Good News!
I have bought a band saw!
Sooooooo What does that mean?
WE are going to be BACK in the doorstop buisness!
YES I will provide more details soon...
Sooooo I can say that........
wheels are in motion, things are happening even as we speak!
The wheels are in motion, things are happening!

Well I watched another episode of Memphis Wrestling
This episode was real good.
Loaded with stars.
Maybe too many people?
Kinda like AEW these days.

I watched an episode of Memphis Wrestling
This was from 1982 and well....
I figured there would be something regarding the hot Jerry Lawler Andy Kaufman feud.....
It was an OK episode....
but there seemed to be lacking any major angles...

Remember back in the day when I reviewed AWA....
Well it's back.....
It's 1981 AWA!
If you remember way back when I reviewed AWA from the later 80's...
Who knows I may start doing the early 80's
Overall it was a real good show. And I enjoyed it.

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I need bigelow's theme damn it!
Long time AWA announcer Roger Kent was on commentary.
Superstar was impressed at Bigelow's tattoos.
Kent said Bigelow's head looks like a map of back roads.
No Oliver Humperdink here. Oliver was prolly buying weed somewhere.
Andre kinda fell over choking bigelow
Roger Kent said Andre's grand father was 7'8 is that true?
Superstar Billy Graham said Bigelow was the patoluma arm wrestling champion.
Andre hit bigelow with a stiff chop.
Andre did the old trapped in the ropes spot.
Andre gave Bigelow a bear hug. Bigelow sold and sold.
Andre may have been the only person in wrestling that bear hugged bigelow.
Bigleow was so wide and who else would have the wing span to do that to him?
Andre hit some bad kicks and won with a bad looking boot.
Andre choked bigelow after the match.
Out came Jim Duggan. Andre no sold Duggan and Andre attempted to run away. Haha

Colossal Jostle
Andre The Giant vs King Kong Bundy
This was from 1985

Jimmy Hart managed Bundy.
I liked the Hart Bundy pairing. Captain Lou managed Andre.
I'm sure Andre drank with Lou
I can see Andre thinking Andre is annoying.
The crowd was super into this.
Andre choked and chopped Bundy crowd popped huge.
Andre grabbed buddy's leg and kicked Bundy while giving him the finger lol
Andre sold and sold got up went for a suplex then decided to go for an arm bar.
Wow Andre then turned it into a leg scissors. Impressive.
Bundy finally got out of the submission then was chopped put out the ring.
It looked bad Bundy landed right on his hip.
Andre did another arm bar Bundy got out and did some impressive forearms.
Andre did some big shoulder blocks along with a big boot Bundy fell like a tree!
Big john studd ran in.
Bundy punched Lou Andre broke a chair and the heels ran away.
Bundy was DQ'd OK... that makes total sense because you don't want to pin Bundy.
Why? Because this is 85 and Bundy is going to face Hogan at wrestlemania
AND you can't pin Andre obviously.
Now a days they pin guys left and right and nobody gets over.

Remember back in the day on the site this was the section of the homepage where I had polls?
Welll I'm bringing it back... Brace yourself...

What was a better Album?
"The Wrestling Album"
"Slam Jam 2"
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To quote Billy Jack Haynes' Uncle Ray "Prove it. Prove it. Prove it."
It's a new section of the homepage where I have to prove it!

Morgan Shepherd finally won!
Timmy hill was up high and had a huge run.
I was low coming out of the tri oval.
so coming into the start finish line I threw a huge block.
It caused a massive pileup after the checkered flew.
That would NEVER EVER happen in real life.