we at bshow.info were a witness to the Aric Almirola Cody Ware confrontation!
With exlcusive pictutres!


bshow's road to Vegas:

"Julian Crane" PART TWO:

In honor of the late Ben Masters...
Here's a "Julian Crane" prank call.

Our Big game half time show...
NASCAR needs to return to Willow Springs

You remember the song Somebodies knockin?
Wellll what if "Satan" sang it to a scammer?

A discussion of who should appear at the Libery Racing League's All-Star race
ALSO should the Vanderbilt Cup be brought back?

PART TWO of Joe seeing things that are not there:

It's the 350th B-Show!
We discussed the upcoming NASCAR season and international races.
Oh and Da Crusher calls a random dude:

"Satan" still wants to takeover Nashville!

Da Crusher signs up for a blood drive!

It's our Christmas episode!
Justin Smith opened his gifts and Bruce from Catholic Sports Radio stopped by:

Should I call former Champ Car Series owner/car owner Jerry Forsythe?

"Satan" has a new career as a country music singer:

"Ed Orgeron" wishes LSU luck in the 2022 SEC game.

"Satan" plays Survivor Series trivia with a telemarketer:

Joe and Justin discuss all things PIZZA:

"Satan" has become "The Grim Rapper":

Joe and Justin Smith predict or attempt to predict....
The NASCAR Cup Series Championship Race:

The first ever bshow Halloween Show:

"Satan" continues his takeover of this site PART THREE:

"Satan" is still trying to take over the site PART TWO:

"Satan" is BACK! And Satan wants to control this site! PART ONE

PART TWO of Joe's birthday celebration:

"Da Crusher" calls Medicare......... AGAIN!

Part TWO of "Da Crusher" winning the Publishers Clearing House:

"Vince Russo" calls more hardware stores:

"Ed Orgeron" celebrates the start of the college football season:

"Alex Jones" PART TWO:

It's karaoke night with Da Crusher!

"Ed Orgeron" gets a call from "Life Alert"

"Da Crusher" tries to get Medicare