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"$999? That's not a thousand!" - Honky Tonk Man

"If you? got 21... I got 22 you want to play blackjack,? I got two of those too" - Jake Roberts

"And he killed that jabroni Ron Goldman!" - Iron Sheik

"What you marks get? ZERO!" - Honky Tonk Man

"I remembered when americana Pizza first aired, i tought they were bringin in dusty with a pizza delivery guy gimmick - Japoss2000

"They broke my mans back right about now!" - Flavor Flav

"How many careers has chief Jay strongbow ruined?" - Honky Tonk Man

"It's Gonna Be like Hooters times ten!" - Hulk Hogan

"Just Push it!" - Kamala

"You see they ain't got no Home training!" - R-Truth

"Get in the Impact zone, dude!" - Hulk Hogan

"It's 50/50 it could be your kid!" - Billy Jack Haynes

"Remember Uncle Ray I was going to be your little elvis!" - Billy Jack Haynes

"Camera man get you're ass back up here!" - Jake Roberts

"Tell him you're Steve Austin!" - Elizabeth Flair

"I'm a bare knuckle fightin champion!" - Wade Barrett

"The law of attractions says youll get through brother" - Hulk Hogan

"T-Mobile girl soooooooo HAWT!" - Dan

"It was one of dose" - Ron Simmons

""Write that down we pay better than hogan" - Sean Oliver

"I never wore underwear either!" - Jerry Lawler

"I hate the f'n wind!" - Linda Hogan

"Go check on Bully!" - Hulk Hogan

"On the Cups? GAAAAH! - R-Truth

"You're going down!" - John McBain

"BOOM BRING IT ON MAN!" - Billy Jack Haynes

"Wrestlings fake tho right? ...Its entertainent, yes, but were stunt men!" - Billy Jack Haynes

"First your gonna have to get though Bahhtistahhh" - Vince Mcmahon

"Youre real good brother you can really wrestle!" - Ken Wayne

"I bet Tony Raines wonders what doorstopnation is!" - Joe Laracuente

"You want pictures don't ya?" - Roddy Piper

"How can Linda say that she hates the wind?" - Hulk Hogan

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Japoss2000: Lets say its 1987 & youre someone who dosent watch wrestling.
You see an album with a big muscleman dressed as a construction worker staring at you on the cover.
Its called "piledriver". What kind of album are you going to think that is? 11:52 AM
Me: Lets have fun and I'll review and note Brutus Beefcake on Sean Mooney's podcast! 4:30 AM
Me: Brutus puts over the fans. And Brutus was stiffed recently and Brutus went to the wrong restaurant. 4:38 AM
Me: Brutus had a bad driver and wanted to choke the driver to death! 4:40 AM
Me: Brutus has a nee name for Eric Bischoff Eric pissedoff 4:42 AM
Me: Sean mooney and Brutus describe some shitty indy fed they were booked at
and said the match of the night was Razor Ramon vs King Kong Bundy. 4:44 AM
Me: #WhenBrutusMetTerry 4:50 AM
Me: Brutus met Hogan at the gym 4:50 AM
Me: Hogan had nobody to move with him to Coco Beach so he called no he begged Brutus to go with him to be a wrestler. 4:57 AM
Me: And of course Hogan and Brutus in the van 5:01 AM
Me: Actually Otto wanz had the best match of his career against Brutus 5:08 AM Me: Annnnd Brutus was the first person to slam Otto and Otto was out cold and had to be revived by the EMTs AND
afterwards Otto thanked Brutus said it was the best match ever! 5:09 AM
Me: Brutus said he had the most screen time on Saturday Nights Main Event history! 5:12 AM
Japoss2000: Is he watching the same show? 5:17 AM
Me: And Brutus said he couldn't do any wrong in the ring. 5:18 AM
Me: And when Brutus had the parasailing accident he didnt even goto the trauma center!! 5:22 AM
Me: Brutus had the FIRST EVER facial surgery! 5:24 AM
Me: Brutus did alllll the stunts in suburban commando a mere few months after the accident! 5:26 AM
Japoss2000: And then his wife ran off with some barfly 5:26 AM
Me: So Hogan had an incident with Brutus' girlfriend and words were exchanged 5:29 AM
Me: Hogan wanted to get together with her and she shut him down
so thats why theres bad blood hogan has a problem with Brutus' girlfriend. 5:29 AM
Me: Two years ago Brutus called Hogan on Christmas
and Brutus asked to bury the hatchet and Hogan said no and hung up on Bruti 5:31 AM
Me: And even Jimmy fell out of favor once BROTHER 5:32 AM
Me: Brutus said Hogan can come back thru the door but he has to knock first. 5:33 AM
Me: Sean Mooney in a sarcastic manner says wow good to hear your in a good place now. 5:33 AM
Me: Brutus says the book should... should be available for the holidays! 5:35 AM

Japoss2000: To be honest id always wondered why hogan didnt go for the bald bolly graham look years ago.
Itd look better than bandana & hair extensions 12:22 PM
Me: Hulk Hogan: About 50/50 in the baldo renaldo opinion poll Maniacs. HH 3:00 AM
Me: Would you cry if Hogan was shaved completely bald. 5:14 AM
Japoss2000: No. I actually for years have thought he should just copy superstar &
shave his head instead of this played out durag shit 5:15 AM
Japoss2000: It couldnt look any worse than his stupid tattoos 5:16 AM

Japoss2000: Look u know i dont like politics 2:35 AM
Japoss2000: But u know what really sucks about trump being the president? 2:36 AM
Japoss2000: It reduces the chance that vince McMahon might go to jail 2:36 AM
Me: I thought you loved Vince 2:56 AM
aposs2000: I still think it would be really funny if he went to jail. Billy jack could die happy 3:04 AM

Japoss2000: Boogie is one of my favorite people who ever lived BUT
that elbow drop of his dosent even connect sometimes 8:52 PM
Me: Haha its you flopping on the couch 8:57 PM
Japoss2000: MERCY 9:18 PM

Me: Hulk Hogan: Only Love on MLK Day,we are all one,one love,life after life,one love. HH 3:00 AM
Japoss2000: I think i liked him better as a racist 3:04 AM
Me: This whole racist thing really raised the bar dude 3:44 AM
Me: Mommy and daddy are who's to blame #SkipARope #SkipARope 6:23 PM

Me: You think the Hogan's had a nanny for Brooke and Nick and if I picture a really fat woman as a nanny. 3:00 AM
Japoss2000: Are u watching the hulk hogan grille infonercial? 3:10 AM
Me: Yep I watched it the other day 3:43 AM

Me: Hulk Hogan wants to be the leader of the 90's 6:19 PM
Japoss2000: Dixie said that what i was to the 80s YOU GUYS were to the 90s and i agree 100% brother 6:27 PM
Me: Haha Hogan is just a non stop flow of jokes 6:38 PM
Japoss2000: So true so fucken true 6:39 PM
Me: We'll call ourselves the mega maniacs 6:53 PM
Japoss2000: This new world organization, brother 6:54 PM
Me: This will be like hooters times ten 6:55 PM
Japoss2000: Margaritaville times ten 7:35 PM

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