"Russo" has more hardware hijinks:

Russo calls "Arn Anderson" windows... AGAIN

"Russo" tries to get a job a sea captain:

"Russo" calls a MARK at Life Alert:

"Russo" calls McAfee.... AGAIN!

"Vince Russo" calls a guy that is smart to THE business.

Some random prank calls I had laying around..
PLUS Russo calls Sweet Sapphire!

Well Arn Anderson and Ric Flair aren't friends anymore....
Sooo Arn has been repackaged as a hacker?

"Vince Russo" has more computer problems:

"Vince Russo" calls "Arn Anderson" Windows

"Vince Russo" calls Mr. Hughes Net

It's "Vince Russo" COLD Calls!

"Vince Russo" has more computer problems.

"Vince Russo" calls "McAfee"

"Vince Russo" calls "Roku"

"Vince Russo" calls a lasped fan.

"Vince Russo" calls "Cash App" AGAIN

"Vince Russo" calls "Cash App"

BRO! It's EVEN more Vince Russo calls BRO it's UUUUGE!

BRO! It's the return of Vince Russo prank calls BRO!