Joe on the Road!
Ever wanted to take a road trip with Joe? Well now you can =0

Joe attempted to give a demo of the show to a St. Louis radio station. Notice the keyword attempted

Fatso and Fruit Loops discuss #WWEGRR
And The Good Joe discusses his crush.

This weeks Joe's Variety Hour is ALL about Linda Hogan!
Joe and Joe review Linda's book "Wrestling the Hulk: My Life Against the Ropes"

On this weeks "Joe's Variety Hour" Joe debates whether or not he should attend his 10 year High School reunion. Joe and Joe also debate who looks like the devil.
Also Frank shares his WWE collectible cards. Oh and Joe RANTS on Michael Waltrip!

How creepy can guys be online?

Joe on the road....SOMEONE IS actually jealous of Joe! WTF?

Joe is ENRAGED by the WORST Song he has EVER heard in his life:

This B-show is just Joe and Katie Cook discussing stalking

Wellll It's a Christmas B-Show! Frank is BACK and he went to @lisadaniels3 XXXmas Party!

Happy Birthday to me! What better way to celebrate my birthday than listen to the Doorstop Revolution!
On this episode myself and the idiot review the March 15th 1999 RAW!