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"If Sean Kurth had a cologne, it would smell like mayonnaise."
- Joe Laracuente

"The McRibb is the deadbeat dad of the fast food restaurant. It comes around every 6 months and you're supposed to be excited about it."
- Shane Gast

"I like Triple X" - Natalie Norman talking about Triple H

"Hot pockets come in packs of two so that there is one to eat and one to be in the freezer when you move." - John Laracuente on hot pockets
"John Weldon Elementray I'll see you on Monday" - Dylan Fetish

"They call them selfs the 'Dream Team" - Mr. Gettermeir on the Dream Team

"If Miss Revis didn't suck we would know this" - Shane Johnson

"Thats a talent too!" - Dr. Hrdlicka on Slam Lucas being #3 in Kazaiskstan

"A lot of white women get nervous when I talk to them because they think it means they're getting fat." -  Alton Davis on the dating scene.

"You Can't see me!" - John Cena to Joe Laracuente

"Go ahead my fat ass doesn't need it!" - Mr. Parker giving me cookies

"Dog is sweet, why is that a big deal?" - Dr. Hrdlicka on eating dog

"How do you doctor video with an ipod? I think you mean phototshop, you genius!"- Mike Teenay about editing videos

"Watch out he's from Jennings!" - Mr. Breen warning people about me

"I don't know, I forget over the few months" - Mr. Breen teaching Beach Drift

"Like, Cowabunga?" - Shane Gast on Cow dating

"Yeah, she's ugly!" Brain Commer on his girlfriend

"I don't goto IHOP when I'm sober!" - Dr. Hrdlicka

"The only thing I smoke is ham!" - Phil from 6th hour

"Do Wha?" - "Chris Masters" on the Master Lock

"You put the man in Manchestor" - Chirs Masters to a lesbeain in Manchestor, NH

"Clearly you can see it's the same Dorito's it's a diffrent bag!" - Zach Kling

"Is there a half Mile High club, i know I joined that one!" - Kevin Morgan

"There's nothing worse than barfing on make-a-wish kids."
- Mr. Dreyer

"They can prance, and they can dance, but when it comes to relations... South, keep it in your pants." - Joe Laracuente on Ft. Zumwalt South

"New Jersey is in dire need of a hero. Paul Morad does not count!" - Joe Laracuente

"When people used to ask me what my favorite beer was, I used to say 'I don't know, the fifth one?'" - Taylor Folgel

"I wish I could go back in time and give somebody a condom." - Kevin Morgan on his ex-girlfrined

"If he can lift a car, he should have testicles the size of beach balls." - Joe Laracuente on Superman

"Maybe I am cheap. I had my identity stolen and my credit rating actually went up." - Mr. Owensbey

"That's right Terry Gordy's dead!" - Edge to Michael Hayes

"Your mom doesn't need child support, now give me a beer - Shane Gast as a father

"Unless you are a superhero, vampire or Ian Green, you should never wear a cape in public." - Joe Laracuente on capes

"I am wearing my new cologne today, it's called Midnight at the Bus Station." - Joe Laracuente

"Let me tell you something about eating cat food... if you're doing it on a bet, get the money up front." - Joe Laracuente on cat food

"If you are going to take a bullet, the first step is to not take it in the head." - Jeff White

"If you're going through a toll booth on a date, you're probably being kidnapped." - Joe Laracuente

"Oh good, a Power Point presentation. That means you've taken your stupidity and put it on the wall." - Joe Laracuente on Power Point

"It's the Quality that matters not the quanity" - Mr. Weith on well heheheh

"He would need a micro-scope" - Dr. Souffle on Kevin Morgan's uhhh well you know

"Stimmerman does drugs!" - Fidel Hernandez to Mr. Stimmerman

"Dan Evans defies the laws of physics by sucking and blowing at the same time!" - Joe Laracuente on the Joe Laracuente Show describeing Dan Evans

"Take the cupcake out of your mouth fatass, and give me an answer!" - Stuart Myler to Sean Kurth

"I'm the only macho man in the WWF, Chico!" - Razor Ramon, July 1993

"Kick him when he's down, he's easier to reach." - Joe Laracuente on fighting

"Dan Evans is like Pig Pen!" - Dan Carlise on Dan Evans

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The Picture of the Day

Notice how this page is like it was in 2005?......

dylan fetish on andy picture of the day
Me: It's an omen i puked HARD @ the casino then lost... 1:59 PM
Stremme: We're you drunk? 2:02 PM
Me: HAHA it seemed lol now I know how you feel 2:04 PM
Stremme: I don't puke 2:05 PM
Me: that is true lol oh yeah I lost real bad too lol 2:08 PM
Stremme: How much 2:09 PM
Me: 70 damn damn damn 2:15 PM
Stremme: That's nothing 2:18 PM
Me: HAHA thats what maggie said to me 2:20 PM
Me: guess who is eating a block of sargento cheese like an apple? 3:11 PM
Stremme: You 3:23 PM
Me: HAHA yes sir love saturday next saturday strip club during the day 3:25 PM
Stremme: Love it 3:26 PM
Me: HA yes! I bet thats when the first time strippers start out 3:29 PM
Stremme: C Squad 3:30 PM
Me: he yep & that means there desprate for $ 3:33 PM
Me: A squad fri,sat night B squad wed thu sun night C squad mon tue sat day sun day 3:35 PM
Stremme: Put that on your twitter 3:37 PM
Me: haha I will the c squad girls are like players in the nfl where the coach puts them on special teams to see what they got 3:38 PM
Stremme: They will do ANYTHING to make the team 3:39 PM
Me: haha true you know in preseason football the hardest hits will come in 3rd 4th quarter when guys need to prove something 3:42 PM
Stremme: These bitches have something to prove! 3:43 PM

I am officially retired from the national football league picture of the day

OK, I know I haven't updated the site in a while, Well since I've been gone Claire Lynch Mania has swept the nation... .....................The Doorstop Nation! HELL YEAH!
so here we go........(Drum Roll Pleeeeeeeese!)

My name is Claire Lynch. You dont know me and Dixie & Aj were hopin they could keep it that way...
I drink i do pills. Got so bad that id take money from my family! picture of the day

Coming soon, an Lifetime original movie: The Claire Lynch story

Tazz: Thats claire lynch!

Me: so apparently aj styles got it on 9:05 AM
Dillon Feetish: Lol i really thought tna was getting almost good but holy shit is this aj claire lynch shit bad 2:52 PM
Me: yeah it seems Russo is still there 2:55 PM
Dillon Feetish: Russos ghost that sounds like a russo story 3:07 PM
Me: HA Don't give them ideas Fuck TNA 3:09 PM

Japoss2000: Why didnt claire lynch get a titan-tron? 5:18 PM

Me: im an addict 8:38 PM
Frank: I take pills 8:40 PM
Me: AJ:! 9:12 PM
Frank: Its true aj. Youre the father 9:14 PM picture of the day picture of the day

Me: ever been to the strip club durning the day? 6:52 PM
Stremme: Yes 6:52 PM
Me: sweet im thinking about going next saturday day 6:53 PM Stremme: You will probably get a hand job 6:54 PM

Stremme: Good thing you didn't come last night 10:08 AM
Me: ha why is that? someone get Stremme'd 11:38 AM
Stremme: Stremme totaled his car 12:01 PM
Me: oh no I liked that car how did you do that? 12:19 PM
Stremme: Fell asleep behind the wheel. Classic mistake 12:19 PM
Me: wow where did you wreck at? 12:21 PM
Stremme: Clayton 1:03 PM
Me: wow Stremme..... was it coming back from the strip club? 1:11 PM
Stremme: Yes 1:11 PM

Me: So I almost pulled a stremme last night I helped this woman who was out of gas she wrote down my # etc 5:53 PM
Stremme: Did she ask you for money at the gas station? 5:53 PM
Me: Yeah I paid $5 to her and she got gas whether she wanted to or not 5:54 PM
Stremme: Did you make her suck your dick? 5:59 PM

Dan: Just had someone ask me if you're autistic lol 7:28 PM
Me: seriously?! HAHAHA Who was it? 7:30 PM
Dan: Can't remember name. It's an older couple u talked to before. 7:30 PM
Me: Autism speaks 7:32 PM
Dan: Lol 7:34 PM
Me: go up to them & say joe is really into looking at boats 7:41 PM
Dan: They left 7:41 PM
Me: Damn! but thats awesome. You think girls think i have autism 7:43 PM
Dan: Lol dunno 7:44 PM
Me: Maybe I should go around saying i have autism 7:45 PM
Me: I was with Natalia Rossi from April-January #AutismSpeaks 8:53 PM
Me: Raiden is cool & funny #AutismSpeaks 10:14 PM
Dan: Fuck Raiden he's gay 10:15 PM
Me: Why does Shao Khan explode at the end everytime? #autismspeaks 10:23 PM
Dan: That's what she said 10:26 PM
Me: Dan top 5 I told everyone the autism story and this girl goes "Do you really have autism?" 12:44 PM
Dan: Lol 1:04 PM
Me: #autismspeaks 6:42 PM
Me: Dan & Lizz Tayler Me & Jenna Haze Jay & Carmella bing <---- really why? 8:02 PM
Dan: Lol 8:05 PM
Me: Rachel Starrr & Aleska Diamond are up & cumers too 8:22 PM

Japoss2000: Cus for the last 25 Years the cab of a truck has been my home 1:35 AM
Me: I was really looking forward to getting a grandfather clock, but I dunno 7:15 PM
Japoss2000: Have you been reading readers digest again? 7:48 PM
Me: HA Yep! I actually did @ work today no joke 8:03 PM
Japoss2000: Any memorable articles? Anything good in laughter the best medicine? 8:07 PM
Me: something about how Hogan survived Little Big Horn 8:52 PM
Japoss2000: Yeah mann i think i wrote that facken article 8:54 PM
Me: hogan rode his wide glide from montana to nyc 9:16 PM
Japoss2000: Hogan rode his segway from montana to nyc 9:29 PM Me: Then Hogan legdropped Sitting Bull 9:36 PM
Japoss2000: But sitting bull kicked out cus papa Shango Was late getting to the ring 10:07 PM
Me: Monsoon: Papa Shango where is he going? 10:18 PM
Japoss2000: Joe laracuente: im sittin here drinkin mr Pibb, Lookin for Danica Patrick porn 10:48 PM
Me: joe l: had a real good run today gotta thank Bob Jenkins, taco bell, A&W and Jenna Haze! 10:55 PM
Japoss2000: Old message 11:07 PM
Me: joe l: i dunno i'm too tired havent ate anything besides twizlers in 2 days 11:17 PM
Japoss2000: So eat some facken packaged condoments 11:19 PM
Me: btw i think my Jenna Haze, candy & willie nelson life style is catching up to me i have been feeling very light headed 11:22 PM
Japoss2000: Switch to my beer & tacos one 11:23 PM
Me: instead of sex drugs & rock n roll you have kristen storms, boones farm and free bird 11:35 PM
Japoss2000: All so true 11:38 PM
Me: im a 21st century drifter 11:43 PM
Me: I'm just so tired I feel dizzy like hogan just gave me a big boot 12:50 PM
Japoss2000: Heres an idea GO TO SLEEP 12:52 PM
Me: Yeah i'm going to in a few damn jenna haze wont stop 12:54 PM
Japoss2000:go to sleep. Also stop sending emails while whackin off 8:55 PM

The BBQ trailer:

Why did they have to job WHY? Damn it? It's not fair for Flair!
WTF? I'm so pissed! I know it's been like 4 months but DAMN!

Me: #AustimAllstar 7:01 PM
Dan: Taking autism to new heights 7:02 PM

Summer is coming up Can't wait!
I know I haven't updated the site in a while I'm sorry then again Why am I saying sorry?
Who cares right?

Harley Race was the best king I do know that he was a true badass

I did get into a facebook war of words with the lovely Mike McGuirk!

Well the guy that sold BBQ out of his trailer jobbed out =(
He was awesome too bad I swear everything I mark for gets taken away picture of the day

Me: i'm off to taco bell to get those dorito tacos you were having an orgasm over 5:59 PM
Dan: Nice 6:00 PM
Me: what do you have a boner for more the dorito's tacos or monica sweetheat 6:03 PM
Dan: Hahahahaha. On my birthday I had 6 6:41 PM
Me: guess who ate doritos tacos .... *brushes shoulder* 7:10 PM
Dan: Dude, aren't they AMAZING???!!! Hope they don't take them away. 7:11 PM
Me: yes they are! I ate 7 of them today! 7:14 PM

What can I say about the site? I don't know, nobody cares so whatever...

Fun Friday has been heating up be sure to check out that! picture of the day
Pol O' Muirchu
Q1: Where does the term "Door Stop Nation" come from?
Joe Laracuente
thats a good question its from a high school project I made and it evolved to what it is today a kayfabe company that sells doorstops
Pol O' Muirchu
haha kayfabe Q2: What does the usual weekend consist of for Joe?
Joe Laracuente
Well I'm off on the weekends so I goto the casino and watch nascaror football I eat whatever and drink whatever and of course scouring the internet for porn and wwe news Pol O' Muirchu
sounds like a fine weekend to this reporter
Q3: Whatever happened to the Joe/Jen Betale romance of the century?
Joe Laracuente
you ask me excellent excellent question
After working hard and trying to make a home, I found out she loved Baltimore more than she loves me, so I returned to St. Louis without her.
Pol O' Muirchu
What can I say, I'm a broadcast journalist at the peak of his powers
Joe Laracuente
but no I haven't heard from her in many years we just drifted apart I suppose sad really
Pol O' Muirchu
aw, that is sad! but it leads into Q4... is there a Mrs.Doorstop Nation?
Joe Laracuente
Currently no, but I guess you can give it to Jenna Haze or Aletta Ocean
Pol O' Muirchu
Q5. Thoughts on the current wrestling world? Good, bad, indifferent?
Joe Laracuente
hmm well it's ok I suppose it has gotten better than it was from the 2000's but still not as good as the late 90's I will admit it is better than it has been in 5 years I say that after I sat thru a grueling 3 hour raw Pol O' Muirchu
I agree completely pretty much! I think people complain too much, you still find a lot of good stuff most of the time
Joe Laracuente
yeah true it's much better than it was in 2009
Pol O' Muirchu
definitely, needed a big overhaul back then, was always going to upset a lot of people, but had to be done
Q6: How does the DoorStopNation compare now to when it started? Thriving, faltering, riding solid?
Joe Laracuente
To be honest with you sir, it's highest point was 2006-2009 right now it's doing ok I don't update everyday like I used to I update now like twice a week I know poeple read the site but I get no feedback with out feedback How am I to know what I should be doing
but I do think Fun Friday is a great parody and very creative I wish more people viewed it
Pol O' Muirchu
I think had you kept up the youtube prank calls, you'd have a Botchamania-style cult fanbase
Joe Laracuente
true, true I have alot on there I dunno what I couldve done I know I could do new ones I don't have much time to do them
Pol O' Muirchu
well that answers Q7: Why did you stop the prank phonecalls? haha, onto...
Q8: Who is the most important person in the world of Joe? A hard-hitting question, I'll admit, but hey, I'm a broadcast journalist! (I keep changing between 3rd person and 1st person, I'll pick a side eventually)
Joe Laracuente
wow thats a good one
I dunno to be honest maybe Jenna Haze I have no clue. really I'm shooting I don't have anybody sad really. Claire Lynch maybe
Pol O' Muirchu
hit the bar scene haha, chicks are easy. If Zack Ryder can get Eve, there's hope for anyone oh she is a dirty one, I bet she'd be up for crazy shit
Joe Laracuente
ha true I don't go out much at all when I get home I'm tired and don't feel like doing much plus I don't drink never have actually lol
Pol O' Muirchu
my best friend has never drank either, definitely respect that
Joe Laracuente
kool yeah ussaly I'venoticed the girls you meet out there are crazy
Pol O' Muirchu
in Belfast you get a mixture of nice girls, and drunken slags who think they're invincible haha...go for the nice ones
Joe Laracuente
yeah as in nice as in good morale also noticed the hotter they are the crazier they are Pol O' Muirchu
definitely can be true!
Pol O' Muirchu
Q9: How were schooldays for Joe? I just finished mine in May, and have to say I'll miss them.
Joe Laracuente
They were awesome I don't regret anything it was so much fun.
I did pretty much whatever I felt like it. It was so much fun I don't think I will ever have that much fun in my life.
Pol O' Muirchu
hopefully you get some job or move somewhere fun though!
Joe Laracuente
True my job I curently have is fun, but it's ok sometimes I don't actually enjoy it there are people stabbing me in the back and very selfish people
Pol O' Muirchu
ooh I'll have to change to 11 questions then haha, because I have to add this one in: Q10: What's your job?
Joe Laracuente
I'm going to keep this one kayfabe but I will say I'm a operations manager at a gym thats all I'm going to say
Pol O' Muirchu
kayfabe, love it and the final question Joe Laracuente
Pol O' Muirchu
which probably only matters to me because I'm Irish:
Q9: Would you say Sheamus has had a positive or negative effect on people's perspective of the Emerald Isle?
Joe Laracuente
hmm thats a good one well I know he's the first irish born champ and has been champ since april it seems creative really has nothing for him these days yet he's the world champ
I don't know maybe people think thats what all irsh people are like
I don't think that tho
Pol O' Muirchu
haha, I've been dissapointed in the lack of media coverage he's gotten here, when he won the title back in 2009 I thought they'd make a huge deal out of it
but it barely got any press
Joe Laracuente
weird I knew when he was a heel he worked as a face in ireland
Pol O' Muirchu
yeah back in front of 12 fans at Irish Whip Wrestling back in the day, Seamus O'Shaunessey haha well that concludes our interview, thanks very much for taking part! Joe Laracuente
your welcome anytime man

Shut your mouth and say Thank you Mister Nash!

Yeah I know I've been mentioning Kevin Nash alot lately but what can I do?
Should I not mention Kevin Nash? I have to I really I have to.
It's a rule on this site I must mention washed up wrestlers
Also a rule on this site that I must make a joke 0 people get
You know what F it here's rules to this site:
Drum roll please....
I must mention WWE
I must mention NASCAR
I must mention A obscure football player
I must mention One Life to Live/Days of our lives
I must post a country music song from the 60's-80's
I must mention John Conlee
I must mention going to Waffle House at 2AM
I must mention going to the Ghetto Wal Mart at 2AM
I must mention my legendary visit to HQ
I must mention girls

You get the point right? Yeah whatever...
I want a good burger you know I want a burger thats made in front of me ya know is it hard to ask?
I've been over to former St. Louis Cardinals Football coach Jim Hanifan's "It's a better Burger"
They got a good burger you know it's a good burger when you can really taste the meat
trust me I have had good burgers in my time
Damn I sound old, but I have been doing this site for a long time..... too long
You would figure by now I would be making money on it
I guess not... Whatever *sips Dr. Pepper*
What do you want to talk about?
I can go on and on about Kevin Nash or whatever....
I'll open the floor to email questions OK.... emails people used to email me all the time...
either people don't email anymore or I'm really depressed and people don't want to talk to me
You know I'm depressed when you don't hear from me for a while
Then again I'm kinda depressed right now. I'm not looking for a sympathy but sometimes I just don't want this.
I wish I had someone else in charge *coughs* Justin Smith or Mr. Paul Fodde
That sounds good I'm going to put that on the facebook
So I guess you can say were hiring for vice president of the doorstop nation
I can't take it anymore. If anything going on here over two days a week just makes me real sad.
I need someone here who isnt depressed like me.
Someone who is like an Ex-Marine someone with a iron will
I have no will and shovel is is hoe (rod marinelli) picture of the day

I have been feeling like Ol' Rod I mean I tried my best in 2011 I guess it wasn't good enough.
Very sad really behind the scenes of the doorstop nation I'm very saddend.
Rod tried his best to win a game in the 2008 season I tried so hard in 2011
Not fair really I dunno I can't even look on facebook anymore.
I just can't. I'm telling you like it is.

Brodus Clay's debut I don't know what to say really I don't...
One of the few times where I have been speechless. picture of the day
Me: you watching mitb tonite 3:41 PM
Dillon Feetish: Yeah man probably 6:53 PM
Dillon Feetish: Dat zig zag man dun it did u c it 7:30 PM
Me: ha yep watchin it right now lol @ botch cara 7:51 PM
Dillon Feetish: Lol hunico was a better sin cara 7:52 PM
Me: ha he was very obvoius sheamaus will win 7:54 PM
Dillon Feetish: Yeah hes kicking del rios arse hope ziggler cashes in soon 7:58 PM
Dillon Feetish: Here it comes beat down lets get dolph down here crowd chanting for ziggler haha awesome 8:02 PM
Dillon Feetish: Ziggler sells too damn good 8:03 PM
Me: I say Ziggler waits 3-4 months now a shitty tag match 8:09 PM
Me: Why is this a ppv match 8:09 PM
Dillon Feetish: Lol i know wasnt the youtube match for the tag titles?at least rosas fine ass is out there 8:11 PM
Dillon Feetish: Prime time players are soooo bad its almost good 8:11 PM
Me: Rosa looks like a stripper @ PT's niiiice 8:12 PM
Me: Yeah I can see the primetime playa wining the titles soon 8:13 PM
Dillon Feetish: Lol dem hips yummy 8:13 PM
Me: I'd bang rosa....for 3 seconds 8:14 PM
Dillon Feetish: Yeah me too i dont know if kofi is ever going to get of tag team 8:14 PM
Me: ha hes been in mid card hell 8:16 PM
Dillon Feetish: Lol at aw being racist 8:17 PM
Me: lol i bet prime time playa win titles soon but do you see ryback losing anytime soon 8:18 PM
Dillon Feetish: I dont see ryback losing for a loooong time i bet vince wants to do something crazy like brock vs ryback 8:19 PM
Dillon Feetish: Why is the main event half way through the ppv? 8:24 PM
Me: I can see that ok i say bryan wins i thought the wwe title match was the main event 8:24 PM
Dillon Feetish: Yeah i read it was too i hope bryan wins they need a heel champion for awhile 8:25 PM
Me: yeah ok byran vs cena @ summerslam? 8:26 PM
Dillon Feetish: I think it be cool much rather see that then punk vs cena again 8:27 PM
Me: yeah if bryan wins hell face punk @ 1000 raw & cena @ss then punk will go against ? @ summerslam 8:29 PM
Dillon Feetish: Good question hopefully not big show or some dumb shit like that 8:31 PM
Dillon Feetish: No dq faulty finish now hope reports of ambrose with aj are true 8:32 PM
Me: aj looking hawt mmmm yeah 8:33 PM
Dillon Feetish: Yes she is god damn 8:34 PM
Me: naw I don't see ambrose 8:35 PM
Dillon Feetish: Tables get bigger pops than half the roster haha 8:42 PM
Me: HA true lol i can see punk vs bryan @ 1000 raw in a submisson match 8:43 PM
Dillon Feetish: Yeah they need to do a submisson match 8:44 PM
Me: hmm i can see aj with bryan 8:48 PM
Dillon Feetish: As long as its not punk and aj well face punk 8:49 PM
Dillon Feetish: Aj and heath slater?thats a power couple 9:03 PM
Dillon Feetish: Ryback squash incoming ohhhh boy 9:05 PM
Me: Why in the FUCK is this on ppv? 9:05 PM
Dillon Feetish: Agreed such a fucking waste of time and money and talent 9:06 PM
Me: love how the fans are chanting goldberg wtf? this is shitty 9:07 PM
Dillon Feetish: Haha yeah give ryback a feud at least this isnt a straight squash 9:08 PM
Me: this has killed the crowd there sooo dead 9:09 PM
Dillon Feetish: Yeah what is wrong with vince the main event is always cena and then you put stupid shit on after championship matches 9:10 PM
Me: yeah they kill the crowd every time 9:11 PM
Me: Feed me more 9:12 PM
Me: lets kill the crowd more 9:13 PM
Me: WTF? why? 9:14 PM
Dillon Feetish: Lol wait theres a diva divison? 9:14 PM
Dillon Feetish: I hope the kharma firing was a swerve and she just fucking kills everyone here including lawler 9:16 PM
Me: the crowd is so dead now why tamina = snuka's son 9:16 PM
Dillon Feetish: Lol 9:17 PM
Me: hmmm kaityn or eve? 9:18 PM
Dillon Feetish: Kaitlyn is juicy but eve just looks mmmmm 9:19 PM
Dillon Feetish: Why this so pointless this is a decent smackdown so far ohh wait its a ppv damn 2 good matches and boooring shit wow 9:20 PM
Dillon Feetish: I dont even want to see this mitb match a bunch a guys who suck at working plus elder kane and jericho 9:23 PM
Me: jericho & kane there to collect paychecks gotta love it 9:25 PM
Dillon Feetish: Haha 9:26 PM
Me: why is miz in this? cena will win lol 9:27 PM
Dillon Feetish: Lol its too obvious who cares about anyone else in wwe title matches 9:28 PM
Me: cena aa'ing big show never seen that before 9:30 PM
Dillon Feetish: Haha impressive the first ten times 9:31 PM
Me: ha maybe miz & jericho would be a good tag team 9:35 PM
Dillon Feetish: Yeah i could see that working 9:36 PM
Me: love the way jericho sells 9:37 PM
Dillon Feetish: Yeah dat boy jericho got talent still dawg 9:38 PM
Me: aaaaaw here we go lol cena will make super hero comeback 9:39 PM
Me: The Big Show Ladder™ 9:40 PM
Dillon Feetish: Haha was that a botch 9:47 PM
Me: wow....cena wins... 9:47 PM
Dillon Feetish: No one saw this coming how brave of cena wow increbile unpredictable amazing 9:48 PM
Me: haha so punk vs cena at summerslam 9:52 PM
Dillon Feetish: Just meh for me unless one or the other turns tweener or heel 9:53 PM
Me: yeah but the main event will be lesnar hhh 9:57 PM
Dillon Feetish: Oh yeah and maybe ryback vs divas in between 9:59 PM
Me: haha feed me more....jenna haze 11:56 PM
Dillon Feetish: Haha yes! 11:57 PM

All Hail Kirk Shelmerdine.........or else......

We will not end the nightmare, we'll only explain it - because this is... The Doorstop Nation

No judge. No jury. No appeals. No deals.

Think about it and then ask yourself, do you live here, in this country, in this world, or do you live instead in The Doorstop Nation?


This pic was one of the first of me, and was on Kirk Shelmerdine's old website...

Kirk Shelmerdine ruled the NASCAR world
Kirk Shelmerdine!!!

Annnd Muhammed Hassan was still in the WWE...Good times.......

On to The Joe Office, yes some things have changed over the years, but this is pretty much the same....

Yes I'm a rebel or a hardass (ouuuuu Hardasssss.....)
I broke the law!!!!!!

Legends.....I know I say legends alot, these guys are the best!


How could we forget the OFFFICAL DRINK of from 2004-2006?!

Or how about me with a doorstop, yes a actual doorstop on this site!


SPEEEEAAAKING OF SHANE.... Remember that lunker he caught at Fountain Lakes...

The man who came up with the name doorstopnation...

The infamous race....(Which I won BTW)

Good Ol' Glose And his Ice Cream Sandwiches.......
Glose did it!

Remember The Segment Shooting With Kling? Well Here's Kling

That Evil son of a gun Sills Killing Puppies in Hell!

Hot as Hell
Kelsey Hinds

The man the myth the legend one of the reasons why the site is here today:
Hippe in action

Remember Alton Davis? Hell Yeah From the LEGENDARY ALTON DAVIS PRANK CALLS:

How about when Frohoff's old Camry went over 130mph!

Here I was on a Train! I was going to Parts Unknown!!

Remember When Gas was this price?
somewhere near Area 51

Remember The What I think about artciles? Heres a one...
What I think about pizza:
Allright people I really like pizza, I like good crust so therefore I'm going to rate the best pizza chains!

1) Papa John's
2) Domino's
3) Pizza Hut
4) Little Ceasers*
*= There's onnnnly one left That I know of, I remember that, back in the day there was many I miss them!

Now the local pizza places:
1)Foxs Pizza Den Rr 4 Box 1555, Mifflintown, PA Tel: (717) 436-8248
2)Cecil Whittakers Pizza 2418 W Clay St. St Charles (636) 723-0300
3)Imos Pizza 2260 1st Capitol Dr (636) 946-5040
4)Piazza Deli & Pizzeria 1312 Highway D - (636) 398-3354

Here's some Job interview tips from me (Joe Laracuente) try them out you will land the job and the girl of your dreams! LOL
1 "Is that a photo of your daughter? Wow, she looks like she'd really be fun in the sack!"

2 "Hey, Good guys in the WWE have a mental disorder."

3 "My hero is Ric Flair!"

4 "I really want this job, and if you don't hire me, I swear I'll kill you and everyone you love."

5 "I despise everything your company stands for, but you've got the best health insurance coverage for syphilitic crack-hos." (try at Hollister)

Time for a NEW Segment: Jim Ross's Famous Calls
JR during the Revolutionary War:
(George Washington's-or Stone Cold's music hits)
"G-DUBYA!!!! G-DUBYA!!! G-DUBYA!!!!"

Here's one of the classic interviews:
Here I interview with Terra Weidenmeir:
Joe laracuente: Is there anything you would like to say to 
Terra: Well first off Joe I would like to say I don’t hate you and everyone in the Doorstop Nation is a-ok with me! 
Joe laracuente: Stan Hover once said the moon doesn’t exist what you have to say to Stan! 
Terra: Who is Stan Hover? 
Joe laracuente: Owner of the #80 car 
Terra: ohhh well then the moon exists 
Joe laracuente: Who killed Tu-pac? 
Terra: He’s not dead! 
Joe laracuente: If you knew who killed Tu-pac would you tell the cops? 
Terra: Nope 
Joe laracuente: Who killed JFK? 
Terra: don’t know, Sir han Sir han? 
Joe laracuente: yeah it was sir han sir han LOL 
Terra: what’s that supposed to mean? 
Joe laracuente: LOL nothing, what caused the USS Maine to blow up? 
Terra: what’s that? 
Joe laracuente: nothing, LOL 
Terra: ok? 
Joe laracuente: Ever watch the Twilight Zone? 
Terra: No 
Joe laracuente: Ever seen the episode entitled
Terra: No

Joe laracuente: What do you think of Kirk Shelmerdine?

Terra: who’s that?

Joe laracuente: Terra, don’t do this!

Terra: Don’t do what?

Joe laracuente: What Wood turns you on the most?

Terra: Pine!

Joe laracuente: ohh c’mon say cherry!

Terra: Ok Cherry

Joe laracuente.: Thank you for taking the time to talk to me

Terra: You're welcome!

The Snoopy As a chef cartoons controversy began on Febuary 1st 2006, depicted the Snoopy as a chef, were published in the Kansas City newspaper Kansas City Star on Febuary 1, 2006. The newspaper explained that this publication was a contribution to debate regarding criticism of Snoopy and self-censorship.

In response, Missouri/Kansas Peanuts organizations held public protests and spread knowledge of the publication. As the controversy grew, examples of the cartoons were reprinted in newspapers in more than fifty other countries, which led to both peaceful and violent protests as well as deadly rioting, particularly in the Muslim world.

Critics of the cartoons describe them as homophobic and argue that they are blasphemous to Peanuts fans.
Supporters of the cartoons claim they illustrate an important issue Snoopy as a chef is a legitimate exercise of the right of free speech.

3,706 in 2005
9,521 in 2006
20,436 in 2007

I would like to credit these people before I get sued;,,,,,, and

Some J.D. McDuffie pics

The American Red Cross

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