Geez This Freaking show...
Vince on commentary was Really Funny because he was SO BAD!
And Vince thought he was SOO cool by hanging out with Sunny.
The show overall SUCKED!

I did a review of an old territory.
If you remember last year on The Variety Hour we recapped lots of CWF episodes.
We were going to recap this episode but I guess not =/
But anyways it was a great show and Superstar Graham was awesome.

Yet another WWE MSG House show recap:
OMG Rick Martel freaking stole the show in this one.
And Sid was great too he did an AMAZING promo.
And of course Monsoon and Heenan on commentary was great.
Overall a very very entertaining house show.

Here's a recap of ANOTHER WWE MSG house show:

It was a great show. I think it maybe Hogan's last 90's MSG show.
For fucks sake why won't they upload ANYTHING to Network.
Heenan and Monsoon were AWESOME on this show.

Of all the episodes we've done over the past few years...
I think the best year of reviewing wrestling was the year 1984

1984 was when wrestling was deemed "cool"
And most wrestling fans in 1984 were not smartend up! =0

I created a new game using my predictive text on my phone and inserting wrestlers:

John Cena said he was never loved because he has been eating turkey ALL night
Zelina Vega makes fun of Bo Dallas and JBL loves it

Johnny Gargano is bullied by JBL and the Smackdown announce team until she dies

Seth Rollins creates a robot No Way Jose for no reason

Matt Riddle becomes a fan of Torrie Wilson and Meltzer rates it 5 stars

Enzo Amore jobs to a breast cancer survivor and becomes THE top babyface

Hulk Hogan then complained that he was the guy who attempted
to break the leg lock type move FROM THE PURPLE HAZE

You think Undertaker has a MMA bout against Diesel?

Lashley is AWESOME and he will teach Dutch respect and he will unmask the grapplers.

Hulk Hogan ON xvideos WILL have Roderick Strong fuck Brooke and Jimmy Hart watching and commentating

Yeah Ron Simmons is going to be mad at Kevin Sullivan because Kevin bought a new corvette

Zack Ryder is like the only man to take his match to the app thus SHOCKING Vince

Kevin Owens had the best looking women in the building and he should teach sex to the AOP

Seth Rollins selling an injury which led to him bleeding everywhere and Kevin Sullivan laughing

Shane mcmahon said he was on Letterman to get a hold of the two goofs that STOLE HIS Twitter

Seth Rollins for no reason starts a Twitter war with Nick Bockwinkle Nick said it was a SHOOT

Roman Reigns WILL SHOCK THE SYSTEM and you

Vince McMahon said that the new/upcoming ppvs may not be on the network.
And the PPVS will be on another streaming service then WHAT'S THE POINT OF THE NETWORK??
When does everyone think the Network dies?
Maybe I'll conduct a poll?

The neighborhood watch group AKA the two fat fucks AKA Samoa Joe And Kevin Owens.
Ok I got it they show a vignette of Owens he is done mowing his grass.
Owens helps his neighbor Joe fix his 1991 Buick Regal which they repair every week on YouTube.
Then when they face a tag team at a PPV the two fat fucks come out in the Buick.

Here's my parody of an AEW match.
You no sell I then throw you outside the ring.
*dive thru the ropes*
You get the point.

YES a TNT title is about to be awarded.
I think a WDXD title needs to be awarded on "Joe's Variety Hour"
Here's my predictions: Shawn Spears will beat Cody Lance Archer will get Cody DQ'd
Darby Allen will beat Sammy Guevara Sammy is distracted by VanGuard 1
Dustin Rhodes will beat Kip Sabain
Lance Archer will beat Colt Cabana

Shawn Spears beats Darby Allen
Dustin Rhodes beats Lance Archer Cody gets Lance DQ'd DO NOT PIN LANCE

Shawn Spears beats Darby Allen to win the TNT title.

NOW on to the McDonalds title

Yes someone out there made this:

I looked it up and it's downloadable in the WWE20 video game

Here's a recap of a WWE MSG house show:
I was entertained thats for sure.
I wish the WWE Network would upload more MSG house shows to the Network.
That or I wish Richard Land AKA The Wrestling Collector comes back to YouTube.

Here's a recap of a WWE Boston Garden house show:
I was entertained thats for sure.
Superstar Billy Graham was UNLEASHED.
AND I think this was one of the few times long time AWA announcer Roger Kent called WWF action.