but yeah 'Coach' is the greatest tv show ever!

This Fun Friday took place in London, Ontario
Guess who just test drove a Challenger?! THIS GUY Well too bad I can't afford it.... SHIT!

You Don't have to be lonely at farmersonly.com


This Fun Friday was the 2012 King Of the Ring which took place in Cincinnati, Ohio
251? Fun Friday ties andy griffith with 251! BTW happy birthday andy griffith!

Bill Watts is a picie of shit

I was thumbin' a ride one Saturday mornin'Outta Nashville totin' my sackI lent my car to a gal that lived in Chattanooga And she hadn't never brought it back

A very controversial Fun Friday!

Fun Friday gets ROCKED!

Happy Fourth of July!

mmmmmmm Got to Love Cherry Jul is this what life is tho? Geez I wish I could pull a Whitney Houston

West Allis, WI 'My Town'

I swear I feel like Verne Gagne in 1988

Striker Frame

Now I'm lying here with Linda on my mindAnd next to me, my soon to be, the one I left behind And Lord it's killing me to see her crying She knows I'm lying here beside her with Linda on my mind.

One of the hardest episodes to produce

Next week Fun Friday from Baltimore

Then I got myself a factory job I ran an old machine And I bought a little cottage in a neighborhood sereneAnd every night when I'd come home with every muscle soreShe'd drag me through the Streets of Baltimore

I shot the Sheriff

First episode I produced from the GayPhone

Did I mention how I hate driving to Wentzvile, MO

Any Newz?

A very speical episode of Fun Friday......

Time is a weapon, itís cold and itís cruel It knows no religion and plays by no rules Time has no conscience, when itís all said and done Like a beast in the jungle that devours itís young

Christ I hate this computer sucks I can't do HTML on the gayphone

The adapter on my iphone broke damn I can't listen to HTM while driving!