Wheeew I gotta get going the big Don King boxing going down I can't wait don king legend..

I swear I always have girl problems Why is that? ohh thats right I'm not normal normal people don't do fun fridays sorry

199? Really? BTW This episode took me a month to produce!

200 episodes! WOW! SHOCKING! July 4th!

Feeling sick today

Yes I know it's Thursday, but I'm not here this weekend I'm out visiting the idiots

This Fun Friday took place in Washington, Pennsylvania
Poor Donna Fargo yeah but I don't know what I'm gonna do with girls economic times

I can hear the depressed joe knocking on the door

On a very special episode yes another special episode! now only if i can get these girls!

That damn Krang and his mutagen I need some so I can get some gurls!

This Fun Friday was the 2011 "SummerFest"
Man o man in the past two days I have a pack of Pretzel M&M's and a Dr. Pepper I gotta goto sleep...

208 episodes? sad really just like the theme song for Fun Friday Time is a killer.

I'm in a hurry today as you can tell. shitty.


I feel terrible today I guess I'm sick that or Mcmahon has drugged me VINCENT KILLER MCMAHON!

Here's a BOMBSHELL...


Do I have time for Fun Friday?!?!?! I DON'T KNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW!

Just got off the phone with the one the onnnnnnnly uncle Hector!

I really think this episode was pretty good but whatever

PG version: there is a really reaally cuuute picture of ashley obryan's facebook sooo cuuute!

Happy Halloweenie Here's a GREAT VLAUE way to celebrate!!

crap with this new haircut I look reeeeeeallllyyyy fucccking gaaaaay

11-11-11 and the 220 episode huh well too bad this episode sucks

TWITTER! I wish this was like 1999 well no I dunno I hate the social media crap