Joe has coverage from the...
The Trans Am Series presented by Pirelli inaugural race at World Wide Technology Raceway!

Former NASCAR driver Stan Boyd rejoins the program..
Joe asks Stand for help on his SHOOT car.

"Satan"is back and he has a new single....
It's a cover of the song "One of those nights"

Joe and Paul from
review and BURY the Mario movie.

NASCAR driver and stuntman Stanton Barrett rejoined the show:

Paul from rejoined the show to discuss the new Twisted Metal

Rowdy Maglite rejoined the show to talk about how James Hylton should be in the
NASCAR Hall of Fame:

Former NASCAR driver Nick Tucker was our guest.

It is a crime that the late James Hylton is not in the Hall of Fame!

NASCAR Hall of Famer Dale Inman was our guest:

Former NASCAR driver Chris Laffery returns to the show..
We ask who would win in a SHOOT Elon Musk or Mark Zuckerberg

A recap of the Atlanta NASCAR races
Ryan Seig was our guest to talk about his best finish of his career!

Country Music singer Richard Lynch once again joins the program:

A taste test of Dr. Pepper Strawberries and Cream

A preview of the first ever NASCAR street race:

A very special episode
Joe opened up emotionally to licensed psychologist Dr. Tish Taylor

Happy Father's Day!
We have father and son on as guests..
David and his son Todd Gilliland

Joe SHOOTS on everyone and everything!

Former NASCAR driver Chris Lafferty talks more smack on David Starr!

Country singers Richard Lynch and John McDonough guest star
ALSO "Satan" confesses about something:

Robinn Lange The Expert Expert was out guest talkng about entrepreneurs:

Former NASCAR driver Chris Lafferty joined the program....
And Chris has a very intresting challenge?

Should Joe message his high school crush?

Joe has been cornered by scammers at Wal-Mart!

An epic "Julian Crane" prank call:

Dominic from is on to talk about fantasies:

Paul from is back!
A discussion about Kmart Radio and plans for a Kmart podcast?

Joe and Justin Preview Wrestlemania 39
And "Paul Heyman" tries to get a security system:

I must be dreaming!
Byron Scott has returned to the program and it all about dreams:

The NASCAR March Madness draft show!

Greg Van Alst fresh off of his win @ daytona was our guest:

"Satan" opened a new office in Alaska =0
And he plans on melting everyone and everything in Alaska:

Former ARCA racer Mike Ciochetti joined the program:

5 Reasons why Joe should be Indycar's new social media manager:

Singer/Song writer Lexxi Raine was our guest.
Lexxi discussed her singing songwriting career.

A bet is placed on the Busch Light Clash at The Coliseum

Host of the ARCA racing podcast Colby Evans rejoins the program.
AND NASCAR Cup and XFINITY car owner Carl Long rejoins the show.

Joe is gone crazy.
Yeah we knew that....
BUT now he is seeing things that are not there.

To celebrate our 350th episode.
We wanted an episode everyone would come to...
So we got adult film star Linzee Ryder....

Marva Keys-Morris owner of ZenEdge energy drinks was our guest
and we discussed what it is like to run an energy drink company:

PBLA Commissioner Steve Donnor was our guest talking about the inaugural PBLA season:

THE Christmas show!
Guests were Bruce from
AND country music singer Richard Lynch

Byron Scott returned to the show
A real conversation regarding life and the film "It's a Wonderful Life"
Maybe the most real show we've ever done:

Jam packed show our guests were former spy Robert Kerbeck
AND MMA fighter Stephanie Mankin:

"Satan" wants to start selling asbestos:

Howard Scott Warshaw was our guest.
We discussed all things Atari.
And broke news about a Yars' Revenge sequel!

Lead singer of the band "Harmony Dreamers" Byron Scott was our guest:

Once Great Estate's singer/songwriter/guitarist Tracy Horenbein was our guest:
AND talk of Joe's diecast league.

NBC New York's Jen Maxfield was our guest
Jen talked about her book "More After the break" discussed her reporting career.

Our Annual Halloween Episode!
We got Psychiatrist Dr. Richard Gallagher who has delt with exorcisms....
Hell, Dr. Gallagher is the world's foremost scientific expert on the subject of diabolic attacks.
AND "Satan" is BACK!

Justin Smith returns to the program.
And a look back at the SCAT bus.

"Satan" IS BACK!
"Satan" is still looking for homes:

PART ONE of "Da Crusher" winning the Publishers Clearing House

PART ONE of Joe's Birthday Celebration Starring Richard Lynch:

"Da Crusher" calls a collections agency PART TWO:

Dominic Aragon of FINALLY returns to the program!
Dom talks his return and of course a preview of the Bristol night race!

Bruce Wawrzyniak of Catholic Sports Radio returns to preview the 2022 NFL season:

More on the fall of Kmart
AND ARCA Menards Driver/Owner Brad Smith checks in:

The DEBUT OF "Alex Jones" prank calls:

"Da Crusher" calls a collections agency PART ONE:

It's Stremme Radio!
Former NASCAR Cup Series driver David Stremme is our guest:

"Da Crusher" tries to enroll in Medicare

Jotham Stein Author of 'Negotiate Like a CEO' joins the program:

Interview with Dr. Bryan Rigg, author of 'FLAMETHROWER' & biographer of the late Woody Williams

"Lio Rush" tries to insure his home....

Country singer Tia McGraff joins the program:

Our July 4th weekend celebration:

Bruce Wawrzyniak of Catholic Sports Radio returns to discuss the LIV Golf Tour

Anthony Curtis of returns!