I was sitting on my computer around 11:30CT
thinking what is there to do then it dawned on me
UWF is going to be on in a half hour then
I realized some people don't get
ESPN Classic I figure to report about it like you see on those wrestling newz sites.....

I turn on my television set complete darkness and turn on ESPN Classic Commercial

Then The Worst opening video ever.... then someone in this opening states UWF doesn't make wrestling a mockery yeah whatever

Ivan Koloff vs Matt Star

Ivan puts Matt in a Arm bar for about a minute
wow the crowd is dead I figure at least someone would shout something
Ivan wins; Ivan then gets out chain and beats Matt with it
Bruno then goes off on Ivan saying how he should be fined $10,00 and how this is un called for


Don Moraco vs the Intern
Bruno: If the intern wins he should be called the Professor
I think the referee for this match is a classic jobber named The intruder
Bruno says how the elbow of the intern is bleeding (I don't think so)
Moraco wins with piledriver


The 'Wild Thing' Stevie Rays vs The Blue knight

The blue knight is seeing a lot of the blue canvas HHAHAHAHAHA


Nutri system commercial

back form commercial

Steve tries to pull of mask
Blue knight goes outside of the ring into fans face
Bruno keeps asking how can Blue Knight see out of his mask
Steve wins with a power bomb

Commercial for Russo and Steele car show oh gawd don't give Vince Russo any ideas

Col. Debeers vs Louie Spicolli
Col. Debeers has words with the referee since the referee is African-American and you know Col. Debeers is a self described racist
Debeers wins with the state of emergency (DDT)
The Iceman runs in to make the safe since Col was attacking Louie Colonel runs away

Episode 2

Steve Williams vs Robbie Allen
The referee for this match has the WORST MULLET EVER!!!
Steve gives Robbie a Military press
Then Steve gives Robbie what Bruno calls a shoeplex
Steve wins with a slam
coming up next Bob Orton

Larry Zybysco promo (the background music for this promo is BAD)

Bob Orton comes out to the ring his theme music is the theme from Bonanza
Bob Orton vs. Steve Dillion
There's a sign that says "Rope em Ride em Cowboy Bob"
Bob dismantles jobber there's a suplex chant bob does it and wins
of course Bruno calls it the Shoeplex

Cactus Jack promo he talks about how people should see the sights of New York City be before the wrecks it all

Coming up next Captian Lou is talking to you...

Why are energy drinks so bad?

back from commercials

Brain Blair Captain Lou and Honey BEE are talking about nonsense
Brain Blair claims Bob Orton isn't a cowboy he never rode a horse then says Lou is a great manager
Lou says he's like fine wine
this promo would've been a lot better if Iron Sheik showed up
Coming up next B Brain Blair in Action

B Brain Blair enters ring he comes out to ACDC
Bob Orton also in the ring they speak I cannot understand them and of course neither can Bruno
B Brain Blair vs Louis Spicolli

Louie goes outside of the ring Queen Bee shocks him with her stick
B Brain Blair puts Louie in a Scorpion they call it and Louie submits

OVERALL: Both shows were horrible and I wrote this because I had nothing better to do at midnight
really I was bored I think These UWF shows are best viewed if you had like 6 beers or something like that
I do like the idea of wrestling on at midnight since most of the time at midnight Iam sitting on the computer on
the Internet reading about wrestling or on AIM.....