This one I liked the look of it...
7 slices of mango
10 Strawberries
1 8.4 once of Blue Red Bull
Joe's Smoothies

REVIEW: It was OK I would say too mangoy. I'll say ** STARS
Bryan Alvarez: "So Not only it's passion fruit BUT you are energized What a pig!"
Dave Meltzer: "Those aren't Japanese mangos..."

One of my new favorites. picture of the day

1 handful of strawberries and blueberries
2 oz of Coconut Water
"This was a very refreshing one and it was more like a juice than smoothie.
I would say you should make more than I did and you can drink it as a juice.
It was very good. I actually say ****1/2 STARS."
Bryan Alvarez: "I wanted a smoothie! This was bait and switch"
Dave Meltzer: "Typical Joe an audience of one. Typical Joe with his selfish behavior."

OK Sooooooo...
I made it without a banana...
Handful of frozen pomegranate kernels.
1 cup of blueberries
handful handful of strawberries (BTW from a bald white guy's backyard)
1 can of Red Bull Blue Edition - 12 fl oz Can picture of the day

REVIEW: This was A LOT easier to make. And not bad.
You could really taste the blue berries.
I'd give it *** STARS
Bryan Alvarez: "This was too expensive to make! IT was a rich persons drink.
Not everyone can buy frozen pomegranate kernels "
Dave Meltzer: "Nice to see Blue berry go over."

Next was Starwberries and whipped cream.
Prairie Farms Heavy Whipping Cream, Half Pint
half container of Strawberries picture of the day

REVIEW: I think I put too much whipped cream in it ** STARS
Dave Meltzer: "This wasn't a healthy smoothie!"

This is THE ALL BERRIE Smoothie
Handful of frozen Strawbeerry, blueberries, black berries and raspberries
2 cups Almond Milk picture of the day

REVIEW: It was OK like not bad... Not great. Meh.
Uhhh the rating ** STARS uhhhh it was too seedy.
Bryan Alvarez: "This was just like Triple H. Like mediocre.
Not counting the great things Triple H did for NXT!"
Dave Meltzer: "This was underwhelming just like Triple H.
The smoothie should be called Triple H BURIED and cream."

I used to goto Costco all the time and always stopped to get the berry smoothie.
So I'm like ok I gotta make my own.
1/2 cup of blueberries
1/2 cup of strawberries
1/2 cup of ice
1/2 cup of nonfat yogurt picture of the day

REVIEW: While it was good. I think I added too much ice.
I'd say ** STARS
Dave Meltzer: "He tried to rip it off and he didn't succed!"
Bryan Alvarez: "This was a poor attempt! Costco should sue!"

Ever wanted all kiwi?
NO? Well too bad....
Handful of frozen blueberries
handful of pre cut Kiwi
1 Oikos Blended Plain vanila Yogurt 5.3 oz picture of the day

REVIEW: "It was WAY too much kiwi. Like I OD'd on Kiwi. ** STARS"
Bryan Alvarez: "I was slapped in the face by kiwi!"
Dave Meltzer: "This is just like when WWE shoved Cena down everyone."

In honor of NASCAR returing to Oregon! picture of the day

1 packet of black berries
2 Oikos Blended Plain vanila Yogurt 5.3 oz
REVIEW: "It was good. but too many seeds soooo ** STARS."
Bryan Alvarez: "Seedy. Just like Joe so it's apropos."

As Lee Ann Rimes would sing... BLUE! picture of the day

10 BLUE berries
3/4 of a can of BANG Blue Raz
REVIEW: "It was good. I didn't feel the bang or feel blue *** STARS."
Bryan Alvarez: "Blue? Wow so lame. It was an attempt at attention.
It was served when the Blue played the first game of the season."
Dave Meltzer: "This was a cry for attention.
Sad. just like Lee Ann Rimes wearing that nearly nude dress."

You can have this one as smoothie or slush......hmmmmmmm... picture of the day

6 frozen strawberries
2 cups of Mountain Dew Rise Strawberry Melon 16 fl oz
REVIEW: "Awesome! Then after I put it in the fridge I thought hmmmmm
maybe it would be a good slush
as a non slush I'd say **** STARS as a frozen slush 6 STARS!"
Bryan Alvarez: "Can he make up his mind? It's a slush it's a smoothie WHICH ONE IS IT?"
Dave Meltzer: "Wow Joe used a Dusty finish when making a smoothie.
Dusty Rhodes killed towns with that nonsense now Joe is doing the same."

THE JUICE IS LOOSE! picture of the day

8oz dole pineapple slices can
1/2 orange
2 cups orange juice
1 cup frozen strawberries
"It was real good. Very orange!
I could taste more of the orange than the Orange juice!
I couldn't taste much of the strawberries but very good ****1/2 STARS"
Bryan Alvarez: "How is he able to tell the diffrence between Orange and orange juice hes a liar!"
Dave Meltzer: "Hes buying canned pineapple now? Wow Joe is cheap these days."

BAD BERRY! picture of the day

2 cups vanilla almond milk
Handful of Blackberries, blueberries amd raspberries
"It was OK i will say it was not terrible and it wasnt the worst ever.
Also it wasn't good I'll say 1/2 STAR."
Bryan Alvarez: "This was the FUCKING WORST smoothie EVER!
It was watery and it tasted like garbage!"
Dave Meltzer: "WAY too many seeds! It was like drinking sunflower seeds!"