"Joe's Variety Hour" is the most controversial show on radio today.
Joe's Variety Hour is radio like you've never heard it before and will probably never want to hear again.

Trans Am Series driver Tomy Drissi driver joins us again.
Tomy is always a great guest to talk all forms of racing with.
PLUS more drive thru shenanigans!

NASCAR XFINITY series car owner Mike Harmon is our guest!

5 Year Anniversary Show!
Starring country singer Richard Lynch.
AND former NASCAR driver Robert Richardon.

Ken Patera calls "Amazon" PART TWO

Let me tell you about my friend Eric McClure.

Joe and Katie review the 2021 film "Mortal Kombat"

A preview of the IndyCar Texas weekend!

Joe and Katie Cook review the 2021 film "King Kong vs. Godzilla"

It's our annual Happy Birthday Gina episode!

NASCAR Xfinity Series driver Tommy Joe Martins returns to talk Martinsville.

Eric from gourmetrootbeer.com is our guest to talk all things Root Beer!

NASCAR Cup Series Driver Quin Houff previews the first ever Bristol Dirt race:

NASCAR Camping World Truck Series Driver Spencer Boyd is our guest.
We share lots of laughs. Find out what's so funny!

An interview with Country music singer Pamela Hopkins
ALSO a NASCAR March Madness bet is announced:

Attention Kmart Shoppers!
This is a deep dive into the rise and fall of Kmart!

TWO Great guests!
First NASCAR XFINITY Series driver Joe Graf Jr.
AND Country music singer Gary Pratt:

Joe and Katie Cook review the terrbile movie "Samurai Cop"

Joe previews the NASCAR Daytona weekend:

NASCAR Xfinity Series car owner/driver Mario Gosselin is our guest.
Mario is here to preview his teams 2021 season.
THEN Joe and Katie Cook preview "The Big Game 55"

Joe and the returning Katie Cook preview the 2021 Royal Rumble.

What a jam packed episode!
We got TWO interviews with Country singers Larry Jay and Randy Seedorff.
Oh and some "Vince Russo" cold calls and lets not forget about MARY!

Former NASCAR driver Ashton Lewis Jr. is our guest this week!

The Trans Am Series driver Tony Ave is our guest this week!

Anthony Curtis of lasvegasadvisor.com is our guest.
And he's going to update us of what's going in Vegas:

It's the 2020 WDXD 101.9 Christmas Party!
This year it stars the LOVELY Britney Amber!

Joe and Dalton Burdette review and BURY..
The Clasic B-Movie "Miami Connection"

Former NASCAR Truck Series driver Rob Morgan is our guest!
Rob gives us an honest look at his career and his new venture!

This week is one of my favorite guests so far!
No it isn't a pornstar or a NASCAR driver its....
Dalton Burdette! Dalton is an independent film maker!

ANOTHER Salute to drive in theatres
James Patterson from the band "Ten Penny Gypsy"
And actress Tonya Todd AKA Cleopatra guest star!
Oh and Mary returns!

Can I Read?
Well we have two great authors on to discuss BOOKS
James Goi Jr AKA The Attract Money Guru
AND Autor Katia Reed!

It's our annual Veterans Day episode

As the Village Idiot once said....
"I'll watch anything with Vic Tayback in it!"

It's our annual Halloween Episode.
We got Halloween tips for the kids.
Because on Halloween night there will be idiots driving cars.

Former NASCAR Truck series driver Randy Tolsma is our guest!
Randy talks about his career and all things trucks!

It's the SECOND Ever prank call that is ALSO........
a SHOOT interview!

"Vince Russo" calls "Quick Books"

First it's all about Tony Chachere's....
THEN the return of Ed Orgeron prank calls...

Joe's Birthday Celebration!
More on the history of Coca-Cola
ALSO Richard Lynch Returns!

An awesome and funny interview with Country singer Ashley Puckett.
Oh and the debut of "Dave" prank calls!

It's ANOTHER tribute to the drive in moive days!
Countrty singers Bill Abernathy and Michael Coleman guest star!

It's a tribute to the ol' drive in movie days!
It's a double feature interview with country singers Richard Lynch and Gary Burke!

Variety Hour IS IT!
It's the history of Coca-Cola!
AND country singer Jeremy Parsons stops by on this jam packed episode:

Country music singer Savannah is our guest this week!
ALSO Ken Patera calls "Amazon"

How Sweet it is! One of my favorite episodes ever.
Adult film star Lisey Sweet is our guest this week.
Lets say I enjoyed myself.....A LOT

Sometimes listening to Joe's Variety Hour is hypnotic...
Well this episode is all about hypnosis:

Our guest this week is Bruce Wawrzyniak of CatholicSportsRadio.net
AND he used to be the PR man for the Buffalo Sabres so you know he's seen A LOT of stuff!

WE got NASCAR and @gotransam driver Tomy Drissi on as a guest!
AND Joe is on the Road! This episode will for sure be HARD DRIVIN'

With whats going on in the world these days people want to work out from home.
Well this weeks guest is famed workout instructor Santana Rodriguez!
Santana is here to help us and she discusses her TV show.

Famous HSN/QVC pitchman Tom Wise is our guest!
Tom tells us what it's really like to be a famous TV pitchman!

Our favorite guest to ever appear on the show is Playboy playmante Jasmin Shojai!
She's hotter than a firecracker Plus she gave us a great interview!

Joe on the Road!
Ever wanted to take a road trip with Joe? Well now you can =0

Every podcast these days is about wrestling or crime
SOOOO why not do a a crime podcast
our guest is private investigator Larry Forletta to talk all things CRIME:

This episode is ONE GIANT Ken Patera prank call:

The NTT INDYCAR season kicks off with the Genesys 300
SO we have Charlie Kimball back on to preview the big race!
ALSO towards the end of the show it maybe my best rant EVER:

Here it is our 4 year anniversary celebration!
We got one of the most elebrate pranks EVER!
AND NASCAR driver Robert Richardson:

One week to go till our 4th Anniversary!
soooo we play Country Music Triver and taste test chips:

Emily is back from her quarantine but for how long? LOL

Sharing NASCAR memories including a time when Joey Logano copped an attitude with me:

A very special episode..
NASCAR driver Tommy Regan joins us to discuss how his foundation is helping hospitals during this pandemic:

A very special guest NASCAR driver Robert Richardson joins me to discuss his career!
AND when he made us famous in the 2011 Daytona 500:

Katie Cook FINALLLLLY Returns....
Why does she return for Gina's birthday of course!

This episode is ALL ABOUT THE YEAR 1991

You've heard of #WaterGate and #SpyGate we at WDXD have #ChairGate.

I got Emily to watch "Tattooed Teenage Alien Fighters From Beverly Hills"

Emily went to perhaps the last NBA game this year ='(

Well we had on Charlie Kimball to preview #GPofStPete too bad that race didn't happen...
It was a good interview tho =/

EVERYTING is about THE BIG DOG Roman Reigns on this episode!

The 200th Episode celebration!
Guest starring adult film star Britney Amber!

The go home episode til 200!

Joe and Emily preview the Daytona 500

Kenny Alfonso SHOOT interview!

Joe and Emily preview "The Big Game"

Special interview with Paul Strickland Jr. of Vidane Racing
we are discussing the rise of iRacing and the online racing community:

Ken Patera prank calls a MARK!

THE FIRST EVER Shoot interview that is also a prank call!

We toast to our first show of 2020 and the NEW Decade!

It's our New Years Eve/Post Christmas/Holiday unboxing Show!

It's the 2019 WDXD 101.9 Christmas Party!

First off an Army vs. Navy preview...
THEN the DEBUT of the Ed Orgeron prank call gauntlet:

First off I heard Roger Penske made a purchase?
THEN the DEBUT of Mike Tomlin prank calls!

One of the best interviews I've ever done IMO
Richard Brosal the commissioner of the the defunct UHL is here!
AND he is here to discuss whats it's like to run a minor league!

It's a Jekyll and Hyde episode!
The first half talk about the #Ford400 weekend.
THEN the second half is CRAZY with one of the best prank calls in a while!

Due to popular demand here's another ALL prank call episode!

It's our annual Veterans Day episode!
PLUS Emily has made her move to Texas.

It's a Surprise grab bag episode!
It's just like you got at your local five and dime store.
It's a few prank calls thrown in and a preview of the AAA Texas 500:

It's our Halloween Episode!
I got Emily to watch and review the famous ECW Monster Mash Battle Royal.

I'm trying to get the mother ship to land in Tallahassee with our tribute to D.A. Show:

I got Emily to watch the old Nickelodeon show: "Fifteen" it may suck but It's better than #HIAC

Hey ya know Charlie Brennan from KMOX? Ya don't?
Well long story short his podcast sucks so were gonna parody it:

A preview of the second ever ROVAL:

Joe celebrates his birthday early! AND more on ComputerGate!

You've heard of Jerry Lewis' Telethon?
Well it's our prank call phoneathon! 32 minutes of just prank calls!

Fatso and Fruit Loops review Power Pro Wrestling's "Rumble on the River"

Happy Throwback weekend! "Meltzer" and "Alvarez" watch The Three Stooges short "Pardon My Scotch"

Fatso and Fruit Loops host the "Summer Send Off Show" ALSO a review of CWF Wrestling from 8-25-84:

The Variety Hour is on Broadway!
Broadway actress Haviland Stillwell is our guest host as Fatso and Fruit Loops review CWF from 8-18-84:

From "The Northern Trust" Fatso and Fruit Loops run wild at Liberty National!
AND attempt to eat The Big Apple!

Aloha from Castle Island! Fatso and Fruit Loops review CWA Memphis Wrestling from 8-4-84:

THE JUICE WEEKEND! Fatso and Fruit Loops watch along with the infamous "Power of juicing" infomercial

A rainy day won't stop Fatso and Fruit Loops from reviewing CWF Wrestling from 7-14-84:

It's the 20th anniversary of the release of the soap opera "Passions"
Fatso and Fruit Loops watch along from a famous "Passions" scene:

Fourth Of July weekend! Fatso and Fruit Loops hit Vegas:
Joe's Bar is OPEN ALSO a review of the 7-4-99 episode of Power Pro Wrestling:

In Honor of O.J. Simpson joining twitter Fatso and Fruit Loops watch the Ronco knife infomercial!

PART TWO of Fatso and Fruit Loops reviewing CWF Florida Wrestling this time it's from 7-21-84:

Joe & Joe invade Odessa, Texas with a review CWF Florida from 4-6-84

First a preview of the DXC Technology 600
THEN Fatso and Fruit Loops watch Ron Popeil's 5in1 Turkey Fryer informerical!

Fatso and Fruit Loops watch the imfamous Bird cage match from TNA and Kongo Kong vs Abyss

It's Joe's Kick off to Summer Show!
IndyCar driver Kyle Kaiser calls in to talk about his epic journey into the #Indy500 and Kyle previews the big race!
PLUS Fatso and Fruit Loops hit Vegas to celebrate the start of summer!

Fatso and Fruit Loops hit the road! From the Mile High State the morons recap the NEW "Superstar" Billy Graham

Joe attempted to give a demo of the show to a St. Louis radio station. Notice the keyword attempted

Will Joe go see the Avenjizz? Plus MORE... Mandy Moore!

The Debut of Katie Cook the psychiatrist!

The Celebs are out to wish Gina a Happy Birthday on this star studded episode!

What a wild episode! Tony Orlando's confession and a Billy Jack Haynes prank call?! WOW!

Joe and Katie Cook preview #Wrestlemania35

BRO It's a NEW Vince Russo prank call and a NEW Lio Rush prank call

BRO it's Vince Russo prank calls BRO

From Las Vegas it's The 150th Variety Hour! Joe's BAR IS OPEN!

This is the go home show to 150 so Joe interviews the man behind our classic theme song:

The Variety Hour you thought you'd never hear Joe and Joe review Days of Our Lives #LastBlast #DOOL

The last stop on the Southwestern tour! Fatso and Fruit Loops review CWA Wrestling from 8-25-84

It's our annual #Daytona500 show! Joe and Joe celebrate the only way they know how!

Joe and Joe review and BURY Ultima Lucha Cuatro

From El Paso, Texas It's Joe's Variety Hour. Joe and Joe review Power Pro Wrestling from November 4th 2000

Joe and Joe are discussing Power Pro Wrestling from 7-10-99

Hotter than a hot tamale it's Joe and Joe discussing Southwest Wrestling again!

From Ol' Tucson it's Joe and Joe and it's a review of Southwest Wrestling!

Start of the 2019 Southwestern tour Fatso and Fruit loops review WWF Super Astros from 1-3-99

It's the 101.9 WDXD New Years Celebration from Las Vegas!

EVERYONE is invited to listen to the WDXD 101.9 Christmas party

Could it be a return of The know it all and the village idiot?

Let the Fantasies RUN WILD! BROTHER!

Joe and Frank review nZo AKA Enzo FKA Real1's run in at Survivor Series

It's THE Black Friday Episode! Joe and Katie Cook go Black Friday Shopping!

On this weeks Variety Hour we preview Survivor series and the #Ford400

It's the salute to service members with our Veterans day episode!

In honor of #WWEvolution we have our own ladies night here on the Variety Hour:

It's the Joe's Variety Hour Halloween Special!

On this weeks Variety Hour Katie Cook's fantasies RUN WILD...

It's Joe's Variety Hour and Joe is discussing/BURYING #WWEEvolution #1000bulbs500 #Fr8Auctions250

Joe and Frank Preview WWE Super Show Down:

Joe and Katie DO IT AGAIN!
ALSO a preview of the first ROVAL

Frank is the host as Fatso and Fruitloops celebrate birthdays!
AND running commentary on the Abyss versus Sting Last Rites Match

The Variety Hour goes straight to HELL!
Joe and the two morons watch along with the infamous Killshot vs Dante Fox match

This is the episode where Katie Cook finally gives IT away!

Joe and Joe review WWWF from May 6th 1978 ALSO a Southern 500 Preview!

The fall out from what happened at the PGA Championship AND a Road America preiview!

Joe and Joe's Tribute to the King Elvis Presley!

LIVE from the Bellerive Country Club for the 100th PGA Championship.. It's Joe's Variety Hour!
Joe and the two idiots give you a rundown from the clubhouse media center!

Joe and the two morons are in Alorton, Illinois and it's an episode devoted to The Real1 FKA Enzo!

Joe and the two morons are in Evansville for the most violent episode of all time!

Joe and Frank hit the lanes and review WWF Wrestling Challenge from Jan 4th 1987!

It's a WATCH-ALONG episode Joe and Joe watch the oVe vs LAX barbed wire match!

Fourth of July weekend! Joe and Joe are in LAS VEGAS! previewing the #CokeZeroSugar400 AND Joe's Bar is open!

The Tour of Texas concludes in beautiful Abilene! One last time Fatso and Fruit Loops discuss Southwest wrestling:

As I walked out on the streets of Laredo. It's Joe's Variety Hour from Laredo, Texas! MORE Southwest Wrestling!

The know it all & The Village Idiot invade Texas to discuss Southwest Wrestling AND racing!

From Ft. Worth Joe and Joe preview the DXC Technology 600 plus more:

Joe and Joe hit Route 66 in Grants, New Mexico for a review of Southwest Wrestling from September 1982

Joe and Joe Invade Vegas! It's a Indy 500 preview show!
Dominic of theracingexperts.com joins to discuss the Coke600!
................ AND Joe's bar is OPEN!

YES Mike Francesa is BACK!
YES it's the debut of the WDXD Dating game!

Joe and Joe review WWF All Star Wrestling from 9-12-80

On a very special Joe's Variety Hour!
We celebrate Frank's birthday AND Star Wars/Trek day!

Fatso and Fruit Loops discuss #WWEGRR
And The Good Joe discusses his crush.

Joe and Joe recap Wrestlemania 34

Joe and Joe review WWF All Star Wrestling from Febuary 16th 1980!

It's the Joe and Joe Wrestlemania 34 preview Show!

Joe's bar is OPEN!
BEWARE The Drinks are flowing on this episode!

It's the 99th Episode! Joe and Joe review the WCCW episode from March 14th 1987!

Joe and Joe from Abilene Texas for the Wahoo McDaniel tribute episode!

Joe and Joe from Amarillo review NXT Takeover: Philadelphia
ALSO a rundown of the Rousey vs McMahon feud
PLUS a new game is introduced.

Joe and Joe hit Route 66 and visit Grants, New Mexico!
Joe and Joe discuss Southwest Wrestling from June 1983
AND the former criminal Arkansas politician speaks out on the allegations from Billy Jack Haynes!

It's a STRIKE! Joe and Joe hit the lanes and review WWF Wrestling Challenge from September 28th 1986!

It's the Daytona 500 Preview Party with guests Geoff Bodine and Mario Gosselin!
ALSO Joe's bar is OPEN!

Joe's Variety Hour? NO! It's BURIAL hour Joe and Joe BURY the Jocephus vs Tim Storm match.

It's THE BIG GAME episode of Joe's Variety Hour!
Dominic Aragon of theracingexperts.com talks about who will be the odds on favorite to win the Monster Energy Cup.

It's Joe's Variety Hour! Joe and Joe review an episode of Superstars of Wrestling from June 13th 1987

So the Falcons lost in the playoffs and the Bulldogs lost but all hope isn't lost For Georgia..
Joe and Joe review Georgia Championship Wrestling December 19, 1981!

It's Joe's Variety Hour! Joe and Joe review a WILD episode of WWF Tuesday Night Titans from April 2nd 1986
ALSO Frank wants the powah chair back!

The last stop of Southwestern tour is from the sunny and warm Huntington Beach!
Joe and Joe review WCW Worldwide from July 9th 1995

Viva Las Vegas! Joe and Joe celebrate New Years Eve From The Stratosphere Casino floor!
The idiot Joe reviews some Mountian Dews AND a review of "The War To Settle The Score"

It's Joe's Christmas party from Tucson, Arizona! And EVERYONE is invited!
Joe and Joe are talking Southwest wrestling from 12-25-82 PLUS MORE!

Out in the West Texas town of El Paso It's the Variety Hour!
Joe and Joe review AWA from July 29th 1979. This show is Wild as the West Texas wind!

LIVE from beautiful Abilene Texas.... It's Joe's Variety Hour! The other Joe is back from jail and is ready to mingle!
The boys take the Ghost pepper chip challenge! AND Joe and Joe review Ultima Lucha Tres.

Frank is back in the powah chair but for how long? Joe and Frank review a WCCW episode from November 8th 1986!

It's Joe's Variety Hour with Special guest nine year NFL veteran Joe Bowden! Joe and Joe discuss ALL things football!

Joe and Frank review a BEATDOWN episode of WCCW from September 24th 1988!
ALSO Frank, Joe and Katie Cook have a discussion about Brutus Beefcake vs Hulk Hogan!

Happy Veterans Day! Joe and Frank review WWF All American Wrestling from Feb 17th 1985!

It's Joe and Frank's Variety Club!
A review of 4-5-93 Raw and Katie Cook is back! Plus More! Mandy Moore!

It's the Halloween edition of The Variety Club! Joe and Frank review a pretty good raw from 10-30-95

It's the Variety Hour Club Joe and Frank review WCCW from Jan. 17th 1987! AND the debut of Roman Reigns themed prank phone calls!

Frank and Joe's Clubhouse is ALL things Houston! AND It's Survey time once again! Joe calls random people regarding a survey!

It's Frank and Joe's Clubhouse and it's ALL about TNA in the year 2011! ALSO an NBA preview?

Joe and Frank's Variety Hour! A review of the 10-11-86 WWF episode of Wrestling Challenge! And an NHL preview?

It's the Joe and Frank Variety Hour! It's all about the 3-8-86 Boston Garden House show! AND predictions for No Mercy!

It's the NASCAR Playoff Preview Show! Joe is in Las Vegas giving you the odds! ALSO a rundown of NXT!

FEEL THE STING! Joe and Frank rundown the early years of STING!

The Sun sets on the Fun in the sun tour as Joe and Joe discuss the decline of World Class Championship Wrestling!

A Packed Variety Hour Joe and Joe preview the BIG Fight! In tribute of the GFW Gauntlet Joe and Joe run the tea Gauntlet!

Joe and Joe talk their favourite restaurants! ALSO in the second half of this Doubleheader episode Joe and Petrov preview Summerslam!

It's Joe's Variety Hour from Redondo beach pier Joe and Joe review an awesome episode of NWA Power Hour from 4-20-90!
Then the train comes off the tracks!

Joe and Joe are back and it's a FIRE IN THE NIGHT as the boys discuss HOT promos and try Pepsi FIRE!

On this episode of Joe's Variety Hour Joe and Joe review the October 3rd 1986 episode of WCCW!

On this weeks Variety Hour Joe and Joe review and BURY The July 26th 1985 episode of WWF Tuesday Night Titans!

Joe and Joe start the Fun in the Sun Tour!
This episode it's all about Unusual matches! Did we mention it's LIVE from the Mar Vista Rec Center?

Well we couldn't help it we had to do one more episode about NWA Worldwide this time from May 31st 1986!

Joe and Joe Review March 2nd 1985 episode of NWA Worldwide

Aloha It's an Hawaiian Episode

Ladies Love Outlaws and Joe's Variety Hour! Joe and Joe review the May 10th 1986 episode of NWA Worldwide!

I bet you've never heard ole Marshall Dillion say... It's a WESTERN themed Variety Hour!

Joe's Variety Hour is ALL about MY kind of town...Chicago!

Joe and Joe preview the summertime on this Variety Hour! ALSO former Indycar driver Milka Duno stops by to share her Indy 500 memories!

With Russia all over the news why not do a Russian themed Variety Hour?

On the 1 Year anniversary of Joe's Variety Hour we ask the question. What Happened when Oprah invaded the WWF?

The Variety Hour is from LAS VEGAS! Joe and Joe preview the Talladega weekend! PLUS a review WWF Wrestling Challenge from April 4th 1993!

It's Joe's Variety Hour! Joe and Joe are back talking about juice. Old juice. New juice. Tasty juice. Smoothie juice. All kinds of juice. Enjoy!

On This weeks Variety Hour Joe and Joe Review NWA Worldwide episode from April 19th 1986!

It's the 50th Episode of Joe's Variety Hour! PART TWO of the DREAM MATCH SERIES from July 12th 1981!

It's a SUNNY Day here in Long Beach! Joe and Frank preview the Toyota Grand Prix of Long Beach!
ALSO Joe and Frank discuss a SUNNY episode of WWF Livewire!

It's the Wrestlemania Preview Show with Joe and Joe! In honor of Lavar Ball we ask who is the worst wrestling dad?

ALL things Boston Joe and Joe review a WWE Boston Garden House show from June 6th 1987!

Happy St. Patrick's day! To celebrate listen to Joe's Variety Hour! Joe and Joe review the March 17th 1998 Raw!

It's Joe's Variety Hour eh! It's all about Canada on this episode! Joe and Joe review the WWE Toronto House show from 12/15/85

This week Joe's Variety Hour Joe, Joe and Frank discuss wrestling video games. Oh and Petrov joins in to discuss Wrestlemania 33?

It's the Joe's Variety Hour Daytona 500 preview show from Las Vegas!
Joe interviews a few guys from NASCAR then takes up another job as a bartender? Only in Vegas!

This weeks Joe's Variety Hour is ALL about Linda Hogan!
Joe and Joe review Linda's book "Wrestling the Hulk: My Life Against the Ropes"

On this Variety Hour Joe and Joe review the LOST episode of Tuesday Night Titans!
It's The April 26th 1985 Episode! This TNT is so goofy it features a FASHION SHOW!

It's Joe's Variety Hour! Joe, Joe and Frank review the January 16th 1988 episode of WWF Wrestling Challenge.
ALSO the boys discuss the newest hit TV show Riverdale!

More out of control than Mike Francesa's goriller and Dusty's Go-Rilla it's Joe Variety Hour!

On this weeks Joe's Variety Hour It's all about the year 1980!

On this weeks Variety Hour Joe and Frank review the June 18th 1989 episode of "WWF all American Wrestling"

This Episode of Joe's Variety Hour is sponsored by the letter "T" and it stands for TRAIN WRECK!

It's New Years Eve.. almost and Joe, Joe and Frank are on the BEACH!
The boys discuss the March 1st 1986 episode of "WWF All American Wrestling"

Merry Christmas! It's the WDXD 101.9 Christmas Party! Joe, Joe and Frank eat and drink a lot.
Then the boys review WCW Nitro from May 1st 2000 Then Joe shares his Christmas memories!

On this weeks Joe's Variety Hour Joe and Joe review the imfamous empty arena match between Jerry Lawler and Terry Funk.

It's Joe's Variety Hour! Joe and Joe review the February 22nd 1993 episode of raw... Lets just say Hulk Hogan gets RAW!

It's Joe's Variety Hour Joe and Joe review the December 3rd 1984 episode of WWF Tuesday Night Titans.
Also Joe recaps the NASCAR Sprint Cup season.

Happy Black Friday! It's Joe's Variety Hour! You think you saw craziness today? Well listen to Joe and Joe review the #LouisvilleBrawl

On this weeks Joe's Variety Hour Joe and Joe review the June 23rd 1984 episode of CWA Memphis wrestling!

Happy Veterans Day! It's a salute to the Veterans! Joe and Joe review the March 30th 1986 episode of "WWF All-American Wrestling"

Welll it's Joe's Variety Hour! Joe and Joe review the 2012 WWE PPV "No Way Out" and CRYING Big Show!

Happy Halloween from Joe's Variety Hour!
Joe And Joe review the November 2, 1985 Halloween Saturday Nights Main event!

On This weeks Joe's Variety Hour hear what the city of Loudon, Tennessee has been missing!
It's a review of the July 9th 1994 episode of Smoky Mountain Wrestling.
Oh And Joe BURIES a few NASCAR teams and discusses slot machines!

It's Oktoberfest! Joe & Joe review the October 13th 1990 Saturday Night's Main Event!

On this episode of the Variety Hour Joe & Joe review the October 14th 1989's Saturday Nights Main Event!
Oh and Joe BURIES General Hospital far beneath the earth!

On this episode of Joe's Variety Hour Joe and Joe review The October 9, 1995 Edition of WCW Monday Nitro.
And it's in Hostile territory for a certain brother.
Oh and Joe BURIES Danica Patrick.

On this Joe's Variety Hour Joe and Joe are back reviewing wrestling! Joe and Joe review a REALLY CRAZY May 23rd 1985's Tuesday Night Titans! Oh and Joe tries a variety of Energy drinks!

Joe's Variety Hour from Redondo Beach is entitled "The Games People Play" which wrestling books are good and which ones are full of IT?

It's the HULK HOGAN episode of Joe's Variety Hour. Joe and Joe gives you the rundown of Hulk Hogan's career from 1979-1993

From Dockweiler Beach, California Hmmm what is there to watch on YouTube? Eric Embry? Urban Wrestling Federation? Billy Jack Haynes?
Oh and Joe and Joe discuss what fast food items should be brought back?

From Redondo Beach Pier it's BEACH PARTY TIME! The boys give away Florida State home opener tickets.
Plus a debate what were the best tag teams in wrestling?
Oh and Joe tries a Cinnamon flavored Energy drink?

Joe's Variety Hour is from Redondo Beach, California once again.
The boys discuss the Celebrities in wrestling which ones were good which ones were bad? Tune in to find out! Plus a BURIAL of OLE MISS!

Joe's Variety Hour is on location from Santa Monica, California. Joe, Frank and the other Joe debate which wrestling rumors are actually truthful.
Oh and what really went down the night Ken Patera had his melee with the cops?

Joe's Variety Hour from Redondo Beach, California.
Frank shares his WWE collectible cards. Then the boys reflect on past Summerslams! PLUS a discussion about the late Art Barr.

on location from Marina Del Rey, California. Joe tries Mountain Dew Pitch Black. Then Joe pours it down the idiot!
Bret Hart's BURIAL podcast should we listen? New Jack was in a twitter war with Terri Runnels?

It's the start of The Fun in the Sun Series Joe and Joe watch the January 4, 1986 Saturday Nights Main Event!

This Variety Hour is a KNOCKOUT! Joe and Joe review the time Buster Douglas was a special ref on the February 23, 1990 Episode of Saturday Nights Main Event!
And Joe gives his rundown of the NASCAR and Indycar seasons!

Joe, Frank and the idiot watch January 27th 1990 Saturday Nights Main Event! And Joe of course BURIES booking in 1990 oh and Frank tries Bruce Lee Tea!

On this July 4th Episode of "Joe's Variety Hour" Joe, Frank and the idiot discuss the infamous episode of "The Main Event" from February 5, 1988 Plus Joe salutes America!

Joe, Frank and the idiot watch the Smoky Mountain Wrestling episode from May 7th 1994 Oh and Joe tries the Spicy Sweet Chili Doritos.

On this weeks "Joe's Variety Hour" Joe debates whether or not he should attend his 10 year High School reunion. Joe and Joe also debate who looks like the devil.
Also Frank shares his WWE collectible cards. Oh and Joe RANTS on Michael Waltrip!

This weeks Variety hour is off the hook as Joe, Frank and the idiot discuss the October 23rd 1995 episode of WCW Nitro. Also Frank tries the all dressed up Ruffles.

On this episode of Joe's Variety Hour Joe Frank and the idiot watch the March 1st, 1986 Saturday Nights Main Event.
Then in the second half of the show Joe tries to wake up at 4AM with an energy drink. Oh and Joe goes OFF on Michael Waltrip.

It's Viva Las Vegas! Joe heads to Las Vegas on this crazy episode!
First Joe and Frank review the DX Public Workout on the WWE Network.
Then Dominic Aragon from theracingexperts.com comes on to discuss the odds of the NASCAR championship.
Then it gets crazy when Joe taste tests Energy drinks and gives you the run down of whats going on in Vegas! Viva Las Vegas!

On this crazy episode of "Joe's Variety Hour" Jeffery Earnhardt describes whats it's like to race through a dust storm.
Then the train falls off the tracks when the boys watch an INSANE April 30th 1994 episode of Smoky Mountain Wrestling.
Then the train comes back on the tracks when Kyle Magda discuses what races to watch on YouTube for the new NASCAR fan.

On this episode of "Joe's Variety Hour" Darrell Waltrip discusses what it's like not winning the Daytona 500.
Frank heads to the grocery store. Oh and the boys watch the March 23rd 1985 episode of "Tuesday Night Titans" plus song requests.

On the very first episode of "Joe's Variety Hour" Richard Petty discusses his Daytona 500 wins.
Frank finds items at the grocery store.
And Joe, Frank and the other Joe watch the March 19th 1994 Episode of Smoky Mountain Wrestling also the boys give out song requests.