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"$999? That's not a thousand!" - Honky Tonk Man

"If you? got 21... I got 22 you want to play blackjack,? I got two of those too" - Jake Roberts

"And he killed that jabroni Ron Goldman!" - Iron Sheik

"What you marks get? ZERO!" - Honky Tonk Man

"I remembered when americana Pizza first aired, i tought they were bringin in dusty with a pizza delivery guy gimmick - Japoss2000

"They broke my mans back right about now!" - Flavor Flav

"How many careers has chief Jay strongbow ruined?" - Honky Tonk Man

"It's Gonna Be like Hooters times ten!" - Hulk Hogan

"Just Push it!" - Kamala

"You see they ain't got no Home training!" - R-Truth

"Get in the Impact zone, dude!" - Hulk Hogan

"What did you say?" - Damien Sandow

"Remember Uncle Ray I was going to be your little elvis!" - Billy Jack Haynes

"Camera man get you're ass back up here!" - Jake Roberts

"Tell him you're Steve Austin!" - Elizabeth Flair

"I'm a bare knuckle fightin champion!" - Wade Barrett

"The law of attractions says youll get through brother" - Hulk Hogan

"T-Mobile girl soooooooo HAWT!" - Dan

"It was one of dose" - Ron Simmons

""Write that down we pay better than hogan" - Sean Oliver

"I never wore underwear either!" - Jerry Lawler

"I hate the f'n wind!" - Linda Hogan

"Thank You! Thank you! Thank you!" - John Kelly

"On the Cups? GAAAAH! - R-Truth

"You're going down!" - John McBain

"BOOM BRING IT ON MAN!" - Billy Jack Haynes

"Wrestlings fake tho right? ...Its entertainent, yes, but were stunt men!" - Billy Jack Haynes

"First your gonna have to get though Bahhtistahhh" - Vince Mcmahon

"Youre real good brother you can really wrestle!" - Ken Wayne

"I bet Tony Raines wonders what doorstopnation is!" - Joe Laracuente

"You want pictures don't ya?" - Roddy Piper

"How can linda say that she hates the wind?" - Hulk Hogan

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Me: Woo nation from wrestlemania with world class ref david manning and mean gene 5:07 AM

Me: Mean gene stepped out to get more wine 5:07 AM

Me: Mean Gene is HAMMERED 5:10 AM

Me: He called ric rich 5:10 AM


Me: Vince would say Ric arent you preforming for my company? Ric: yeah ?? 5:11 AM

Me: Mean Gene is really really drunk 5:11 AM


Me: Back in the day flight attendants were on strike ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! 5:13 AM

Me: High school Flair got in trouble for buying cherry vodka for SUE PEARSON 5:15 AM

Me: Sue Pearson ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!? 5:16 AM

Me: Vince never trusted Brody 5:22 AM

Me: Fifi is here and shes wearing her cowboy boots ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!? 5:24 AM

Me: George Bush was a HUGE world class mark 5:27 AM

Me: HAHAHA Mean Gene called Jesse Ventura a cheap prick 5:28 AM

Japoss2000: Bush probably took bribes from skandor akbar 5:29 AM

Me: Bush Sr talked to Flair about Kabooki and Kevin Vonerich 5:30 AM

Me: Mean Gene's ringtone is great balls of fire 5:30 AM

Me: Mean Gene says Freddie Miller wore a rug and it was a horrible one 5:36 AM

Me: Flair: michael hayes was rolling around with Cher 5:40 AM

Me: David: I sold all the freebird paraphernalia! Mean Gene: paraphernalia is right about the freebirds. 5:43 AM

Me: And we can't have a podcast without Flair crying about Charlotte 5:48 AM

Me: Marla Maples told people that Gary Strydom wore a rug 5:49 AM

Me: According to Mean Gene lol 5:50 AM

Me: Flair: Let me finish talking about Charlotte ?? 5:50 AM

Me: And here come the water works 5:50 AM

Me: Reid ='( 5:51 AM

Me: Flair: I'll be crying down the aisle with Charlotte at wrestlemania 5:51 AM

Me: Reid ='( 5:51 AM

Japoss2000: Ric flairs ringtone is minority by green day 5:52 AM

Me: Crying Flair ='( 5:52 AM

Me: And the podcast comes to a screeching halt due to crying Flair 5:52 AM

Me: Flair will be on Sportscenter with Charlotte ='( 5:53 AM

Me: Charlotte ='( 5:54 AM

Me: David Vonerich was the best according to Flair 6:00 AM

Me: Sunshine drops a drink on her she says "I'm all wet." David Manning: "I do that to all the girls." 6:06 AM

Me: Sunshine and Precious HATED each other 6:08 AM

Me: Conrad asks Mean Gene about Wrestlemania and Gene answered he likes the event 6:11 AM

Me: David Manning doesn't know anyone in wwe 6:11 AM

Me: Mean Gene doesnt know about New Day 6:12 AM

Me: Mean Gene: I like Undertaker whos he going against? 6:12 AM

Me: Mean Gene refers to Dean Ambrose as that guy 6:13 AM

Me: Flair: title matches mean more if it's one on one 6:15 AM

Me: Flair compares the divas title match to Flair Steamboat 6:17 AM

Me: Mean Gene: I have a podcast and it's everywhere! 6:18 AM

Me: Flair: me and Mean Gene are for hire for aaaanything 6:20 AM

Me: Conrad makes $130,000 a day according to flair 6:21 AM

Japoss2000: Flair steamboat? BWA HA HA HA HA HA HA 6:45 AM

Me: It was a trainwreck of a podcast 7:07 AM

Me: Woo nation covering wrestlemania 8! 5:13 AM

Me: 5 days of practice between savage and flair 5:13 AM

Japoss2000: Let me know if he cries 5:14 AM

Me: I'm sure he wills 5:14 AM

Me: Lol ok of this were real mr. Perfect is going to show a naked picture of Liz on the big screen 5:15 AM

Me: Flair: you cant mess with around with women you cant trust em ?? 5:17 AM

Me: Flair: *sees a woman on the screen* "yeah shes thinkin about it!" 5:18 AM

Me: Flair: Reid was in attendance for this Wrestlemania ?? 5:19 AM

Me: Conrad speculates that Savage is covering up with his attire because he's off steroids 5:20 AM

Me: Flair says the first person to TEXT him after his match against Savage was Michael Hayes 5:21 AM

Me: The pic of Liz and Flair at the swimming pool was at Heenan's house! 5:23 AM

Me: Flair: I cant get over how handsome I am then 5:24 AM

Me: Flair: by the way did you see charlottes interview last night ?? shes the best 5:26 AM

Me: Flair got in trouble for blading by Vince but Savage told him to blade 5:30 AM

Me: Vince to Flair: every time you come close to being the best you do something STUPID! 5:31 AM

Me: Flair: How good looken is Liz there ;) 5:36 AM

Me: Flair on the heat between Savage and Vince: "Some questions you don't ask." 5:41 AM

Me: Dual match reviews now onto Flair Undertaker 5:43 AM

Me: Flair: The Godfather had the best locker-room in the business. 5:44 AM

Me: Conrad's favorite wrestler to hang out with is undertaker 5:49 AM

Me: According to Flair Undertaker's back is in bad shape and is giving him spasms 5:52 AM

Me: Flair's favorite trunks were ref and blue 5:56 AM

Me: Shows in Canada like wrrstlemania 18 the boys were paid in Canadian dollars 6:02 AM

Me: Flair says Arn's spine buster on Undertaker is the best ever. 6:06 AM

Me: At the time in 2002 the Tombstone was banned 6:07 AM

Me: Woo nation! Flair: How do I lose my luggage when trying to get the undertaker hammered?! 5:14 AM

Me: Michael Hayes sings babys got her blue jeans on 5:16 AM

Me: Hayes: they call the undertaker the DEAD man for a reason 5:17 AM

Me: Hayes: When Terry slammed the door on Kerry it was the shot heard around the world 5:22 AM

Me: Hayes: "Kerry was a sex symbol!" 5:25 AM

Japoss2000: We at binyans 5:26 AM

Me: Love it 5:26 AM

Me: Hayes: "Is my hall of fame present that blonde at the strip club in Huntsville?" Conrad: "Oh Mah Gawsh!" 5:28 AM

Me: Gordy had his first match at 13 against Ernie Ladd 5:31 AM

Me: Kerry ?? 5:40 AM

Me: The Freebirds destroyed an apartment one time reminds ric of Jimmy Crockett's birthday party 5:44 AM

Me: Hayes sounds like a company mark even tho the first time he was on woo nation he wasn't 5:58 AM

Me: Flair: I only get sued by women ;) 6:02 AM

Me: Hayes: ric you cry everyday 6:03 AM

Me: Hayes is on his meds he loves the company etc etc 6:14 AM

Me: Conrad: whats worse losing your hair or your wives? Flair: my hair! 6:18 AM

One of my favorite podcasts lately has been the Ric Flair's Woo Nation.
so we here at "The Doorstop nation" have invited Ric and Conrad to visit us anytime!
In the mean time I have reviewed some episodes of "Woo Nation" This was the text message to start it all: Japoss2000: Frank is REALLY into woooooo nation 7:55 PM
Me: Christ What have I started? 7:56 PM
Japoss2000: Conrad= big jim 7:57 PM
Me: Haha yep 7:57 PM
Japoss2000: Hes listening to the luger episode now 7:57 PM
Me: Oh I havent heard that one 7:57 PM
Japoss2000: Btw have u ever seen what conrad looks like? 7:58 PM
Me: Ha yep 7:58 PM
Me: Hes a $$$$ mark 7:58 PM
Japoss2000: What does he look like? I always picture him as looking like 1991 era jimmy garvin 7:59 PM
Me: Yep from the pics i saw he is 7:59 PM
Japoss2000: Flair sez he knows more than even meltzer 7:59 PM
Me: Hahah yeah I heard that 7:59 PM
Me: Conrad = a babyface HTM 8:00 PM
Me: Conrad: now hulk teil us about da tyme ya son keeled dat keed in dat car wreeck! 8:08 PM
Japoss2000: Oh dude it was next level brother 8:10 PM
Japoss2000: Flair: i was drinkin in a bar wid gene okerland when it happened 8:10 PM
Me: Conrad: now flaaair tell us bout tha tyme da bus left ya 8:11 PM
Me: Conrad: flaaair tell us the tyme you got heeet wit da waater bottle at dat eye cee pee concert! 8:13 PM
Me: Conrad: whaats da promo code? Flair: it's f-l-a-i-r flair 8:42 PM




Me: Just started the Sullivan Flair podcast Flair sounds REALLY hammered 5:21 AM
Japoss2000: Oh he is 5:22 AM
Japoss2000: Sullivan sounds like an old man dying from cancer 5:22 AM
Me: He says Sullivan handled 5 camps 5:23 AM
Japoss2000: Yeah than he names 4 5:24 AM
Me: Hahaha yeah wow he is really drunk 5:24 AM
Japoss2000: They eventually acknowledge it 5:25 AM
Me: Kevin called Arn fatso 5:26 AM
Me: Flair is outta control so far this is a train wreck 5:26 AM
Japoss2000: Shorty 5:27 AM
Me: Flair sounds like he's been drinking all day. 5:29 AM
Me: Hogan wouldn't work with vader? 5:30 AM
Me: Uhhh didn't he face Vader numerous times in WCW 5:31 AM
Me: Flair calls out HTM 5:31 AM
Japoss2000: Vader didnt want to put him over; hogan didnt want him to be stiff 5:32 AM
Me: Flair buries Marc Mero 5:32 AM
Japoss2000: Id heard the htm soundbyte on youtube before 5:32 AM
Me: Yeah just got to Sullivan saying about Vader not putting over Hogan. 5:34 AM
Japoss2000: When Sullivan finally gets to talk its really good the part about hogans heel turn is hilarious 5:35 AM
Me: HAHAHA Sullivan's dick 5:39 AM
Japoss2000: Flair tells that gross candle story in his book too 5:39 AM
Me: HAHAHA Flair is soooo drunk 5:40 AM
Me: Flair interrupts Conrad to tell a Sullivan story. 5:43 AM
Me: Mark Lewin! 5:43 AM
Japoss2000: Yup 5:43 AM
Me: Flair Tells a story about Sullivan Flair is so drunk I have no idea what he's talking about. 5:46 AM
Me: How many stories end with Flair saying I don't remember how I got there. 5:47 AM
Japoss2000: Hes incomprehensible at times 5:47 AM
Japoss2000: Btw we recommend the luger episode if u havent already heard it 5:47 AM
Me: Cena is under Lock down 5:56 AM
Me: Flair said Al Perez is a dumbass lol 6:04 AM
Me: Flair buries Ole hahaha 6:04 AM
Me: Flair runs around naked in the hotel with the black scorpion mask on. 6:06 AM
Me: Flair: you can't be smarter than a guy that's smart. 6:08 AM
Me: Sullivan and Flair bury Hogan lol 6:16 AM
Japoss2000: Hes not really naked if he has the mask on tho 6:17 AM
Me: Conrad: i guess we've been drinking today 6:23 AM
Me: Beefcake: what are you doing? You gave him too much. 6:28 AM
Me: I remember that Eddie Flair match 6:29 AM
Me: Flair: that guy is a mark and he's got a million dollars haha 6:30 AM


Me: Just started playing the Flair Luger podcast 5:08 AM
Me: Telling a story about Luger's ex wife going through the house 5:15 AM
Me: Flair sounds drunk 5:16 AM
Japoss2000: Lex is sober tho 5:16 AM
Japoss2000: Luger is awesome 5:16 AM
Me: Luger is awesome he sounds like hes doing a promo 5:18 AM
Japoss2000: Franks favorite episode 5:20 AM
Me: Flair: I didn't drink for 24 hours which was difficult. 5:32 AM
Japoss2000: Hours or minutes 5:32 AM
Me: Haha thats when he went to the doctor he didn't drink 5:33 AM
Me: Flair says he likes the southern fans better 5:49 AM
Japoss2000: Cus they aint as smart 5:50 AM
Me: Haha Luger does a whoooo 5:54 AM
Me: Wait the athletic commission thing was a shoot? 5:58 AM
Japoss2000: I dont remember the details 5:58 AM
Me: The Luger bleeding 5:59 AM
Me: I thought it was a work 5:59 AM
Me: Haha Hawk coming in last in war games was a rib lol 6:04 AM
Me: Luger's hotel room lol 6:08 AM
Me: Charlotte = female Luger 6:17 AM


Me: Just started the mean gene flair podcast mean gene funny 5:11 AM
Japoss2000: Frsnk just listened to michael hayes 5:13 AM
Me: Gawd mean gene is amazing he like james earl jones 5:18 AM
Me: Dr d jumped verne 5:18 AM
Me: Getting horrible reception for some reason so mean gene keeps cutting in and out 6:02 AM
Me: Sounds like I'm talking to Mean Gene on the phone and I'm getting a bad signal 6:07 AM
Japoss2000: Maybe hes got a pre paid phone like rob 6:20 AM
Me: Ok I got it back ha wahoo ice fishing 6:22 AM
Me: Harley haha wrecks cars and he's like the terminator 6:24 AM
Me: Flair: I was doing good until they invented the cell phone 6:26 AM
Me: Haha only watches lebron haha 6:27 AM
Me: Mean Gene: Eric Bischoff didn't know where the mens room was! 6:32 AM
Me: I wish the Mean Gene one was longer 6:39 AM

Me: Wooo nation with Jay Lethal 5:14 AM
Me: Flair maybe drunk 5:17 AM
Me: Flair cut a promo on Jay Lethal's voicemail 5:19 AM
Me: Flair hasn't cheated on Wendy in 4 years. 5:24 AM
Me: Flair: I only made one mistake in my marriages ;) 5:24 AM
Me: Flair: if you wanna be like the nature boy do everything like me besides the 4 marriages! 5:30 AM
Me: Flair got in trouble for kissing Becky 5:32 AM
Me: Flair: I don't need to have anyone to tell me what to do in the ring 5:34 AM
Me: Flair: you can't travel with the Nature Boy without having a drink cmon 5:36 AM
Me: Flair: TNA had ric flair un advertised ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! 5:57 AM
Me: Flair: Mick was so high on top of that cage he's lucky he landed on the table it was a million to one shot. 6:04 AM
Me: Of course Flair has to mention Charlotte on the cover of muscle and fitness 6:05 AM
Me: Flair took Reid to a Japanese steak house in Japan :'( 6:07 AM


Me: Woo nation with Darius Rucker?! 5:06 AM
Japoss2000: Are u shittin me? 5:06 AM
Me: Seriously 5:07 AM
Me: Listening to it right now. 5:07 AM
Japoss2000: To be honest ill probably listen to it in a few myself frank likes that kinda shit 5:08 AM
Me: He's a PROUD country singer 5:08 AM
Me: Rucker bought Flair's robe for $30,000 Michael Jordan witnessed this. 5:11 AM
Japoss2000: He probably did it out of charity 5:14 AM
Me: The day after the masters is the best party according to Flair?! what?! 5:14 AM
Me: He did it was a charity funtion 5:14 AM
Japoss2000: Yeah charity for ric flair 5:15 AM
Me: The day after the masters is all FREE ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! 5:15 AM
Japoss2000: Maybe hell meet my mother 5:15 AM
Me: Five girls from Columbus, Ohio go down to Augusta they par flair on his hole ;) 5:16 AM
Japoss2000: He better stay away from my mother 5:17 AM
Me: Are they the same age? 5:24 AM
Me: Flair: Hi Kathy I'm a 16 time champion! 5:25 AM
Me: Rucker's grandmother HATED flair she said you can't trust flair 5:26 AM
Japoss2000: Who paid for darius' phone? Kern? 5:26 AM
Me: James Ingram should be on Flair's show 5:26 AM
Me: Dusty :( 5:27 AM
Me: Dusty liked Lebron :( 5:28 AM
Me: Rucker read the apter mags 5:29 AM
Me: Rucker thought the dusty parking lot beatdown was real?! 5:31 AM
Me: Rucker wants Ole in the Hall of fame Ole would be mad because a PROUD man endorses him. 5:32 AM
Me: Rucker watches Dusty promos on Youtube 5:33 AM
Me: Flair could be drunk lol 5:34 AM
Me: Rucker watched AWA on ESPN 5:34 AM
Me: Rucker doesn't have the wwe network but just watches dusty promos on youtube 5:40 AM
Me: Rucker should go to the UWF and go against Gorilla Zoe 5:41 AM
Me: Rucker only watches Smackdown 5:42 AM
Me: By invite ONLY: 18-28 Women No boyfriends or husbands! See ya there! Btw Flair could be there grandfather haha 5:43 AM
Japoss2000: Couldnt understand anything rucker said. He sounded like a speaker at a drive-in 5:45 AM
Me: Rucker confirms he thought it was real. 5:49 AM
Me: Rucker never been to wrestlemania or wwe he doesnt watch that Vince shit 5:52 AM
Me: Flair knows Michael Waltrip?! What? 5:55 AM
Me: More talk of free drinks and the party in Augusta 5:56 AM
Me: Rucker watches raw too and his first flair match he'll watch on the network will be flair dusty 6:05 AM
Me: Da bolt da bolt 6:10 AM
Me: Flair wants Wahoo in the Hall Of fame 6:12 AM
Me: Pete Rose has nothin on Wahoo 6:13 AM


Japoss2000: Of all the strange phone calls ive ever got i think the best was the time johnny ace called me 12:10 AM

Me: Larry Nelson has passed away 10:26 AM
Japoss2000: I guess he was out of time 2:08 PM
Japoss2000: Sorry couldnt help that 2:08 PM
Japoss2000: From what,? 2:08 PM
Me: Cancer 4:34 PM
Me: Larry Nelson was waaaaay better than Bitchoff 4:38 PM
Japoss2000: He was 4:38 PM
Japoss2000: Sorry to learn 4:39 PM
Japoss2000: Might hafta watch some awa now 4:39 PM
Me: Yeah I gotta read his book 4:40 PM
Me: You fix your Internet? 4:46 PM
Japoss2000: Not yet 4:47 PM
Japoss2000: I think larry said in his shoot that he didnt like the book 4:48 PM
Me: Really weird maybe I should listen to his shoot 4:49 PM
Me: Listen just get your Internet fixed 4:49 PM
Japoss2000: Why so you can google ribbit Radford? 4:54 PM
Japoss2000: Theres wifi at the kfc 4:55 PM
Me: Jesus I know you at going to do it the week after I leave 5:04 PM
Japoss2000: Talk to frank, he knows whats going on better 5:11 PM
Japoss2000: "I got two strong arms and I can help",<is he jerkin off two guys? 3:33 AM
Japoss2000: St martin #billrocksfavoriteislandinthecaribbean 4:38 AM




Me: Action jackson vs Calvin knapp 9:39 PM
Japoss2000: Global? 9:48 PM
Me: Yeah iceman and voodoo rastamon keep talking about Marcus Garvey 9:49 PM
Me: Whoever that is 9:50 PM
Me: Iceman from St. Louis 9:50 PM
Japoss2000: Marcus garvey was a famous black nationalist in the 1920s and 1930s 9:52 PM
Me: Ohh well they keep saying there going back to Africa 9:53 PM
Me: And how booker t and Stevie ray are not real blacks 9:53 PM
Japoss2000: Yeah garvey was a back to Africa guy 9:54 PM
Me: Chaz is horrible at promos 9:59 PM
Me: HAHAHA tatum said he and price won the tag titles in wcw and wwf!! 10:07 PM
Me: Manny villanobous does a promo if he wins he gets money then the HUD government help for his house 10:18 PM
Me: Skandar Akbar then cuts a promo on manny saying he's getting handouts 10:20 PM
Me: This whole angle is a guy is poor so he needs money for his family so he's wrestling and losing Akbar is like cant you get a real job 10:30 PM
Japoss2000: Just got this text from jay geary Hollywoo John Tatum's s internet presence is disappointing. This man was a god in Texas and nailed Missy Hyatt in her prime. He needs more recognition 11:20 PM
Me: Tell him I agree 110% tatum is the man and not only that how charity golf tournaments has tatum set up 11:21 PM
Japoss2000: Im not a hoodlum but I am a hustler 2:00 AM
Japoss2000: ...and george, this was August 15 3:07 AM
Me: This is tony Orlando speaking 5:48 AM
Me: I'm speaking for Elvis 6:26 AM
Me: Btw a live version if hurt woke me up at 2am 6:27 AM
Japoss2000: You reap what you sow 6:33 AM
Me: I would nevah nevah HAAAAUURRRTTTT YEEEEEEEW 7:20 AM




Me: You used the jobs news paper as toilet paper 6:09 PM
Japoss2000: And my ass is still payin for it 7:26 PM
Me: Bill Clinton meets in the oral office 7:37 PM
Japoss2000: Wow 7:37 PM
Me: George W. bush is so dumb he thinks Arby's is a hat store 7:38 PM
Japoss2000: I kinda like 7:38 PM
Me: Put it in yer bit 7:42 PM
Me: George W. Bush is so dumb he can't figure out to turn on a clap on clap off 7:56 PM
Me: Bill Clinton thinks Volvo is part of the female anatomy! 7:57 PM
Me: When the cop gave George W. Bush a ticket he said what game are they going to? 8:05 PM
Me: George W. Bush is so dumb he went to rehab because he was hooked on phonics 8:08 PM
Me: Bill Clinton made his fleshlight a member of the cabinet! 8:12 PM
Japoss2000: Ok that's enough 8:24 PM
Me: Japoss2000: thaaaaaats enough 8:27 PM
Japoss2000: I hate historical anachronisms, and I dont think the fleshlight was invented yet during the Clinton Years 8:48 PM
Me: George W. Bush is so dumb he went to Dr. Dre 9:18 PM
Me: George W. Bush is soooo dumb he failed a survey! 9:20 PM
Japoss2000: Am I getting messages from cornette? 9:22 PM
Me: According to women Bill Clinton is just like the Washington monument 9:25 PM
Japoss2000: #MemphisSounds 10:01 PM
Me: Bill Clinton's to do list is his TO DO list if you know what I mean! 5:45 AM PRESENTS: THE DREAM MATCH:

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