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The time Don replaced Superstar on Hogan's team... picture of the day

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OMG didn't that Lesnar heel turn suck....
BTW When Lesnar was beating Rhodes people chanted one more time.
Lesnar was OVER as a babyface BTW
Big Mistake turning Lesnar back to being a heel.
OK soooo I thought what if Lesnar was a trucker...
I thought he should have his own convoy...
Then I thought a country music singer Brock Lesnar.
How about Lesnar's take on the song "Convoy"
Lesnar should have done this at the Raw after Wrestlemania:

Welllll you've heard my Vince Russo prank calls....
We ask what if Vince Russo booked this years wrestlemania..
So here it is Russo books Wrestlemania 39:

Has anyone seen the Ahmned Johnson shoot?
Well I have like a million times HAHAAHA
Sooo I was sitting around and thought... Hmmmmm...
What if I created a fake story... Regarding Ahmed...
What if I made a PG or even G rated story from the Ahmed Johnson shoot.
Go ahead and click Ahmed and read the "story"

Ken Patera is taking OVER!
Sooo I listened to Ken on the podcast "Stories with Briscoe and Bradshaw" and here's the recap:

AND I have a recap of the 2022 Ken Patera shoot with Hannibal:

I had a dream about Jay Leno! =0
In my dream Jay Leno came back to hosting the tonight show.
More Like a nightmare soooo anyways....
And NBC says leno must have a co host so leno says his new co host is a cat!
Jay showed surveillance footage of the cat.
So Leno does commentary while watching the cat footage.
Jay is doing the Leno bit
He's like you guys see dis cat look hes climbing the curtains hes going after a mouse why?
Jay said NBC won't like it when the cat goes on the couch.
Leno picked up the cat and put the cat on the couch.
The cat scratched the couch leno reacted oh no NBC is going to be pissed im finished. Then I woke up =0

I figure I can just write MJF's promos for him:
Yeah it's not hard.
If MJF sees this and says it on AEW TV the 3 viewers will know it's from me:
And if MJF sees this to clue the 3 viewers you read this mention Kirk Shelmerdine

I'm sure in 2022 they will say it's retaliation or I'm confronting them but I don't care.
I wanna say F the post office.
Why you ask well I paid postage for the doorstops at the counter at the post office.
(BTW waited in line forever to get the unfriendly clerk)
but the USPS has told the recipient of the doorstop that I did not pay enough for postage. And in order to get the package they must pay 3 dollars to the USPS.
Your telling me that a doorstop that weighs an once is worth 7-9 dollars in postage?
Whatever they (USPS) has taken enough of our tax dollars And they still are broke?
Any attempt to get money customers be damned. (BTW they tell you oh you cant use your own tape you must buy the USPS tape OMG go F off)
Ask any letter carrier and they will tell you how awful the USPS is.
(BTW don't ask the unfriendly clerk that has an attitude problem ya know the one that wont look me in the eyes I know I'm ugly but cant you pretend to be nice!)
BTW The awful clerk is at the post office in St. Charles next to schnucks.

How about I book some dream matches?
Yeah over the years we've had polls about Dream Matches..
This time. I get to book!
Sooooo click on the match up and see my booking.
I promise you I'm a better booker than Tony Khan and Triple Schnoz

How about a Meltzer wet dream....
HAHA I know this would get a Minus Five Stars from Alvarez.. I can hear him now..

Oh we got a celebrity using our doorstops now...
Yes "Billy Jack Haynes" uses doorstopnation's doorstops.
Sooooo click on Billy Jack to hear the ad:

I would like to credit these people before I get sued;,,,,,,, and

Your support brings hope