This one wasn't so much a smoothie.
It was good tho. Hopefully the people at Dunkin' see this:
Dunkin Donuts Thin Mints Iced Coffee 13.7 fl oz Bottle
1 Sweet Obsession Dark Chocolate Bar - 3.5 oz picture of the day

I really didn't taste the thin mint... BUT very good!

Bryan Alvarez: "He wasted good coffee! Why didn't he just grind up girl scout cookies?!"
Dave Meltzer: "White girls would like this coffee!"

This is NOT a good visual.
BUT it did taste good. Ingredients:
High brew cold brew mocha dark chocolate 8 oz
Dunkin iced coffee original 13.7 oz
Dollar General Literacy Foundation milk Chocolate bar 3.5 oz picture of the day

"It was very good. Very foamy in the blender and a pain to pour.
I will say if you like Chocolate the Dollar General Chocolate is very good. Who would think Dollar General made Chocolate ***3/4 STARS."
Dave Meltzer: "He says he loves chocolate right?
What a fraud.
If he was for real why doens't he just pay money for the limited-edition chocolate bar
from the beans of ancient cacao trees in Ecuador."

I remember the black and white cookie.
As Jerry Seinfeld once say we need to look at the cookie.
1 Starbucks Doubleshot Energy Vanilla Energy Coffee 15 Fl. Oz.
1 Sweet Obsession Dark Chocolate Bar - 3.5 oz picture of the day

REVIEW: "It was very good. Starbucks should make this!"
Hello earth to Starbucks stop marketing towards white girls.
I'll say overall it was very good ****1/4 STARS
Bryan Alvarez: "First why is Joe using a petri dish?
Secondly Why would Starbucks and the white girls listen to this pig?"
Dave Meltzer: "Joe is exploiting race relations.
This maybe the most most disgusting promotional tactic."

I know.... I know....
It looks like CLAY!
Black Rifle Coffee Espresso Mocha - 11 fl oz
3/4 of a Dollar General Literacy Foundation milk Chocolate 3.5 oz bar picture of the day

REVIEW: "It MAY look like Clay.... But it wasn't bad.
But uhhh yeah I've heard of Black Rifle before.
They sponsor Noah Goode in the NASCAR XFINITY Series.
You can say that Noah Goode is always in the dirt look up the 2021 Mid Ohio race.
Ok I really like Dollar General Chocolate and this was good.
I enjoyed this one I'll say **** STARS!"
Dave Meltzer: "Joe has reached a new low. Serving dirt.
Either Joe is stealing ideas from Jackass or mocking 3rd world countries that eat dirt."

I am not a coffee guy. Like not my thing OK...
BUT I went to Dierbergs and this REALLY hawt girl was like...
You want a voucher for Kitu Super Coffee Caramel? I'm like SURE!
So I tried it.. It was OK then I thought it needs... Chocolate!
2 bottles of KITU Super Coffee Caramel 12 oz
1 Sweet Obsession Milk Chocolate Bar - 3.5 oz picture of the day

Bryan Alvarez: "Joe is a male chauvinist pig and it offends me!"
Dave Meltzer: "If that girl wasn't attractive he would've NEVER used the super coffee!"

Dunkin' Thin Mint Iced Coffee Bottle, 13.7 fl oz
Kit Kat Duos Mint and Dark Chocolate King Size Candy Bar 6 bars out of 8 picture of the day

"I had no idea why people hate mint.
IMO more people hate mint than cantaloupe.
I liked it and bah gawd thats what matters. I'd say ***3/4 STARS!"
Bryan Alvarez: "Mint is NOT OVER!"
Dave Meltzer: "If cantaloupe is John Cena then mint is Roman Reigns! "

Cold Brew?
Starbucks Cold & Crafted Black 11 fl oz Can
3/4 of a sweet obsession dark chocolate bar picture of the day

"The Coffee just tasted like cold black coffee? WTF
I would say the dark chocolate saved it!
soooooooo I'll go like **1/2 STARS!"
Bryan Alvarez: "Dark chocolate put over the BAD hospital waiting room coffee!"
Dave Meltzer: "In Japan Coffee is served piping hot. This cold brew isn't OVER!"

Maxwell House is still around?
Maxwell House 11 fl oz Can
1/2 of a Dollar General Literacy Foundation Chrisp bar picture of the day

"It was OK... just tasted like normal coffee...
but hey when I think of Maxwell House I think of Bobby Labonte and Sterling Marlin.
BUT overall I'll give it ** STARS!"
Bryan Alvarez: "Of course Joe thinks of NASCAR he has a one track mind."
Dave Meltzer: "Maxwell House? They are still around?
You think Maxwell House is now served at Steak N Shake?"

The Dierbergs Coffee Smoothie
2 cups of Kitu Super Coffee Caramel
3/4 of a lindor chocolate bar
1 bag of Tate's Bake Shop mini cookies picture of the day

"This was awesome! BUT Just like francisco lindor this was very expensive.
AND That Super Coffee will fuck you up. Like for real I was jittery all day.
BUT overall I'll say ****1/2 STARS!"
Bryan Alvarez: "Yes it is very unhealthy. I will say It works just like any pre work out "
Dave Meltzer: "Not everyone can goto Dierbergs' What about the Aldi shopper?"

2 cups of Starbucks Vanilla Iced Latte
3 fun sized three musketeers picture of the day

"I could hardly taste the chocolate.
It was ok I suppose I should've more three musketeers.
BTW nobody knows what three musketeers are anymore."
Bryan Alvarez: "Three musketeers are SO OUTDATED!
Pretty soon Joe will be the old man handing out werthers."
Dave Meltzer: "Clearly Joe had left over Halloween Candy.
Who in 2021 hands three musketeers? This isn't 1991 Just SAD!"

International delight iced coffee oreo 2 cups
3 oreos picture of the day

"It was amazing! Tasted so good.
It maybe the best coffee smoothie ever ***** wow!"
Bryan Alvarez: "It was good but does the world want oreo coffee?"
Dave Meltzer: "Uhhh it was good ans everything but people like black coffee not gimmick coffee!"

2 cups of 1850 coffee
1 resse big cup picture of the day

"Actually good. For real.
I don't know what 1850 coffee is tho.......
BUT it was like 100% resses haha but thats not a bad thing thats a good thing. **** STARS"
Bryan Alvarez: "I'll just eat a resses cup thank you."
Dave Meltzer: "Wow Joe has more leftover Halloween candy yawn."

1 Starbucks cold brew milk and vanilla
3 fun size Snickers bars picture of the day

"It was ok i guess kinda bad aftertaste.
And the nuts at the end were a bizzare feeling.
Ill say *3/4 STARS!"
Bryan Alvarez: "This wasn't good at all! It went down like sandpaper!"
Dave Meltzer: "When I saw Joe had more leftover Halloween candy I just sighed and said here we go again."