Our Independence day weekend celebration!
31 minutes of prank calls!

Happy New Year!
The debut of Nick Kostos prank calls!
No spoilers but lets just say it takes a weird turn....

Merry Christmas!
"Da Crusher" does a Christmas Themed prank call:

Joe and Justin Smith discuss upcoming Holiday plans:

Part TWO of our independence day weekend celebration:

5 YEARS of The B-Show!
It's a celebration!

It's the Christmas B-Show!
It's starring country singer Richard Lynch and Larry Jorgensen.

Joe's birthday has finally COME!
This episode is sweeter than a cake! Why is it sweeter than a cake you ask?
Well it has Lisey Sweet!
AND Lisey has TWO presents for Joe!

I figure to share with everyone my WDXD 5 year annivesary show.

Happy Fourth of July!
Go out on a back porch/front patio and listen to these brand NEW uncensored prank calls!

It's The 4th Anniversary of The B-Show!
to celebrate ANOTHER MARK is star struck!

It's The 200th B-Show!
Listen towards the end it's the RETURN of NEW Scott Hall Prank phone calls:

It's our New Years Eve (kinda) celebration Joe's Bar is OPEN? AND some prank calls:

It's THE B-Show Christmas Celebration!

Well it's the B-Show with Joe and Frank!
It's a discussion about Doritos Crackers along with the return of Joe the bartender!

Wellll It's a Christmas B-Show! Frank is BACK and he went to @lisadaniels3 XXXmas Party!

Celebrate Cinco De Mayo with us on The B-Show:
PART THREE OF WWE EROTICA Wellll it's the Birthday B-Show!

The 100th Episode of The B-Show!
Joe's Bar is OPEN again!

It's the B-Show on New Years EVE! Joe eats REALLY hot pizza rolls!
AND Joe and Joe review the 1989 New Years Eve Episode of "WWF All American Wrestling"

Merry Christmas! It's a B-Show! Joe and Joe discuss the time Rowdy Roddy Piper WENT OFF on Santa Claus Heenan!