Welcome to Joe's Vegas Club!
We love going to Las Vegas and hope to be "Las Vegas' number one podcast"
On this site I will post all of our shows we have had in Las Vegas.
We have had such a great time in Vegas over the years. I can't wait to go back.

"I really enjoy going to downtown Las Vegas heck you can hit like all the casinos in like a few hours.
Really I enjoy Binion's casino always loose slots and great tables.
It's a smaller casino but I've always had good luck there."

"I would have to say Bacchanal Buffet at Caesars Palace.
Yeah it's expensive but you get so much I wish they could wheel me out afterwards.
Yes after eating there I eat so much I gotta go back to my hotel room and go in a food coma."

"When in Vegas I always love getting a cherry coke with real cherries in it!"

"It's the Five dollar cafe inside the Aztec Inn.
Oh my god. I have no idea what they put in it.
I think it's laced with Nicotine. I swear. For real I have never had comdination fried rice like that.
Thats not a bad thing that's a good thing ;)

"Maybe the best tacos I've ever had is at the Texas Station Casino.
I looked it up apparently it's called 'tacos al pastor'
It's part of the buffet. And the lunch buffet is under 10 dollars!"
According to Lasvegasweekly.com:
Jaime Montes, a cook working at Texas Station since it opened in 1995, possessed a 75-year-old recipe.
passed down through generations of his family from Guadalajara, the capital of Jalisco.

"And once nature calls. You gotta go to the upstairs restroom at The D.
Why? Well they always have a person working and cleaning the toilets.
The workers are always working hard and the flush is a real strong flush."

"And when you got only a few dollars left head on over to the El Cortez.
I have sat and played for hours into the wee hours at night playing Keno there.
Oh and I have won a good amount on Keno there too.
Joe's Keno Numbers:
3 for Dale Earnhardt
21 for the Wood Brothers
27 for Kirk Shelmerdine
34 for Front Row Motorsports
71 for Dave Marcis

Fourth Of July weekend! Fatso and Fruit Loops hit Vegas:
Joe's Bar is OPEN ALSO a review of the 7-4-99 episode of Power Pro Wrestling:

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Joe's bar is OPEN!
BEWARE The Drinks are flowing on this episode!

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Joe's Bar is OPEN again!

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Thanks to: Stratosphere Hotel and Casino