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Our Halftime Show!
We got adult film star Sara St. Clair on to talk about the biz!
AND the return of WWE Erotica!

Joe & Joe preview the 2024 Busch Clash

Paul from is BACK!
This time it's all about the downfall of Sears

MORE OnlyFans talk:

What would happen if Jerry Lawler booked the 2024 Royal Rumble:

Talk about a Black Scorpion on OnlyFans...
AND we talk about a fictional Arthur OnlyFans episode:

Well you remember when Dick Clark dropped his balls for new years?
It's the
New Year's Eve Countdown!

A Kmart Christmas!

Brett Moffitt is our guest!

"Satan" still is at war....
With the Indian call center....

Joe talks about what is wrong with Indycar:

Joe and Justin argue about the College football playoffs:

"Satan's" newest single: "One of those things"

"Ken Patera" calls the wrong number:

Rowdy Maglite and Joe recap the season
AND NASCAR Cup Series owner Rick Ware talks the improvement of his team:

"Satan" calls the Indians on Halloween night!

It's the Halloween bshow! Guests include:
"Satan" Chris Buescher and Ryan Blaney:

Denny Hamlin was our guest.
Denny talked about his race in Las Vegas.
AND what's up with FedEx not being on his car?

Anthony Curtis from the
we talked about all things Las Vegas Fall 2023:

Rowdy Maglite and Joe preview the 2023 Bank of America Roval 400

Rowdy Maglite and Joe preview the Yellawood 500

Rowdy Maglite and Joe preview the 2023 AutoTrader EcoPark 400

Talk of the Joe/AI created 2024 Cup Series
AND Joe has created a new mini game on NASCAR Heat:

Joe and Justin Smith preview the first round of the NASCAR playoffs:

"Satan" has returned and the feud with the Indians is STILL GOING!

Indy recap and a preview of the Go Bowling @ The Glen:

Chinese Thursday week II

Chinese Thursday has returned!
Who will get the Chinese?

The Bubba bshow! Bubba Wallace joins the show to discuss this community work:

Joe and Dom run the Olipop gauntlet:

It's time to get Rowdy!
Rowdy Maglite makes his debut!
And the Rowdy one himself Kyle Busch comes back on for an interview.
AND Michael McDowell talks his great Atlanta finsish!

Joe and kinda former NASCAR driver Chris Lafferty discuss the first ever NASCAR street race.
ALSO We got Kyle Busch and Ryan Blaney on to discuss the Chicago street race!

A preview of the first ever NASCAR Street race!
We got A. J. Allmendinger on to discuss this new race and whether he's the favorite to win:

You ever hear the song by KT Oslin entitled 80's ladies? Well "Satan" has a parody of it entitled "Satan's ladies"

Beware of "undercover cops" in vans and other bizzare things:

A very special epside! With a very special guest.
NASCAR driver and 2022 Daytona 500 winner Austin Cindric!
Oh AND a preview of the Sonoma weekend

This maybe the most contorversial episode ever?
WARNING: Those who are easily offended please do not listen to this episode:

No it's not Perry Como...... It's the bshow anniversary show:

"Satan" is back and is looking for an insurance quote:

Justin Smith is back on to compare the real housewives of Miami to the three stooges
AND a discussion about the Ross vs Noah deal:

In honor of the #MiamiGP on this episode Joe made a shocking confession...
that he watches "Real Housewives of Miami":

"Satan" has moved to LA:

PART TWO of our Ben Masters "Julian Crane" weekend tribute:

Justin has won the NASCAR "March Madness"

Going into the final round of our NASCAR March Madness bet!
Joe and Justin Preview the Bristol Dirt race:

Paul Heyman has 4.5 millon dollars tune in to find out how he won it:

Joe and Justin Smith Preview the Echo Park Grand Prix:

A change of plans! Joe has to make a new March madness pick:

we at were a witness to the Aric Almirola Cody Ware confrontation!
With exlcusive pictutres!


bshow's road to Vegas:

"Julian Crane" PART TWO:

In honor of the late Ben Masters...
Here's a "Julian Crane" prank call.

Our Big game half time show...
NASCAR needs to return to Willow Springs

You remember the song Somebodies knockin?
Wellll what if "Satan" sang it to a scammer?

A discussion of who should appear at the Libery Racing League's All-Star race
ALSO should the Vanderbilt Cup be brought back?

PART TWO of Joe seeing things that are not there:

It's the 350th B-Show!
We discussed the upcoming NASCAR season and international races.
Oh and Da Crusher calls a random dude:

"Satan" still wants to takeover Nashville!

Da Crusher signs up for a blood drive!

It's our Christmas episode!
Justin Smith opened his gifts and Bruce from Catholic Sports Radio stopped by:

Should I call former Champ Car Series owner/car owner Jerry Forsythe?

"Satan" has a new career as a country music singer:

"Ed Orgeron" wishes LSU luck in the 2022 SEC game.

"Satan" plays Survivor Series trivia with a telemarketer:

Joe and Justin discuss all things PIZZA:

"Satan" has become "The Grim Rapper":

Joe and Justin Smith predict or attempt to predict....
The NASCAR Cup Series Championship Race:

The first ever bshow Halloween Show:

"Satan" continues his takeover of this site PART THREE:

"Satan" is still trying to take over the site PART TWO:

"Satan" is BACK! And Satan wants to control this site! PART ONE

PART TWO of Joe's birthday celebration:

"Da Crusher" calls Medicare......... AGAIN!

Part TWO of "Da Crusher" winning the Publishers Clearing House:

"Vince Russo" calls more hardware stores:

"Ed Orgeron" celebrates the start of the college football season:

"Alex Jones" PART TWO:

It's karaoke night with Da Crusher!

"Ed Orgeron" gets a call from "Life Alert"

"Da Crusher" tries to get Medicare