First lets start off with a classic this is Orange soda and vanilla Ice cream.
1 can of Vess Whistle orange soda
Prairie Farms Vanilla Ice Cream, 16 oz
Joe's Smoothies

REVIEW: It wasn't bad. I'd give it *** STARS
Bryan Alvarez: "This is something I can get a 50s diner not a smoothie place!"
Dave Meltzer: "This was a lazy effort and this wasn't a smootie!"

I don't know what to classify Acai?
How do you even pronounce acai?
People don't even know about Acai. Wellllll......
2 packets of frozen Acai
1/2 can of Red Bull Watermelon, 12 Fl Oz
Joe's Smoothies

REVIEW: "Not good. I don't know it tastes bad. Like leftover blue berries. I have no idea but I don't think I'm a Acai fan now? * STAR"
Bryan Alvarez: "This wasn't mexican. This wasn't even Latin. It was BAD!"
Dave Meltzer: "A lot of guys in the know at AAA told me Joe won't be at TripleMania next year.
This terrible preformance. And he should be banned in Mexico."

Handful of Dragon Fruit
5 pineapple slices
1/2 orange
1 cup of coconut water picture of the day

REVIEW: I just don't like coconut water that much soooo ** STARS
Bryan Alvarez: "The orange pulp ruined the dragon fruit."
Dave Meltzer: "This was a waste of coconut water. Jimmy Snuka was said to be upset in the back."

This is one of my favorite ones!
Oh and you got to listen to "Yacht Rock Radio" on SiruisXM when drinking this.
ALSO play the song Escape (The Pina Colada Song) by Rupert Holmes
1/2 cup unsweetened pineapple juice
1 cup unsweetened coconut water
1/2 cut lime
Put in Freezer for 1 hour picture of the day

REVIEW: Maybe the best ever. I'd say ****1/2 STARS! You will love it!
Bryan Alvarez: "He didn't cut himself cutting the lime!"
Dave Meltzer: "He stole this recipe from carlos colon.
What will he steal next from Carlos next?
Maybe Joe will steal the Carlos Colon forehead scars."

This one was a good idea on paper.
Then well in execution welll..... Not so much.
Handful of marshmallows
1 Sweet Obsession Milk Chocolate Bar - 3.5 oz
2 Jell-O Chocolate Pudding Snacks 3.875 oz
2 graham crackers picture of the day

REVIEW: Well I think I broke the blender. It stopped THREE TIMES!
so it wouldn't blend and it tasted good but it was a pain to eat and make.
Like it was a pain to eat because am I eating it or drinking it?
BUT if you smear it on a graham cracker it wsa real good.. *** STARS"
I am not eating something that looks like from the sewer!"
Dave Meltzer: "It didn't look good. It looked like a Great Khali match. Just putrid."

This one I really liked and it had a good color. picture of the day

1 un cored pineapple like take the core out of the pineapple
(Whatever the term is ring? I don't know. Just a pineapple without a core)
1 Mountain Dew Kickstart Pineapple Orange Mango - 12 fl oz
It was very good. Like one of my favorites so far.
I will say ****1/2 STARS
Bryan Alvarez: "How does he not know the correct terms?
Isn't Joe supposed to be a Smoothie master?"
Dave Meltzer: "Why did Joe put the samples in communion cups?
This was blasphemy against the holy spirit."

WTF? picture of the day

1 Frankford's Post Fruity Pebbles Candy Bar 2.75 oz.
1 cup of almond milk
"OK, uhhhhhhhh
This tasted like the milk at the bottom the bowl of Fruity Pebbles.
Don't know if thats good? I mean I guess it's good?
Some said it was great IMO it's like ** STARS!"
Dave Meltzer: "Why? Talk about running out of ideas."

Shake that tangerine picture of the day

3/4 of a tangerine
1 un corred pineapple
2 cups of coconut water
"I think I may have added too much coconut water
Ehhhh I think if you addded 1 cup of coconut water it would be better.
BUT I'll give it *** STARS!"
Bryan Alvarez: "Tony Khan likes Tangerines as do I!"
Dave Meltzer: "Tangerines are NOT Over!"

Tangerine AGAIN! picture of the day

3/4 of a tangerine
1 un corred pineapple
3/4 of a Can of Monster Mango Loco
"I liked it! It went down smooth!
I wanted MORE!
This was **** STARS!"
Bryan Alvarez: "Went down smooth? What is this crown royal?"
Dave Meltzer: "Why is Joe pushing pineapples?
Someone tell Joe Tangerines are NOT Over!"

Don't judge a book by it's cover! picture of the day

1 pineapple ring
3/4 of an orange
3/4 of a bottle of Snapple Mango
"It may look like cheese sauce, BUT I liked it! I say ***3/4 STARS!" Bryan Alvarez: "I looks like Cheez whiz!
This is something you would put on a philly chesse steak!"
Dave Meltzer: "Still with the push of pineapples?
Will Joe ever learn?"

Remember when I made Snapple, Robin? picture of the day

1 whole pre cut apple with skin
1 bottle of Snapple Apple
"Haha Snapple is still around.
For those that don't know Snapple was HUGE in the 90's
Howard Stern used to go on and on about Snapple and to this day claims he made it.
Well I made this. It was more like apple juice. ** STARS!"
Bryan Alvarez: "Joe should have warmed this. Apple cider is much better."
Dave Meltzer: "Snapple? Wow Thats so 90's all Joe needs to do now is hire Vince Russo."

2 cups of Bang Key lime pie energy drink
1/2 lime picture of the day

"It was good. I think I heard a rumor before the 1997 motorola 300
CART sprayed the track with limes? Well I reek of limes HAHA so **3/4 STARS!"
Bryan Alvarez: "I OD'd on Limes! I never want to see a lime again after this!"
Dave Meltzer: "I've heard from many sources that.
They say that Dreaming about lime symbolizes difficulties when it comes to business
so drinking lime is the same thing just Joe's smoothies it's failing."

2 cups of coconut water
1/2 lime
1/4 cut mango
1 uncorred Pineapple picture of the day

"The mango was a PAIN IN THE ASS TO CUT! It was very limey.
A very good after taste tho I'll say uhhh *** STARS!"
Bryan Alvarez: "HE DIDN'T LEARN!
Dave Meltzer: "The lime fetish needs to stop.
We get it he likes limes. NOBODY LIKES LIMES!"

2 cups of Snapple Apple
1 cup of apple sauce picture of the day

"It wasn't bad but it was all apple sauce so ill say **1/4 STARS!"
Bryan Alvarez: "Why apple sauce? So weak this was his time to make cider!"
Dave Meltzer: "Way too much apple. Why wasn't cinnamon added? This was a DUD!"
My next and last one was the WORST one.
Yeah I figured to make lemonade.
I don't know it was OK I suppose.

1 Whole Apple skin in all
1/2 lemon skin in all picture of the day

Dave Meltzer: "This was a DUD. How was this supposed to be lemonade."