LIVE from beautiful Abilene Texas.... It's Joe's Variety Hour! The other Joe is back from jail and is ready to mingle!
The boys take the Ghost pepper chip challenge! AND Joe and Joe review Ultima Lucha Tres.

Out in the West Texas town of El Paso It's the Variety Hour!
Joe and Joe review AWA from July 29th 1979. This show is Wild as the West Texas wind!

It's Joe's Christmas party from Tucson, Arizona! And EVERYONE is invited!
Joe and Joe are talking Southwest wrestling from 12-25-82 PLUS MORE!

Viva Las Vegas! Joe and Joe celebrate New Years Eve From The Stratosphere Casino floor!
The idiot Joe reviews some Mountian Dews AND a review of "The War To Settle The Score"

The last stop of the 2017 Southwestern tour is from the sunny arnd warm Huntington Beach!
Joe and Joe review WCW Worldwide from July 9th 1995

Wellll It's the B-Show LIVE from Abilene, Texas!
Joe and Joe discuss more Lucha Underground!

Welll It's the B-Show and Joe and Joe are perplexed at a certain drink!
Also a review of WWF All American Wrestling from May 19th, 1985