Our July 4th weekend celebration:

Just like the song 'Games People Play'
First off we got a great guest...
Bruce Wawrzyniak of Catholic Sports Radio previews "The Big Game"
AND THEN the return of the "WDXD Dating Game"

It's the 300th episode of Joe's Variety Hour:

Merry Christmas!
Playboy Centerfold and Covergirl Deborah Driggs is our guest!
OMG It's the most joyous season right?

Our Annual Halloween episode!

The 2021 editon of Joe's Birthday:

It's our annual Independence Day weekend preview show!
On the grill we got a Road America Preview.
AND as a side we got some Drive thru shenanigans!

It's the 2020 WDXD 101.9 Christmas Party!
This year it stars the LOVELY Britney Amber!

It's our annual Veterans Day episode

It's our annual Halloween Episode.
We got Halloween tips for the kids.
Because on Halloween night there will be idiots driving cars.

Joe's Birthday Celebration!
More on the history of Coca-Cola
ALSO Richard Lynch Returns!

Our favorite guest to ever appear on the show is Playboy playmante Jasmin Shojai!
She's hotter than a firecracker Plus she gave us a great interview!

It's our New Years Eve/Post Christmas/Holiday unboxing Show!

It's the 2019 WDXD 101.9 Christmas Party!

It's our annual Veterans Day episode!
PLUS Emily has made her move to Texas.

It's our Halloween Episode!
I got Emily to watch and review the famous ECW Monster Mash Battle Royal.

It's Joe's Kick off to Summer Show!
IndyCar driver Kyle Kaiser calls in to talk about his epic journey into the #Indy500 and Kyle previews the big race!
PLUS Fatso and Fruit Loops hit Vegas to celebrate the start of summer!

It's the 101.9 WDXD New Years Celebration from Las Vegas!

EVERYONE is invited to listen to the WDXD 101.9 Christmas party

It's THE Black Friday Episode! Joe and Katie Cook go Black Friday Shopping!

It's the salute to service members with our Veterans day episode!

It's the Joe's Variety Hour Halloween Special!

Joe and Joe preview the summertime on this Variety Hour!
ALSO former Indycar driver Milka Duno stops by to share her Indy 500 memories!

Merry Christmas! It's the WDXD 101.9 Christmas Party! Joe, Joe and Frank eat and drink a lot.
Then the boys review WCW Nitro from May 1st 2000 Then Joe shares his Christmas memories!