Joe on the Road!
Ever wanted to take a road trip with Joe? Well now you can =0

Hey ya know Charlie Brennan from KMOX? Ya don't?
Well long story short his podcast sucks so were gonna parody it:

Will Joe go see the Avenjizz? Plus MORE... Mandy Moore!

It's the Variety Hour Club Joe and Frank review WCCW from Jan. 17th 1987! AND the debut of Roman Reigns themed prank phone calls!

Joe and Joe talk their favourite restaurants! ALSO in the second half of this Doubleheader episode Joe and Petrov preview Summerslam!

It's Joe's Variety Hour from Redondo beach pier Joe and Joe review an awesome episode of NWA Power Hour from 4-20-90!
Then the train comes off the tracks!

It's Joe's Variety Hour! Joe and Joe are back talking about juice. Old juice. New juice. Tasty juice. Smoothie juice. All kinds of juice. Enjoy!

It's the Wrestlemania Preview Show with Joe and Joe! In honor of Lavar Ball we ask who is the worst wrestling dad?

More out of control than Mike Francesa's goriller and Dusty's Go-Rilla it's Joe Variety Hour!

This Episode of Joe's Variety Hour is sponsored by the letter "T" and it stands for TRAIN WRECK!

From Dockweiler Beach, California Hmmm what is there to watch on YouTube? Eric Embry? Urban Wrestling Federation? Billy Jack Haynes?
Oh and Joe and Joe discuss what fast food items should be brought back?

on location from Marina Del Rey, California. Joe tries Mountain Dew Pitch Black. Then Joe pours it down the idiot!
Bret Hart's BURIAL podcast should we listen? New Jack was in a twitter war with Terri Runnels?

On this weeks "Joe's Variety Hour" Joe debates whether or not he should attend his 10 year High School reunion. Joe and Joe also debate who looks like the devil.
Also Frank shares his WWE collectible cards. Oh and Joe RANTS on Michael Waltrip!

On this crazy episode of "Joe's Variety Hour" Jeffery Earnhardt describes whats it's like to race through a dust storm.
Then the train falls off the tracks when the boys watch an INSANE April 30th 1994 episode of Smoky Mountain Wrestling.
Then the train comes back on the tracks when Kyle Magda discuses what races to watch on YouTube for the new NASCAR fan.

On this episode of The Doorstop Revolution Joe goes to the "Melvin" Store. What is a Melvin? Also Joe and the idiot discuss the newest Archie comics.
Why do people love Harley Quinn? And Frank reveals his favorite newspaper comic.

It's The Doorstop Revolution LIVE from Dockweiler Beach! Joe and Joe BURY NXT's Bayley and discuss women in pro wrestling in a very lewd manner!

You want an off the rails episode? Well Frank gets Domino's and Joe BURIES Domino's. Frank eats Big League chew? Joe BURIES Papa Johns.
Joe and Frank then discuss old boxing video games.

Trainwreck of a podcast. Frank tries the TGIFridays chips. Joe has Wise chips and of course Joe BURIES The Wolf Radio Station.

Want an off the rails train wreck?
Well on this episode of the B-Show Joe and Joe discuss bad gimmicks, the USWA, Kowabunga and THE SNOWMAN!

Welllll It's the B-Show and well It's #LockerroomTalk with Joe And Joe!
And lets say they do NOT go to the YMCA if ya know what I mean...
And I think ya do. Joe and Joe discuss what to watch. More talk of the USWA!

It's a special edition of The Doorstop Revolution.. It's Joe and Joe just messing around talking about the YRG workout!

It's The B-Show Joe and Joe do running commentary on racist Jim Neidhardt, Jerry Lawler vs Master of Pain and the brawl in Lawler's backyard!

The B-Show this week is a YUUUGE TRAIN WRECK! And You can Download this RIGHT HERE *Crotch Chop*

On a CRAZY LIVE B Show Joe and Joe debate who is HOTTER @BillieKayWWE or @chloelanier Plus a mock Meltzer convo!

BORN TO BE WILD! On a crazy B-Show Joe and Joe discuss everything from Lucha to wild animals!

Welll it's the B-Show and it's The Best/worst Bloopers from the last few weeks

Joe is ENRAGED by the WORST Song he has EVER heard in his life:

Everything from seeing Horror movies to Devour Pizza models is discussed:

Joe runs the Rowdy Energy gauntlet

Only on the B-Show where everything from Ducks to Reddit can be discussed: