Viva Las Vegas! Joe and Joe celebrate New Years Eve From The Stratosphere Casino floor!
The idiot Joe reviews some Mountian Dews AND a review of "The War To Settle The Score"

It's the NASCAR Playoff Preview Show! Joe is in Las Vegas giving you the odds! ALSO a rundown of NXT!

The Variety Hour is from LAS VEGAS! Joe and Joe preview the Talladega weekend! PLUS a review WWF Wrestling Challenge from April 4th 1993!

It's the Joe's Variety Hour Daytona 500 preview show from Las Vegas!
Joe interviews a few guys from NASCAR then takes up another job as a bartender? Only in Vegas!

It's Viva Las Vegas! Joe heads to Las Vegas on this crazy episode!
First Joe and Frank review the DX Public Workout on the WWE Network.
Then Dominic Aragon from comes on to discuss the odds of the NASCAR championship.
Then it gets crazy when Joe taste tests Energy drinks and gives you the run down of whats going on in Vegas! Viva Las Vegas!

The B-Show

It's a LIVE B-Show from Las Vegas! Joe and Joe discuss what to drink and what not to drink in Vegas!

It's THE DREAM Episode of The B-Show FROM LAS VEGAS! Joe and Joe review the July 5th 1981 episode of CWA Memphis Wrestling!

Thanks to: Stratosphere Hotel and Casino