I missed the first minute because I was taping the new doorstopnation Variety hour Anyways, Here comes Bob Orton

Bob Orton vs. Sunny Blaze
double chicken wing suplex to Sunny

Bruno:"The Horton doing a number on Blade!"
(Now is someone named Horton attacking Blade Braxton?)
power slam to Sunny
The Referee for this match looks like a 102 year old Judge Mills Lane
Orton Suplex from the top 1,2,3 WINNER: BOB ORTON


Paul Orndorff vs. Chris Michaels
it shows a fan dancing in the crowd I guess that fan is drunk off his ass
suplex all ready to Chris
dropkick to Chris
piledriver to Chris 1,2,3 WINNER: Paul Orndorff wow that match was short lol


Captain Lou's Corner
Lou is talks about Col. Debeers and then the Ice man joins Lou and they cut a promo about how
Col. Debeers is going down and how everyone shouldn't be judged by the color of there skin
Iceman then says the match with him against Debeers is a family affair.....


Col. Debeers vs. Ice Man King Parsons
Iceman's theme song is Ice Ice baby (how original) then it shows the same drunken fan from earlier dancing to this...
Debeers doesn't have his famed patch on.....
Debeers drags Iceman across the ropes
Debeers then gets tangled in the ropes the Referee then gets him out (BTW the referee is famed jobber The Intruder)
(BTW this isn't a 5 star match not even a 1 star match lol it's pretty bad lol)

we come back to a headlock on Iceman
Debeers then tells a fan to shut up
Iceman headbutts Debeers
Iceman goes for a sunset flip the botches it lol
Debeers then tries to suplex Iceman Iceman reverses it into a roll up
Then Col. Debeers takes off his belt and beats Iceman then he hangs Iceman with it
Iceman falls then a fan offers his own belt to Col. Debeers Col uses the belt! And Col. De beersbeats Iceman with it!

Show #2

Worst opening ever! (Ahhhh the world is turning!)

Then they show the opening twice! LOL!

Steve Williams vs. Mike Durham
a hard clothesline to Durham
press slam to Durham
abdominal stretch to Durham
power slam to Durham 1,2,3 WINNER DR. DEATH STEVE WILLIAMS


Captain Lou's' Corner with.... Cactus Jack
Cactus Jack says he's here not to make jokes and he's here for violence
Lou says how Cactus needs to seek help Lou then calls Cactus dumb

Cactus Jack vs Mike Williams
dead silence for about 20 seconds for no reason
Cactus clotheslines Williams from the back!
Cactus throws Mike out of the ring!
Cactus then gets on the ring apron jumps off and elbows Mike Williams
suplex to Williams
(BTW Cactus Jack is super over I see like 10 people with Cactus Jack signs and there's like 15 people there)
slam on Williams Cactus enters the ring


Bob Orton W/ John Tolos vs. B. Brain Blair W/ Lou Albano
(Where is Iron Sheik to cut a 20 minute promo)
John Tolos is arguing with a fan
nice fire mans carry by Blair
arm bar to Blair


back Orton from the tops drops a fist on Blair outside of the ring
Orton then throws Blair into the post
then piledriver to Blair on to the floor but the referee is down!
What?! The Referee is down? Why is he down? I didn't see him get knocked down!
they didn't explain why he is down lol this is more confusing than TNA LOL
Then Orton wakes up the Referee the referee then starts to make the count
1,2,3,4,5,6 oh wait here comes Wild Thing Ray.
Yes that's right match over for no fucking reason this makes 0 sense this is TNA shit right here!

Steve Williams promo on how there will be blood shed in his match against Paul Orndorff

Paul Orndorff promo on how he will never forget his beat down from Steve Williams

That's the show

OVERALL: I have to say the ending of the Orton Blair match is just down right weird and stupid
it's all lot like what TNA would do, as I've been saying UWF is best viewed if you had 6 beers
and well hopefully there won't be a review for Jan 19th's UWF on ESPN Classic but alas I have
nothing else better to do I'll admit hopefully I can go out with Liz and not watch this crap LOL