UWF on ESPN Classic Jan 17th

Show #1

Iam the greatest manager in the world today!!!!!

UWF opens with WTF The Black Hearts with Luna Vashon
Luna has a snake? lol The black heats are trying to light something on fire.. double hip toss on Jim Cooper
Fire cat = Battle Kat Ripoff
Back once again Bruno calls it a schoo-plex
I assume this is there horrible ppv called Beach Blast
Craig Degeroge: "There are reporters from all over the world covering this event! There all here for UWF Beach Blast!"
Craig also hypes a match of Terry Gordy vs. Johny Ace
The Black Heats leg drop Jim from the top 1,2,3 Winners black hearts
Luna chokes Fire cat with a chain for no reason lol


Power Twins vs. Masked Confusion (B. Brain Blair and Jim Brunzell)
Power Twins cut a horrible promo
Power Twins 2 on 1 on Brain Blair they throw him out of the ring at this point I think
Bruno just said "Oh shit!"
Nutrisystem commercial
yes they still hyping this PPV event now I ask who in the hell ordered this? Why? This is god-awful
Double clothesline on Blair
Bruno:"Every match is a main event!"
back BTW this match is horrible!
double back drop on Blair Brunzell tags in ya know the drill the Ref doesn't see ya know lol
The Blair goes under the ring gets out masks the both put there masks on can't tell which one is which
Blair sunset flips one of the power twins 1,2,3 winner Masked Confusion

Show #2 "The only wrestling organization that doesn't make a mockery of wrestling!" - Suuuuure
YES Herb and Bruno are doing commentary

Bob Orton vs. Kevin Benjamin
Bruno:"Like Bob Orton or not, once he hits the Schooplex from the top forget about it!"
Genital Herpes commercial didn't Christian say he had Genital Herpes once lol
Herb Abrams says that John Tolos hired a bounty hunter to get rid of Brain Blair John should've hired the Iron Sheik
I think Bruno said Schooplex 5 times in one minute!
a graphic on the screen says this was taped "November,10th,1990"
Bob Orton hits a schooplex 1,2,3 winner Bob Orton


Paul Orndorff vs Spitball Patterson

Paul orndorff comes out to "Can't touch this"
Commercial (damn we just got back)
back from commercial Referee is yelling at spitball
someone just shouted out Boring in the crowd lol
Orndorf cross body
Orndorff knees to the face
Orndorff kicks to the face
Orndorff drop kicks
Orndorff elbow from the top!
Orndroff pile driver!
1,2,3 Winner Paul Orndorff oh no it's Dr. Death Steve Williams!
Steve attacks Orndorf then Orndorff comes back
Steve rams Orndorf into the post!
Wait Steve gets a chair! Herb is going crazy!
Steve hits the Referee three times!!!! The Referee no sells!
Wait - What Did I see just see?... The Referee NO SOLD THE CHAIR?!!!!
Orndorff then gets hit and then blades him self and then sells it like he got shot!
There's even a doctor to check on Paul to see if he's still living!!
Then a grapic the screen says
"October, 1st, 1990"
Orndorff is in the ring! Steve Williams enters
Steve looks at Paul leaves ring
Bruno:"Paul Orndorff is not like someone like Davey Meltzer!"
back to the normal show lol which is November 1990
Then Captian Lou is joined with Steve Williams Steve claims he doesn't like Orndorff
Then Herb is with Orndorff... Orndorff acts like he's just been shot LOL
OK let me get this straight Paul got his once and he's near death and the Referee got hit 3 times and the ref is fine hmmmmm
Orndorff then attempts to cut a promo and then he says he will never forget...
fade to black that's the show

The opening of the UWF shows once more!! YES!!!!
"Iam the Greatest manager in the world today!"
now it's the end of the show! LOL

OVERALL: I really enjoyed the last 3 minutes of the show where the Ref NO Sold 3 chair shots! LOL Classic!
Other than that, Show #1 sucked bad........bad it was horrible I think you have to be drunk to think it was even remotely good
The Power Twins vs The Masked Confusion was bad..... no it was terrible
show #2 sucked too, but at least it was laughable. Again both shows sucked and well Iam kinda enjoying reviewing UWF because well
people always Say, there needs to be more wrestling on and well I figure I'm tired of WWE and TNA I figure to
do something different, Have a good one! I think I need a drink after watching this. I should've gone drinking with Liz before watching these shows!