PART TWO of Joe on the Road:

Joe on the road....SOMEONE IS actually jealous of Joe! WTF?

The Broadway B-Show! "Alvarez" and "Meltzer" watch and critique The Three Stooges Short "Disorder in the Court"

From Dylan's Candy Bar @ The Hudson Yards Mall...
We run the gummy bear gauntlet! I left all other candy stores behind.
We are in a New York State of mind!

PART TWO of The Juice Weekend:

Fatso and Fruit Loops read a hilarious Sasha Banks vs Becky Lynch fan fiction!

Fatso and Fruit Loops are out of control in Vegas for this B-Show. PLUS More Britney Amber talk!

It's the 150th B-Show FROM LAS VEGAS!

WellllI it's The B-Show from Ol' Tucson Joe and Joe watch along Carlos Colon vs Abdullah

It's a watch a long B-Show as Fatso and Fruit loops watch Abdullah vs Steve Strong

It's The New Years B-Show Joe, Joe and THE Mark watch KAW Wrestling from 6-12-99

What really went down last week at the PGA Championship? AND Summerslam predictions!

LIVE from Flagstaff, Arizona @ the beautiful Starlite Lanes Joe and Frank preview WWE Extreme Rules.

LIVE From Las Vegas it's the Fourth Of July weekend celebration!
Joe and Joe have a special vistor for Joe's bar!
PLUS a watch along and MORE.. MANDY MOORE!

It's the B-Show from VEGAS!
And the two idiots are talking KAW Wrestling from 5-29-99

The last stop of the Southwestern tour!
Joe and Joe review an episode of Southwest Wrestling from July 3rd 1983

Wellll it's the B-Show from From Amarillo!
Joe and Joe review WWF All American Wrestling from April 21st 1985

Welll it's the B-Show Joe and Joe review NXT from 1-24-18

Hope this B-Show isn't a gutter ball. Joe and Joe review NXT from 1-17-18

From Las Vegas It's THE B-Show!
Joe and Joe compare a G&W meat stick vs a Jack Links Meat Stick!

Welllllllll it's The B-Show Joe and Joe review and BURY NXT from 1-10-18!

Welll It's the B-Show from El, Paso, Texas and Joe and Joe are perplexed at a certain drink!
Also a review of WWF All American Wrestling from May 19th, 1985

Wellll It's the B-Show LIVE from Abilene, Texas!
Joe and Joe discuss more Lucha Underground!

Welll It's the B-Show from Marina Del Rey! Joe and Joe review the 9-11-88 WWF House Show from the Meadowlands!

Welll It's a LIVE B-Show Joe and Joe discuss Billy Corgan buying the NWA and the boys break down Arthur all grown up?

We've hit the road for the B-Show! This time Joe and Joe discuss an episode Southwest Championship Wrestling from September 1984!

Wellll it's the B-Show Joe and Joe are crazy hanging and banging at the lagoon talking 'Rasslin!

Wellll It's the B-Show Joe and Joe discuss all things Global Wrestling Federation!

It's THE DREAM Episode of The B-Show FROM LAS VEGAS! Joe and Joe review the July 5th 1981 episode of CWA Memphis Wrestling!

It's a LIVE B-Show from Las Vegas! Joe and Joe discuss what to drink and what not to drink in Vegas!

The sun sets on The Doorstop Revolution's Fun in the Sun Series. And we have new questions.
A NEW Scooby Doo comic? Underrated matches?
What were the Biggest BURIALS? What would Dave Meltzer jokes be like? What is a St. Paul sandwich?

FROM Venice Beach It's The Doorstop Revolution. Joe and Joe are GIRL WATCHERS.
A discussion about #LarryLand breaks out. Oh and More talk of "Superstar" Billy Graham.

On the B-Show the boys discuss newspaper comics and BURY For Better or for worse and Funky Winkerbean!
You wanna hear two people laugh over dumb things? Then listen to this! No it's not Bevis and Butthead.

From Redondo Beach Pier the boys review Bud's best cookies.
Plus talk of the babes of 20 years ago.
The boys watched Urban Wrestling Federation how was it?
Oh and more talk of "Superstar" Billy Graham.

The Doorstop Revolution is on location from Redondo Beach Pier this week.
Well it's a crazy episode the boys discuss the Lockhorns comic strip along with "Superstar" Billy Graham!

The Doorstop Revolution AKA the B-Show is from Redondo Beach Pier, California.
Joe, Frank and the idiot discuss the Scrooge comics. Has Hogan's racist tirade ruined his career? Plus more Ziggy talk.?

It's The Doorstop Revolution LIVE from Dockweiler Beach! Joe and Joe BURY NXT's Bayley and discuss women in pro wrestling in a very lewd manner!