Happy Throwback weekend! "Meltzer" and "Alvarez" watch The Three Stooges short "Pardon My Scotch"

THE JUICE WEEKEND! Fatso and Fruit Loops watch along with the infamous "Power of juicing" infomercial

Fatso and Fruit Loops watch the imfamous Bird cage match from TNA and Kongo Kong vs Abyss

It's the 20th anniversary of the release of the soap opera "Passions"
Fatso and Fruit Loops watch along from a famous "Passions" scene:

First a preview of the DXC Technology 600
THEN Fatso and Fruit Loops watch Ron Popeil's 5in1 Turkey Fryer informerical!

The Variety Hour you thought you'd never hear Joe and Joe review Days of Our Lives #LastBlast #DOOL

Joe and Joe review and BURY Ultima Lucha Cuatro

Frank is the host as Fatso and Fruitloops celebrate birthdays!
AND running commentary on the Abyss versus Sting Last Rites Match

Joe and the two morons are in Evansville for the most violent episode of all time!

It's a WATCH-ALONG episode Joe and Joe watch the oVe vs LAX barbed wire match!

The B-Show

The Broadway B-Show! "Alvarez" and "Meltzer" watch and critique The Three Stooges Short "Disorder in the Court"

PART TWO of The Juice Weekend:

WellllI it's The B-Show from Ol' Tucson Joe and Joe watch along Carlos Colon vs Abdullah

It's a watch a long B-Show as Fatso and Fruit loops watch Abdullah vs Steve Strong

It's The New Years B-Show Joe, Joe and THE Mark watch KAW Wrestling from 6-12-99

LIVE From Las Vegas it's the Fourth Of July weekend celebration!
Joe and Joe have a special vistor for Joe's bar!
PLUS a watch along and MORE.. MANDY MOORE!

It's the B-Show from VEGAS!
And the two idiots are talking KAW Wrestling from 5-29-99