bret Hart Calls Macy's
I like this call I really like how the lady couldn't hang up on me so i went with that.
Best Line of the Call: "I understand El Dandy is a seroius professional."

Dennis Stamp Prank Phone Call: http://media.putfile.com/Dennis-Stamp-Prank-Phone-Call

CM Punk Calls 24 hour Fitness
Those poor bastards at 24 hour fitness always get prank'd by us, well this call was pretty solid, the reason it went 8 minutes, because that guy kept asking questions...... I tried my best to say stuff CM Punk would say.....

CM Punk Calls The New Breed
Notes about this Call: I really enjoyed The New Breed! And went with this whole New Breed angle for a while I even went to a local second hand shirt shop and asked for New Breed shirts! BTW if anyone has a New Breed t shirt out there please email me at joe@doorstopnation.com  
Best Line of the Call:"CM: You guys are better than the orginals is this true? Guy: Yeah Wells Fargo yeah."

CM Punk Calls 24 hour fitness part 2
Notes about this call: I enjoyed how this guy knew about The Ghetto Wal-Mart and how he rememberd CM!
Best Line of the Call:"Of course we would love to have Big Daddy over!"

For People Who prefer PutFile Here's some Hey you can download these pranks to your computer and keep it, or show your friends or put it on your MP3 player/iPod or something........

Click here to listen to 'Scott Hall Calls Hogan'

Click here to listen 'Scott-Hall-Pregnacy-center'

Click here to listen 'Lex-Luger-Prank-Call-1'

Some "Scott Hall" Trivia

Scott Owns Oak Gloves Company.

Scott owns 3 Taco Bells in Flordia.

Scott soon to be wife is Jen Bettale.

Scott has 2 homes one in St. Charles, MO and another in Orlando, FL

Scott used to work up north selling cars.

Scott uses old fireworks to remove a tree.

Scott thinks if a resturant dosen't have soup it's racist.

Scott used to work for Ted Turner.

Scott goes to the Ameristar Casino in St. Louis.

Scott gambles online.

Scott claims Eric Bischoff is worse than Michael Jackson.

Scott doesn't like the St. Charles Embassy Suites.

Scott doesn't like The Ghetto Wal-Mart

Scott is from Miami, but born in Cuba.

Scott likes the old car maker AMC.

Big Kev is Scott's Buisness Partner.

Scott makes $1000 a month.

Scott met Jen Bettale at a basketball game.

Scott's soon the be wife (Jen Bettale) is a nurse.

Scott house in St. Charles, MO is  next to a Embassy Suites.

Scott asks Hogan for advice.

Scott does not like Club Fitness.

Scott has Gold Rims on his car.