We have the first ever jerky draft.
The Hailey Deegan Catfish story and more Rap Snacks are given the taste test.

In honor of Al Madril we have our own Fiesta Garden! We taste Mexico!

Dave Saunders of Hunters Edge jerky is our guest:

First a Nitro Pepsi Vanilla Draft Cola review
THEN Joe and Justin have a new bet in place

HR WIDTH="60%" NOSHADE> Dom and Joe talk TURKEY!
A Turkish food sampler.

This maybe the most bizarre episode. EVER.
Joe and Dominic try snack foods from South Korea.

From "The Northern Trust" Fatso and Fruit Loops run wild at Liberty National!
AND attempt to eat The Big Apple!

LIVE from beautiful Abilene Texas.... It's Joe's Variety Hour! The other Joe is back from jail and is ready to mingle!
The boys take the Ghost pepper chip challenge! AND Joe and Joe review Ultima Lucha Tres.

Joe and Joe are back and it's a FIRE IN THE NIGHT as the boys discuss HOT promos and try Pepsi FIRE!

A Packed Variety Hour Joe and Joe preview the BIG Fight! In tribute of the GFW Gauntlet Joe and Joe run the tea Gauntlet!

Justin FINALLY tries the cookies.

The taste of Korea PART TWO:

Joe tries a cucumber energy drink.

Only on the B-Show where I can try whatever a Chick-O-Stik is:

Joe runs the Rowdy Energy gauntlet

From Dylan's Candy Bar @ The Hudson Yards Mall...
We run the gummy bear gauntlet! I left all other candy stores behind.
We are in a New York State of mind!

Joe runs the microwave burrito gauntlet

Welll It's the B-Show from El, Paso, Texas and Joe and Joe are perplexed at a certain drink!
Also a review of WWF All American Wrestling from May 19th, 1985

It's a LIVE B-Show from Las Vegas! Joe and Joe discuss what to drink and what not to drink in Vegas!

It's the B-Show on New Years EVE! Joe eats REALLY hot pizza rolls!
AND Joe and Joe review the 1989 New Years Eve Episode of "WWF All American Wrestling"

From Redondo Beach Pier the boys review Bud's best cookies.
Plus talk of the babes of 20 years ago.
The boys watched Urban Wrestling Federation how was it?
Oh and more talk of "Superstar" Billy Graham.

It's Watermelon month so Joe and Joe discuss Watermelon!
AND how Ross Chastain Racing @RossChastain is our favorite driver now!
Best of luck in the Johnsonville 180 Ross!