Great Value Thanksgiving.........Freedom of speech RIGHT I'm gonna say what I'm gonna say and I'm gonna fucking say it

Black Friday mutha fucka wow im pressed for time

Sorry for the late upload very busy today lol now all I need is a stag

is there anything that Ronnie Milsap doesn't know?

Time is a monster that lives in our clocks, itís heartless and shows no remorse...

The annual Tree match a staple of Fun Friday prolly the biggest Fun Friday show!

Fun Friday gets a somewhat more organized format it's like I cleaned it lol whatever I'm going to buy BBq out of trailer then I'm out

I seen the angle man naw but we'll see if you know who and me will go down

Lets see I know it's saturday but whatever I've been super busy

Whats better booking this or NXT I may have to say really


I'm about to head to the casino with found change! I wush I had something to do...

I just want to run away..

Very Heartbreaking that I'm STILL doing this.......

Crazy ass Nationwide race I'm still in shock what in the hell did I see?!?!

I miss Dave Thomas god I gotta goto Wendys

If they gave gold statuettes For tears and regrets Id be a legend in my time

schnucks on duchesne road

You can burn up the highway, fly like the wind, run on those long, shiny rails but timeís right behind you like a hound dog thatís hot on your trail...

This Fun Friday took place in Kalamazoo, Michigan
Time is a weapon, itís cold and itís cruel...

Elvis Who? He couldn't carry a tune if it had handles on it

WTF?! I gotta get shit done DAMN!

This Fun Friday took place in Saginaw, Michigan
Pure Michigan

I swear the only thing that is solid is Fun Friday

This Fun Friday took place in Sioux City, Iowa
Fun Friday From the great city of Sioux City