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Da Crusher calls "Life Protect 24/7" AGAIN:

"Paul Heyman" tries to get Medicare:

"Lio Rush" calls to fix doorstopnation?
Listen for the swerve......

The DEBUT of Hawk prank calls:

45 minutes of "Lio Rush" prank calls:

"Ken Patera" tries to get medicare....
BTW listen for the swerve......

It's another grab bag episode of new random prank calls:

First a preview of the 2022 Goodyear 400
And then a very strange prank call.......

Val Venis calls Life Protect 24/7:

How about some prank calls about Gina's birthday?

Joe and Justin preview the 2022 Bristol Dirt Race

Justin has his March Madness Victory Jerky
AND a preview of the Grand Prix of Long Beach:

"Jerry Brisco" tries to get satellite service:

More talk on the NASCAR March Madness Bet.
AND a preview of the 2022 Echopark Automotive Grand Prix:

A Jerry Brisco grab bag!

Has Jerry Brisco has won a Wal Mart gift card?

The FIRST EVER Jerry Brisco prank call:

"Russo" has more hardware hijinks:

It's another B-Show grab bag episode!

Spencer Boyd is our guest this week.
Spencer previews his 2022 season with his new sponsors!

Justin FINALLY tries the cookies.

Wellllllll it's the 300th B-Show!
Ken Patera attempts to sell his home.

Da Crusher tries to get solar panels:

"Ed Orgeron" attempts to get MediCare:

Has Joe finally OD'd on Chinese food?

Happy New Year!
The debut of Nick Kostos prank calls!
No spoilers but lets just say it takes a weird turn....

Merry Christmas!
"Da Crusher" does a Christmas Themed prank call:

"Ed Orgeron" tries to sell a house:

Joe and Justin Smith discuss upcoming Holiday plans:

Drunken "Ken Patera" rambles on and on

Da Crusher tries to make airline reservations!

FIRST EVER Val Venis Prank call!

Satan tries to sell a house... and a twist

Da Crusher calls for computer help... AGAIN!

Da Crusher tries to sell a house

Random Grab Bag!

Ken Patera calls Life Alert... AGAIN!

Russo calls "Arn Anderson" windows... AGAIN

drunken "Ken Patera" rambles on and on

Da Crusher calls and complains about an installation of a water heater

Da Crusher has computer problems

a scammer gives his hardest pitch to scam Joe?

"Keith Hernandez" cals Life Protect 24/7

This is the one that Joe has schizophrenia issues

"Russo" tries to get a job a sea captain:

"Russo" calls a MARK at Life Alert:

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On March 28th 2020 bshow.info was proud sponsor of an e-racing league race:

Oh and here's the hook up on THE salsa: