3 years I have wasted my life.......



2011 St. Patrick's day!


180 episodes? WTF?

This Fun Friday took place in Kalamazoo, Michigan

I really hope I can get with the girl I like

So I can stop doing this shit and become a normal human being!

This Fun Friday took place in Saginaw, Michigan
Looks like I won't I guess she saw this stupid shit

Really tho It sucks, the hurt and shit can I get anything right?

People ask me what was I doing Thursday morning I was doing this dumb shit

This Fun Friday took place in Sioux City, Iowa
2 days in a row 2 hours of wasted life I really wish I didn't watch wrestling

Man O man this episode was hard to produce why do I still do this?

This Fun Friday took place in London, Ontario
Really tho Macho man was one of the all time greats and I will miss him dearly

so I gave my voicemail # to this really hot girl at my physcial therapy place I hope she calls/texts I doubt it, back to fun friday...sighs..

You know what I woke up today and totally forgot I had a Fun Friday today but yeah I need to get some you know what

This Fun Friday was the 2011 King Of the Ring which took place in Cincinnati, Ohio
What in the F am I doing every Friday morning I get up a hour early so I can do this? Why? wonder why I can't get any.......shitty

Really tho the Hogan Warrior Feud is the best thing that could happen to me!

It's Fun friday's take on Indy Feds! HAAHAHA!

This Fun Friday took place in Tulsa, Oklahoma
I got so much shit to do today plus I gotta goto work but when I get home I have NOTHING!

It's a very special fun friday just like episode of Saved by the Bell where Jessie gets addicted to pills..